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  1. Any news about native Oculus support for the Steam version ?
  2. I'm gutted by this as well since I bought Dirt Rally 2 when I heard VR was coming. I barely played it on monitor since I always tend to go to race sims which have VR support since I got it. The bad thing is this seems to be a commercial deal with Oculus and the customer is the victim here. What frustrates me is that both Codemasters and Oculus will have angry customers because of this. 50% of the VR users on Steam have Oculus headsets. That's a lot of Oculus players that have the steam version since they knew VR was coming. If the game would launch with VR and it was made clear that only the version in the Oculus store would have native support I would understand it. But at this point I can only feel deceived. I tried to play it and the performance is just too bad with Steam VR.. I was really looking forward to this. I might try to ask Steam for a refund (while I have more than 2 hours playtime) explaining I bought it for VR ..