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  1. Again, im not feeling it, it feels the same as it has done for months. Im not noticing any differance at all in the wet condidtions at all. Also, im a she; for future referance. This really bugs me when people say this sort of stuff, assuming that anyone who can get near the top of the leaderboards must be using some form of workaround, an exterior view, or some other shady thing that just gets pulled out of thin air. It can never be just a case that some people might just be faster than you. Me, driving the Mustang on the same Scotland stage as in your video using the default setup on the car in the interier cockpit view. The only disadvantage you are at, is the one you are giving yourself by blaming the game and other players!
  2. Ialyrn

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    If your losing control in such a way from going from a 6 left to a hairpin right, that usually means you have not anticipated the corners ahead. So you are going to hot into the 6 left, and then possibly slamming the brakes hard to hit the right hairpin. Because of this, you would violently shift all the weight forward reducing grip at the rear, while simultaneously wanting to change direction. This action usually results in loss of momentum, or even full loss of control. In racing (circuit or rally), you need to be thinking about whats coming up 3 to even 4 corners ahead, and preparing your speed and trajectory so you remain in control. So for a corner like you describe here, you want to slow down more for the 6 left, which will give you a smoother line and slower speed to hit the hairpin right that follows. There is a corner similar to what you describe on scotland, which is a 5 or 6 right followed by a 2 left, if i have remember the numbers right. So i can show you what i mean in this video that i recorded yesterday using the default tuning in the Impreza s4. It might help for you to take a look. I would be more than happy to run the same section in a car with manual h-pattern and my wheel cam turned on for you, if you would like to see the same with that shifting configuration. Or I could run whichever stage has the corner on you mentioned, if you let me know which one it is. More than happy to help you out and show you a different way.
  3. Because Steam and Xbox are not the same system, which is why the save games are not shared.
  4. Having the minimum specs for CPU, GPU and ram is only half the story when it comes to Macs. The OS and other things matter much more than on windows. Often some games will run on newer Macs, but they wont work at all on older ones. You seem to be in that very circumstance right here. Far as I can tell, by looking at the apple store page for the game; having a 2011 iMac, you may have missed out on system compatibility by about 2 years for game. The information is in the description about what Mac systems it will work on. Not sure if there is a work around, as Apple have some funny idea's when it comes to older hardware on their side. I dont use Macs personally, as I like to be able to game without resctrictions, and price of entry for Macs is way outside my budget. So I cant offer up any solutions for a work around either. But I would like to point to the fact that Dirt Rally 1 originally released in 2015, so 4 years after your imac. The Mac port of the game, according to the wiki page for Dirt Rally, released in 2017. So a further 2 years after that. So that is a 6 year gap from your imac been released to Dirt Rally for the Mac been released. I do hope you find a solution though, as it is a great game if you can get it running. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/dirt-rally/id1076935807?mt=12
  5. Ialyrn

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Glad i described it properly. Its something i do without thinking, as i was an avid gamepad player using manual gears for years before i moved to wheels. Its also how my driving instructor taught me to change down gears when slowing/stoping for junctions and what not. So ive always done it without thinking if its faster or slower, i just know its natural for me to do and works for my driving style, lol.
  6. Ialyrn

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    The "high" part of Skyrex's post is important. He is saying that the longer you are higher up in the rev range, the more effective engine braking is. So going by what they are saying, staying in 5th gear then changing down to 2nd just before the corner is not as effective as changing down 5>4>3>2. In esscence, Skyrex is saying that although you do not percieve an issue changing down gears the way you currently do; you are actually reducing your car control and slowing yourself down by not changing through all the gears as you reduce speed for a corner. At least I believe that is what they are trying to say.
  7. The Subaru legacy and Impreza s4 have ridiculously stiff rear anti roll bar settings. The physics have not changed, its just seriously awful default setups on those cars. For my testing in vr to make sure my graphical settings are ok after any update, i always run wales pant mawr stage, and i always run it in either the group a Impreza ir lancer evo 6 at night in heavy rain (worst case scenario for graphic settings to stress the game fully), and the driving physics feel the same as they always did. I even managed to get 3rd in the world on the last run i did over the weekend. Check the setup of the car, lower the rear arb a lot. Edit - Figured since I made such a bold claim about my time/lb posistion post 1.13 update, I better put up a pic to show im not talking out my rear.
  8. Ialyrn

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Put your clutch saturation between 30 to 40%, missed shifts will be thing of the last then. Also, if you happen to have a th8a shifter from thrustmaster. On one side of the unit there is a tension screw, so you can stiffen the shifts up if you want too. Thrustmaster also have some tuning software for the th8a shifter, so you can change the activation points for the hall effect sensor it uses to your personal preference. Only posting that but of info, as you never stated what hardware you are using.
  9. @PJTierney Been having an issues on Scotland, the same stage (Old Butterstone Muir) that others are complaining about in this thread (and other places on the forums). Its actually quite an issue, and the effect of it happening is amplified while driving at speed over it. When the FPS drop kicks in, it lasts from the bridge to the next corner entry just beyond it. In VR this is absolutly awful, and it causes motion sickness due to the stuttering and hitching that happens. The fps drop happens at only one specific point on the bridge, but it is far less noticable when playing on a monitor. Especially if V-synced to 60FPS, and have enough CPU and GPU headroom to deal with it. But on lower end/older hardware, and especially in VR. The performance headroom just isnt there to deal with it. It needs resolving. Playing on Steam using OculusSDK (and a 120hz capable LG TV when playing on monitor mode at 1080P) Thrustmaster T300 with T3PA Pro pedlals 2xTH8A shifters Oculus Rift CV1 Intel core i7 6700k@4.2Ghz MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X plus 8GB 16GB@3000Mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX Video footage of it happening, and showing the point where it kicks in without fail every single time. And as said, the stuttering and FPS drop is worse when going over it at racing speeds.
  10. Ialyrn

