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  1. I have an idea how we could get rid of the problem with lapped cars taking out the leaders on purpose. Technically, it should be enough to just ghost a backmarker completely as long as the lapping car is within a radius of 50-100 meters. It's definitely possible, they have already implemented that technology in the invitational "Overtake Challenges", so I don't see why Codies wouldn't be able to do it. That way, the backmarker can't do a swipe across the track or a massive brakecheck on a car that's trying to lap him, and it would also prevent said backmarker from ramming the lapping car into the back like a massive *******. There should be some sort of an addition to the "ghosting" option in online lobbies: On = Ghosting as usual + backmarker ghosting No Backmarkers = Only ghosting as usual Backmarkers only = No ghosting except for backmarkers Off = No ghosting whatsoever I hope the people at Codies can take a look into that so something like this can happen in a later patch or at least in F1 2020...
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    New Idea for Anti-Trolling Mechanic!

    Ah, okay, so you are a troll after all. Well fine then, I'll stop feeding. Have a nice day.
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    New Idea for Anti-Trolling Mechanic!

    There was absolutely nothing "pithy" or "effective" about your comment. If you want to make a joke with written text only, you have to indicate that it's a joke, otherwise people will take your comment seriously, unlike with vocal communication. Something like "(just a joke btw, don't take it seriously)" at the end or any hint would be enough, really. Anyway, I know that the chances of a feature like that making it in the game are very slim, but I can at the very least try and hope that somehow something will happen. If nobody tries, then of course it's not going to happen. Saying that Codies will never implement stuff like that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that would truly be a shame.
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    New Idea for Anti-Trolling Mechanic!

    I mean, sure, I'm very new here, so I haven't seen anything concerning the topic. If you can point me to a popular thread that is just like that, go ahead and I'll check it out.
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    New Idea for Anti-Trolling Mechanic!

    You missed the entire point of the thread. No, he got the right idea. Your proposal is quite harsh, punishing contact just like that isn't always justified. BTW, banning someone for 1 year is already like forever since then you can't play open lobbies until the next game comes out, making the current game pretty much obsolete by then. You see, sometimes when the lapping car and the backmarker make contact it's not on purpose, it can be a misunderstanding or a bad spot for overtaking (like i.e. the entirety of Monaco except for the tunnel). Edit: It also depends on how heavy the contact was. Was it a little nudge, some wing damage or something that leads to a DNF? The game doesn't always know what is done on purpose and what isn't, banning every contact would be a bit too much (and also completely unneccessary with the ghosting method I came up with).