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  1. Can’t bind any control using my H pattern TH8A. Don’t use it for gear shifting just for extra inputs, but can’t get it to register with F1 2021. Had no issues using it in F1 2020. Any solutions would be appreciated. On Xbox one using Thrustmaster TX servo. (Fully updated firmware). According to information online it is compatible with this game on the Xbox one?
  2. I think I have solved the issue on the xbox one. Before running the game, go to your Xbox settings, under General select Volume & audio output, under Headset audio make sure you have Stereo uncompressed selected for your headset format. Seems to have solved the issue for me so far anyway, playing it through a headset.
  3. What ever it is it’s doing my head in.
  4. There still seems to be no fix or solution to this problem. Is very annoying indeed. So used to it now I forget about it most of the time.
  5. It appears to do this both single player and multiplayer. It’s almost like it’s overloading with audio.
  6. Also have the same issue. I’ve tried through wired headphones connected to the tv, wireless headset via the Xbox, and using tv speakers. Makes no difference. The crackling and pops are only really there when other cars are around you. And its worse the more that are around you. The crowd noise makes it even worse still.
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