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    I dont care how old this topic is. And I dont care how many times its been brought up. Toyota has as heavy rally history as any brand in the DR games. And considering the fact that the celica dominated group A in the 90s so much so that they made new restrictions based around the newest version of the EVO at the time to limit toyotas success, that should be reason enough. Toyota has lifted their video game ban BS. Now why dont codemasters lift their BS and give us some toyotas, instead of ANOTHER SUBARU. There were already 5 subarus. Not to mention adding the two door GC8 was a waste since the sedan GC8 was already in the game. You could have taken the chance to put in the Old Legacy, Which McCrae drove... Idk if you guys just have beef with toyota, but this whole only being able to drive a st185 celica in assetto corsa is old. Assetto isnt even a rally game. Like what a joke. A stock car road/track sim has the legendary st185 and the largest rally sim doesnt have a single toyota. even after toyota lifts their ban on their cars in games.
  2. Exactly. Not to mention Toyota dominated the 90s until they got caught for cheating their turbo inlet haha
  3. I know this is an over-talked subject. But, I really feel as if the community is screaming for Toyota cars. I know Toyota has a license thing with video games using their cars. Something along the lines of, "Young men no longer want to go and make money to get a fast car and impress girls because of videogames." But, realistically, how many of us are ever going to have the opportunity to build a full on stage car? Even though I'm slowly building a GC chassis to rally, this isnt everyones goal. I understand keeping Toyota out of Forza. But these are fully prepared RACE CARS. I just feel like if any exception should be made, its for race sims. Its not like your driving stock cars in the DiRT games. I want to see the RWD Celica from group B, the AWD MR2-22D group B car (even though it never saw a stage), 1 of the Group A Celicas (st165, st185, st205), The Corolla WRC, and of course THE YARIS. PlEASE MAKE AN ATTEMPT AND BUG TOYOTA TILL THEY GIVE YOU THE LICENSE.