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  1. You can be sure DR2 will be the first thing I test! As for refresh, specs page says 90/120, with the wireless adapter only supporting 90. I'd actually of preferred a 72 or 80 option over a 120 option lol, I'm probably in the minority there though.
  2. Well this will no longer be a problem for me, VIVE Pro 2 ordered :) the G2 is great and all but I'm looking forward to ditching WMR and also using my hard mounting base stations again.
  3. @Ialyrn I don't have issues like that, my G2 works great on everything else over long periods of time with no stutters or cut outs. DR is the only problem for me.
  4. Just to add I have a 10900k, 3090, 32gb on an Asus z490-E and the game is terrible on the G2 at even at very low res due to frame drops, but runs well on Q2 at high res.
  5. Lol my hopes swelled as I read your post, only to be deflated at the end 😞
  6. @FusionJohn @Ialyrn Hey, sorry I didn't mean to sound ungrateful or anything, I do appreciate you both (and everyone) helping to solve issues. I remember when DR1 was new I did indeed have a USB issue, and of course DR2 is a heavy hitter on performance. I just wanted to clarify there is evidence of a separate issue here, and sadly one it seems we may never get a solution to. I feel that perhaps one day we will, but it will more than likely be a lucky symptom of an update in WMR/SteamVR or whatever, and nothing intentionally meant for DR2.
  7. Please understand this is not a performance or USB issue. I think some people are joining in on this thread and not reading previous posts. In short, the dropped frames we are referring to happen even at low settings and only in the G2 (perhaps other WMR) playing DR 1 or 2. The dropped frames do not occur in any other game, or using other headsets even at much higher graphics and resolution.
  8. I appreciate the long reply, but this issue isn't related to performance as has been discussed. Dropped frame occur at low settings and resolution in the G2, but do not occur on the same system using a different headset with very high settings and resolution.
  9. Thanks but I have no issues in other games at all, only Dirt Rally 1 and 2.0, so I don't think it's the same issue for me. I guess that's the end of DR for me then, perhaps until a new Steam headset comes out which beats the G2. Maybe there will be a DR3 by then with VR in mind from the start, unlikely but one can hope.
  10. I just tried to copy that video, clearly something has changed as it does not perform anything like that at all! I used 100% SS, advanced settings to off and medium preset same as him, dropped frames just sky rocket and it's unplayable.
  11. Just tried DR1, exactly the same issue and it runs through Revive so my previous thought on Revive being a work around is a non-starter anyway.
  12. I wonder if there is a way to run it through Revive? For many Index and Vive users playing iRacing, you need to force it through Revive to prevent a horrible world wobble issue (iRacing are aware of the well known issue). Perhaps it could work in this instance too if anyone knows how.
  13. @BozScaggs I am sure I have deleted the Docs folder before, maybe I will try again and I have run with all kinds of settings lowest to highest. But it's interesting you have seen a big improvement. I can play a stage on the Quest 2 over VD with high res and settings and get 0 frame drops, yet in the G2 even with lower res I can literally get hundreds on a stage.
  14. Yeah be great if that is the issue. I have tried all the recommended steps but no improvement in DR2. I'm resorting to downloading DR1 again and hope that runs fine to at least be able to get some rally in.
  15. Thanks but this isn't a performance issue. I can set things very low and still have dropped frames, whereas with the Vive Pro or Quest 2, both running at a higher resolution than the G2, the issue is not there.
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