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  1. Pitchpole

    F1 2020 Informations

    Hard to know what will happen this year but I'm expecting a significant delay in the 2020 game. Was looking forward to racing the new tracks but that might not even happen in real life now.
  2. It didn't rain in Sochi today did it? Why he hell did this weeks weekly challenge in Sochi have rain!?!?!? I'm sick of driving in the rain. In real life there's rain probably between 10-20% of races but in the game it's about 40-50% of races.
  3. Pitchpole

    Enough is enough CM

    I love F1 and I love playing this game but I haven't really bothered with career mode, partly because of comments I read here but mostly I more so enjoy doing the weekly multiplayer challenges and setting times on different maps. And I started off just doing the Senna vs. Prost challenges. That said the game has been very very glitchy when trying to join an unranked multiplayer game for me. 50/50 chance it will fail and out of those fails there's a good chance it will get stuck with that circle spinning forever. Going to home on the XBOX and then restarting F1 doesn't work. I've had to load up a whole other game and then quit that and then load F1 again to get it to break out of the loop. Other than that I agree too much rain in the weekly challenges and time trials and apparently career mode. ☘️ As for the price, I got the legends edition on sale on the Xbox Store for $48.99 a couple of weeks ago. About a month or so after it released. So I'm not as upset as I'd be if I paid the I think regular price of $70.
  4. I'm surprised I never see any discussion here about the weekly challenges that appear under the multiplayer menu. Might be a nice thing to have a weekly sticky thread about it? It's currently the one in Canada. Although that's about to end. I tried several times and just couldn't finish 3rd or above, then I tried pitting when the track dried to get new tires but at that point, it was just impossible to make up the positions. I just gave up on it. Maybe it's just me though? I apparently stink at this game, as my lap times are way behind the top of the leaderboard, but that's another discussion I guess. Anyway, I'd be interested to see other peoples tips about the weekly challenge to maybe help me complete it. Or maybe other people don't have as much difficulty finishing it so they don't feel the need to discuss it? 🤨 😄
  5. Hi, sorry if this is noob question, but I just got F1 2019, previously I played F1 2017 a little and I remember I could do a quick race and select any track I wanted. In F1 2019 I can't find a way to select any track. It seems as though I have to work through each track in order. I'd like to race on Spa to familiarize myself with the Belgium Grand Prix, is there an easy way to do this or do I have to work my up to it? Also, when I select online multiplayer, right now it's Bahrain and I'm just racing against the AI. How do you race other people online? Is that only if you join a league? Thanks (XBOX ONE S)