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  1. Link to reddit post on r/F1Game: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/n4ufaa/the_comprehensive_f1_career_wishlist/ Hello everyone, my name is Jack and I've been playing the F1 games since 2018. Throughout this time I've sunk days into F1's driver career mode, and whilst this has provided much enjoyment, it has also highlighted many areas of improvement to be made and how much unearthed potential lies in this mode. So naturally I have created this post, to comprehensively bring together all my thoughts and ideas for future F1 career modes and hopefully catch the eye of some of C
  2. JackH63

    F1 2020 Review

    Hey guys I recently published a review of F1 2020, check it out if you want an overview of the game or are deciding whether or not to buy it. https://youtu.be/y9huc9x8GNY
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