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition - Patch 20/04/15 (FFB Fix)

    If you owned it on steam prior to its removal, you can still download and play it. Its only gone from active sale. I downloaded and played it last week for a bit.
  11. Ialyrn

    Looking for a few tips

    Long post warning. Its good you have previous experiance in sims, but unless you are on Spain or Germany in DR2.0; you pretty much have to throw that past experiance out the window. Throttle control is still needed, but a lot of the smoothness you would normally use for steering; can often need to be replaced with aggressivnes. On dirt/gravel/snow/ice, you often need to do a fair amount of pendulum turns in order to get the rotation you need. Plus the use of the handbrake can sometimes be needed to swing around the tighter hairpins. It becomes counter intuitive if you are only used to circuit racing mainly. This will pass as you get more used to the game, its the difference in driving styles needed that does it. You have probably already started to adapt to driving on loose surfaces, so a little more times will help even more. Good tunes to use, I can also recommened checking out @SkyRex video content in their "community rally school" thread. There are tutorials, general help, and location guides posted up in there. So you should find it a good resource - There is also the thread called "The DiRT Rally School", which has some content made by Codemasters. I use a T300 also, I have a video on my youtube channel that shows the process of calibrating it in game in order to use "soft lock", and my FFB settings are shown on screen as well. Feel free to give them a try. I am on the PC, I have the Thrustmaster driver set with everything on 100%. My DOR is set to 1080°. I would advise swapping to manual sequential at the very least, the abilty to change gears will give you far greater control on loose surfaces; as you need to ensure you are in the powerband in order to flow through the corners with a bit of a slip angle. As for getting the car to "stick to the road", I would honestly suggest jumping into the Freeplay's "time trial" mode and just practicing. This will give you some time to slow down and learn and improve your car control on loose surfaces. I would suggest "Pant Mawr" for Wales, "Te awanga sprint" for New Zealand, "Kopina" for Poland, "Elgsjon" for Sweden, "Ascenso por valle el Gualet" for Spain, and "Col de Turini Depart en descente" for Monte Carlo. I find these make good practice locations, as they have a decent mix of fast and slow sections. I put up a video on my process for learning new stages a couple of days ago, which you may find useful. The process of learning a new stage, is very similar to learning a new car, as well as new techniques. Mainly its a process of starting off slow and building up speed as you get more used to what you are doing. It has on screen telemety for my throttle, brake and clutch; so will help you figure out what I am doing to manipulate the weight transfer to my advantage. Controling and manipulating weight transfer is a key part to controlling the cars on the loose surfaces. Im not used to speaking in videos, so it is a bit awkward in places, but I hope all this helps you out.
  12. Ialyrn

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition - Patch 20/04/15 (FFB Fix)

    If you downloaded the complete edition of Dirt 3 through Steam, then it downloads the most up to date version available. Its the same with any game downloaded through steam.
  13. I didnt say it didnt need fixing, I just told you how to get it working in the mean time. The only thing you need to do in order to fix the UI elements, is to force the game into windowed mode again by editing the games "hardware_settings_config_vr.xml", and changing "fullscreen" from "1" to "0". The reason why the animations tend to look bad for a lot of people, is that they run the game with all the graphical bells and wistles; which forces the Oculus Rift into ASW mode (45fps). This makes the animations lag, and it also makes the rain look terrible. I have made sure my game runs at a solid 90fps, and I force ASW off completely so that it cant turn on at all. So even if there are any drops in FPS for any reason, it becomes a total non issue as ASW isnt turning on because of it. There are solutions for most of the issues with VR, but people would rather just complain instead of asking for help and advice. Im not saying things shouldnt be improved, especially in regards to the colour banding issues on the Oculus Rift side of things; which does ruin night stages on the Oculus Rift (its almost game breaking this one). Something I have asked @PJTierney about myself, to see if anything is getting done about it. I am just saying there are things you can do in the meantime that improves the situation greatly. All it takes is asking for help, and doing some google searches.
  14. Ialyrn

    Tips for driving 4WD cars quicker

    Messing with the tuning can help, but you should learn to drive the car in its default setup also. Plus the tunes are slightly different depending on the rally you are doing as well, so the car may not always feel the same from area to area. There can be some events where you cant tune, and it helps you learn how to avoid and control certain things; which can really help you out in the long run. It can go a long way to making you more adaptable, and makes it easier for you to chop and change. Driver skill is always more important, and should be the main focus for improvement. It will yeild the biggest gains. Tuning will only take you so far, it does help, but should never be the main focus where possible. What could be helpful, is if you could show some footage of your driving currently with the Lancia, even if its just replay footage using the exteria follow cam. It will help with giving a better basis of advice, if we are able to see what you are currently doing.
  15. Ialyrn

    Community Rally School

    With Scotland now in the game, I figured it would be a good time to make a video in regards to learning a new stage. I do need to work on editing and recording for future videos, but hopefully it will help those that need it.