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  1. Medows88

    League (online) Pre-race game crash [ZX]

    Is there a point to that post Senna? I originally posted an issue to codemasters regarding Q1, 2, 3. This has been merged and moved a million times, confirmed others have the same issue and the issue is being looked at.....yet, still no fix. I dont really need to know all the other problems there are, or that other games are working fine, who cares. Can i please have an update from Codemasters about the fix to the Q1, Q2, Q3....how you managed to miss this in your testing pre-release is unbelievable. did noone test the full race weekend? Thought noone could be bothered? Basically you released a game too early without full testing, ever heard of a BETA?? Now none of my friends are playing, my wheel is a waste and we're into other stuff. I suspect many have done the same. Well done, what a waste of money! Shoddy game and Shoddy support PS Can staff stop merging threads, some issues are just vaguely related and your just watering down the noise rather than fixing the problem
  2. Hi, My friends and I have been playing the league system since the game was released. We enjoy doing long runs and qualifying for this before hand, so have been doing "30 minute practices / Q1/Q2/Q3 / 50% races" which has been working as expected, Apart from the occasional crash experienced due to Directx12 in most cases. When crashes did occur we were able to rejoin and take part in the next part of the event weekend. However since Britian we have been doing practice/Qualifying without issue and then crashing every time before the race. We tried to skip tracks and continue but as this happened at the next 5 circuits we can comfortably say its not based on that. We tried adjusting multiple options, starting new leagues, running in directx11 / 12, turning off steam overlay to name just a few. Only once in this did we manage to get into the race and this is when there was only 2 of the group. Has there been problems with the league system? This originally started occuring after making no changes, so i can only assume it was something in one of the patches that caused this. Do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve this as without the league system this game is fairly pointless to us. (mainly cos the safety rating system sucks...you had a bad race, here race with these numerous racers who have a habit of crashing into each other......try and be safe!....really??) Anyways, any suggestions on game crash would be appreciated.