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  1. Is the game programmed to make traction harder after you crash? The first time I crash, spin out or get knocked off the track by another car it's as if suddenly traction is much harder to control and my likelhood of spinning out again increases greatly. Is it some simulation about worn spots on the tires?
  2. Pitchpole


    Just about to post the same question, I'd probably go ahead and buy 2020 if they were to add the newly announced tracks. But as it is I'll stick with 2019...
  3. So this weeks challenge, finish 6th or higher as Riccardio. So it's pretty easy to just stay right behind Hamilton and pass all the cars that get blue flagged and pull over to let Hamilton get through. I kind of feel like one of those people that follow the Fire Engine with it's sirens on through red lights and around all the cars that pulled over, very illegal. Anyway, this is the second time codemasters has set up a scenario like this where you can shadow the leader to pass other cars that get blue flagged, has this scenario ever happened at a race in real life?
  4. Pitchpole

    My Russian Classic GP Weekend so far...

    After the past two weekends of getting kicked out of the race in the first couple laps I pretty much ignored the Russia GP. But, OK I did give it a single chance Sunday night. Joined a session, all the cars on the grid and it got stuck. A few cars eventually took off, most cars were stuck on the grid, couldn't move. I really don't give two craps about buying F1 2020 unless the multiplayer problems are fully resolved. I don't care about any new game features. The devs should be 100% focused on multiplarer improvements. I mean it's got to be embarrassing when numerous high profile players in the VIrtual Grand Prix series are getting kicked out of the session and their cars just ghost.
  5. Pitchpole

    F1 2019 - Error Code HO163.8803

    error HO163.8803. Happened to me last week (Mexico 3 or 4 times) and this weekend (Spain GP, 2 times). I certainly hope codemasters has prioritized this issue. The game is a total waste of time if I can't complete a race. I won't bother with any more weekly events until I hear this is fixed.
  6. Pitchpole

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    LOL, you're too much bro. These are all games, all games model physics, some better than others, obviously. Some games like NFS purposefully defy physics, but all games are based on physics. If you think one games physics are more realistic than another games, awesome! Whatever.
  7. Pitchpole

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Just dumb. Project Cars isn't a simulator, it's a video game. I think F1 is a better video game myself but whatever. All of these things are video games. iRacing, F1, Project Cars, they're all video games. That's it. Even if you buy a thousand dollar wheel, it's still a video game. You want a simulator? Go buy a 100k simulator from Red Bull. https://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/01/motorsport/formula-one-red-bull-racing-simulator-feature/index.html Microsoft Flight Simulator, is ... a video game. It will only ever be a video game. Even if you go buy a $500 yoke. It's still a video game. This machine below is a Flight Simulator.
  8. LOL yeah ok, so why are you even here? Just to taunt people? I've looked at iRacing and some of the screengrabs looked real nice, although from this video codemasters looks better to me. The background in iRacing isn't quite as nice to me and the car in iRacing sometimes it still looks detached from the background and like it's just sliding over the track, which was one of my complaints with F1 so I don't feel so bad about that anymore. But that said, I'm still interested in giving iRacing a try at some point but my expectations aren't really that high.
  9. Well that's cool. Not gonna bother with another race this weekend. I was looking around the forum and I see some tickets already submitted.
  10. Just happened again. Three attempts this weekend and three times kicked out of the race. I spun out on the first lap and was in the very back so not as angry this time. But seriously, I wonder if online multiplayer will ever work for me again. I'll have to try and see if I can submit a ticket for this issue with codemasters?
  11. This is ridiculous. For starters, the idea this is a simple "arcade" game is crazy. And unless you have a serious rig (OK, I'm sure there are a number on this forum that do, but most players of this game don't) then it's not even applicable. But even if you do have a nice rig, obviously it's still not going to be anywhere close to driving a real car. There's no real physical forces involved, there's no g force going around curves, your rig isn't bouncing over the curbs. The best you can expect is better "feedback" through the steering wheel. Big deal. Lando thinks iRacing is a little bit like a real car. Not the greatest endorsement really but OK. Either way that doesn't make FI 2019 garbage. The game isn't easy at all. There are plenty of things I could criticize about the game but it still takes a lot of practice and a lot of learning to get good at it. F1 2019 still requires you to understand and consistently do well in all the fundamentals of racing, cornering, powering the car, braking. Maybe it feels 10% less like a real car than iRacing does? OK. Whatever. I also found it odd that Lando often didn't finish in the top three. Maybe he's just annoyed? I don't know. Leclerc seemed to adapt really well. I was looking forward to seeing Leclerc and Norris race in this series disappointed it didn't happen. --- Edit: I see that Lando joined the virtual GP today although I didn't see him much, it was all about Leclerc and Albon and George Russel who snuck into P2.
  12. Pitchpole


    The simple solution to this is if someone crashes into you, only their car gets damage. I know sometimes that might be hard for the AI to discern but in most instances not. I've had numerous online races ruined in the first lap. Then I have to wait another hour for the next GP. But it's not like codemasters takes the players thoughts into account, so it will never happen I guess.
  13. Not just once but twice today! I got kicked out of the multiplayer game around the 8th lap or so. Abruptly left race and the error message below appeared. Was in P2 the second time it happened too! First time I thought it was a fluke. But it happened two races in a row! Never had this problem before and been playing regularly for months. Did anyone else have this happen? I'm on XBOX and my game pass is paid up for another two months. No reason for it to happen. EDIT: I first searched for H zero 163 and didn't find anything ... but after I search for H O 163 I find others with this issue. **** poor. I'll try the race one more time tomorrow.
  14. Pitchpole

    F1 2020 Informations

    Hard to know what will happen this year but I'm expecting a significant delay in the 2020 game. Was looking forward to racing the new tracks but that might not even happen in real life now.