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  1. Hey guys, sorry about my terrible english but i will try my best! I have all platinum trophies since f1 2010 and this trophie maybe will break my sequence. I start few races and so far i can't have more then 1500 points 😞 some times someone push me off the track or just ran into my car on turn 1 and that ruined my race, losing 50/70 points and i have to run 10 decents races for recover for one stupid situation! so, here os my opnion about how the system should be works: In a lobby with 12 players wich is more usual then 20 players: 1st + 20 2nd + 15 3th + 10 4th + 5 5th + 2 6th 0 7th - 2 8th - 5 9th - 10 10th - 12 11th - 15 12th - 20 Or ANY combinations of points for at least you know how much points you will be earned on each race you run, 1v1 system so far for is not the betther mechanism for this trophie!! I wish to all a clean races and good luck with this trophie!