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  1. games is fine, beside the bugs you invented with version 1.1. but the stages are boring. specially the long ones are just a combination of two shorter stages, and even the short ones share some sectors. would be nice to see real unique stages in dirt rally 2. ;))
  2. i would like to have back just colin mcrae rallye 2 with better graphics and fine wheel support. no ken block stuff or rayye cross. just wanna do a championship.
  3. As Codies obviously do not care about their costumers, I hope they go bankrupt pretty soon. Racenet Overall Leaderboards and Challenges are full of cheaters, nobody cares, but hey, they got our money, that's all that obviously counts. Will never buy a title from those a..holes again..
  4. codies do not answer, because they do not give a damn about their customers. 
  5. yes, in racenet challenges, the cheaters come and go, this week everything looks ok so far. but i was talking about the racenet overall leaderboards, just checked the austrian rankings,  nr 1, 3 and 7 cheated their level (high ranking with only a few wins and podiums). nr 1 has 18 million xp with only ~ 400 podiums. and the worldwide nr. 1 has 66 million xp with only 248 wins. it has been like that right from the start and nobody cared at cm.
  6. why does cm not kick all these cheaters in racenet? they are easy to detect, would cost you 10 minutes of worktime every week. do your job or close racenet, the way it is does not make sense at all.
  7. Have the same problem with my G 27. As nobody from Codemasters feels the need to care about this issue or even answer this thread, there is only one solution: Uninstalling this game and never buy a product from this f.cking greedy company again. They told us that the game supports the G 27: http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/10/f1-2014-supported-wheel-list/ But it does not, it does strange things even with V-sync turned on, especially in Austria. No problem in 5 lap races, but in 25% or longer session, the wheel steers to the left in breaking zones. Only workaround: Turning off FFB, but then I a
  8. I use the G 27 steering wheel and have to play with vsync on (60 fps), because otherwise my wheel does strange things (ffb comes and goes, wheel is steering in other direction than I want it to). BUT: I play Grid Autosport, too. There, I can play with vsync off and have about 100 fps.  Can't the developers fix this issue which occured also in F1 2013? As far as I know, Grid is based on the same engine (EGO), so I do not understand why one game has this annoying bug and the other one has not. Codies, you messed it up again.
  9. Please make it possible to do longer races within next patch. Would love to race on the Indy Oval for more than 20 laps.
  10. Cars must use just one setting for gear box for the whole season, so we will see 8th gear only on really fast tracks like Monza.
  11. Please make it possible for modders to paint car skins again like in F1 2012. The mirroring made it very difficult in F1 2013. Make tyre wear visible. Since F1 2010 modders have been doing your job. Can't be a big issue. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/tires-edition-2013.937/ The AI behaviour must improve. AI do not leave the racing line when they are about to get lapped, they slow down in the middle of corners but stay on the line. AI performance is different on several tracks (extremely fast in China, Monaco and Singapore - slower on other tracks). No DLC, just make one game peopl
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