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  1. Well thanks for helping me find a workaround. Disabling one of my USB devices did indeed stop the stuttering. I guess I just didn't notice in 2d as much. Or it didn't do it on the previous PC. It's a little ridiculous needing to dig into and disable stuff in device manager for a game to function normally though. Especially if this bug has been around for that long.
  2. Decided to be a little more helpful and record the frametimes im getting in the game. You can clearly see the spikes like clockwork. Again this is regardless of visual settings. This is on the Rift with the steamVR latest beta. Also happens with the non beta version. Ryzen 3700x 2080 Super Steam version of the deluxe edition This is with polling rate set to 100ms:
  3. I just tried it. Crashes the game on startup. so no luck there sadly.
  4. I'm getting quite bad stutters in the game now. Every couple of seconds it just freezes for a bit. Both in VR and on normal screen. It's quite jarring especially in VR rendering it basically unplayable. I'm on a 3700x with a 2080 super, so that shouldn't be an issue. Having these regardless of graphical settings.