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  1. [Irony on] You have to understand it that way ... F1 2020 is basically the M.Schumacher Edition, and Codemasters doesn't want Lewis to pass Schumacher and get the 8th title. That's why Bottas is so strong. Very simple explanation. [/Irony off]
  2. Hi Barry, I really apologize for using this thread, but I'm really tired of the SC topic... I really tried to describe the bug in the F1 2019 forum with screenshots. Now it appears again in F1 2020, see my post here: I have now resigned that something will change...
  3. PC v1.16 / 50% Races / My Team Mode / First season with 16 Races / Difficulty level 95% / Flashback on / SC on SC in F1 2020 is driving me crazy again..... As in F1 2019, I have a SC in almost every race. I drove 8 races, 7 of them had a SC. It started right away in Australia. It´s the same situation for me as I started a Thread in the F1 2019 Forum, here: Nothing has changed from 2019, unbelievable! I'm going to turn off the SC now, it's just annoying.
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