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  1. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    You might want to do some fact checking, as codemasters have released the same game on multiple systems for a long times. Their first game in 1986 released on 6 systems. 1991, they released micro machines on 7 systems. That is just 2 examples. In recent years, 3 at most is usually true, but occasionally they still have versions released in MacOS and Linux. Codemasters have a vast background in releasing the same game across multiple systems over the past 3 decades, it is not a viable reason tk give them a pass for how dirt 5 has released. You are thinking of Forza Horizon 2, amd that is an edge case. It also isnt a codemasters title or studio, so isnt an apples to apples comparison. Turn 10 and microsoft wanted to have some version of forza horizon 2 on the xbox 360 around the transition period to the xbox one. It really has no baring on codemasters or their previous experience. Pre-order bonuses are not a priority for me, and they don't factor into my purchasing decisions, a functional game without disabled and missing features is a priority. Its become very clear with what has come out in the past week that dirt 5 is not a complete game. Missing features and disabling features in order to release on time is not an ok practice. Someone should have made a call to delay till the game was in a complete state. Wheel support issues aside, there are far more serious lapses in quality and judgement in dirt 5. Highly worrying ones. As said in my other post, i am not just hating on codemasters here. I have supported them for as long as i can remember, and i almost always pre-order every racing game they make.
  2. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Codemasters have already confirmed that the pre-order bonuses will be purchasable in the future. So why would that be of a concern to me? I could understand Covid been a reason that cause issues for F12020, Codemaster make and sell a licensed game in that instance. One that they was probably contractually obligated to release when they did. With regards to Dirt 5, even taking into considuration the issues around because of Covid. The game just clearly hasnt released in a completed state. It is fractured, there is literally no other way to discribe it. Entire features are missing or heavily broken. Nearly any form of grapical setting has been left out on the PC version (from what I am reading); including V-sync. Which is kinda required for syncing to monitors that dont feature veriable refresh rate tech, in order to have smooth visuals without screen tearing. Game breaking bugs to the extent I dont think I have seen in any other codemasters title, reports of really bad texture pop in/out. They are massive oversights that just shouldnt have happened with a company with as much experience as Codemasters. Lets not forget, they have been making games since 1986. And they have released titles on multiple systems simultaneously through almost that entire time. The game, in its current state, should have been delayed. Simple as. More time was clearly needed for this game. I say this as someone who almost always buys everything that Codemaster's release, I have been playing their games since the original Micro Machines on Sega Megadrive. They have consistently been my most supported games company through almost the entiraty of my gaming life, and still to this day have some of my favourite racing titles in their library. Such as Toca Touring Cars, Colin McRae Rally (especally CMR 2.0). So I am not just hating on them here.
  3. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    This just proves my point that dirt 5 clearly isnt a finished game. Not even having v-sync is a massive oversight, probably more so than broken wheel support. I get that this year has been bad because of covid, but i cant believe codemasters have released a brand new title as broken as this. I am so glad i decided to hold onto my cash this time. I will probably pick up dirt5 if it ever ends up included on games pass or in a humble choice. Cant see me spending more cash on it than that. I really hope this isnt a sign of things come with the wrc titles codemaster make from 2023.
  4. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Except in xbox, where wheel support is fully disabled. But that makes sense, as microsoft require full support or no support. No inbetween. That most likely means that the wheel support is so subpar, microsoft wont allow the game to release with active wheel support till it is up to standard. Microsoft are very strict when it comes to controller and wheel support. Also, the post in regards to playstation and pc wheel support states it is "very limited". That is pretty much pr speak for "your mileage will vary"
  5. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    @Leo Natan the first dirt rally was an experiment by a small portion of the dirt team, they was enthusiastic about a new direction, and wanted to see if there was a market for a more sim focused rally title. It was developed as a separate entity from the core dirt series, and still is. It was put out as early access, as they specifically wanted and needed community feedback. The direction dirt rally 1 took was in part down to that feedback. The main focus was physics, more realistic stage design, and better force feedback and wheel support. And was primarily designed as a pc only title at first. Once it became apparent codemasters had a successful title 9n their hands, the game got branched out for development and release on consoles. As for the idea behind dirt 5, people still just want a fun pick up and play title. Dirt rally has the title of the "dark souls of rally", and it puts people off. It takes time and practice to get competitive, and it puts people off. So there is still a market for a normal dirt title.
  6. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    To be honest, codemasters wouldnt really have had a hand in pcars 3. Given how game development usually works, it would have been in deep development long before codemasters bought out slightly mad studios.
  7. Ialyrn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I gotta be honest, I dont understand how a game from Codemasters, a racing game at that (its literally all they have made in the past decade baring on ios game and Overlord: fellowship of evil); doesnt have full wheel support at launch. Its not like the wheel protocols for Xbox and playstation have suddenly changed. Xbox one and PS4 wheels going forward for the PS5 and Xbox series s/x are fully supported on the console level (according to both Sony and Xbox/Microsoft). And even if changes have happened on the upcoming consoles that no one has made public, the scope of wheel compatibility on Windows has not changed at all. So it really boggles the mind. I get that covid is a thing, but this just smacks in the face that Dirt 5 isnt finished; so I dont understand why they dont just delay. Surely that is a better option if the game is not in a completed state?
  8. Ialyrn

    More in sorrow than in anger

    Using assists really can slow you down, just like Underclass states here. More so on loose surfaces. The assists in racing games tend to be fairly dump, in that they will be either on or off with zero inbetween. Take TCS for example, the moment it detects you are spinning up your tires; it will cut power. This can have a negative impact of you are sliding around a corner on gravel, as you need the tires spinning in order to powerslide around and out the corner. STM also does a similar thing where it is cut power if you are sliding laterally. Which again will stop you from been able to powerslide on loose surfaced. A skill that is required in rally. In this video I show the effects off the assists at Finland in an Evo 6, stage times and assists are shown in each clip. I also have on screen telemety showing for Throttle, Brake and Steering. The Evo 6 is a manual sequential car IRL, so baring the "auto gears" test, the rest was done using Manual Sequential in game using a T300 RS GT wheel with T3PA Pro pedals - One thing that is really important in any racing game (even a rally game), is course knowledge. Knowing whats coming can really help. Some people believe that goes agaisnt the nature of a rally, but very few rallys are done blind. Most allow the rally drivers to drive the stages a couple of time before hand, in order to make the pace notes. This gives them some memory of the course in the process. Obviously in Dirt Rally (or other rally title), we can take that further and run the stages till they become second nature. But course knowledge is often what will lead to the biggest time gains. How you drive a stage matters, how close you get to the edges, how you handle the jumps. You may drive a stage without nessicerally messing up, but are you driving the fastest lines for that particualr stage? I made this video a while back when Scotland released to the game, to show people how I personally go about learning a stage in an effort to help others improve - Improvements can be made in Dirt Rally 2 ( and any racing game) by just practicing. I know thats a tired thing to say, and I know you say you dont need to practice; but it does work. Like with anything, you only get out of it what you are willing to invest. When you invest the time and effort, anything is possible. That isnt just for a racing title like Dirt Rally, but for all video games. You can be good a first person shooters for example, but to be one of the top players; it takes effort and practice. Even outside of video games, such as learning an instrument; or even learning to draw/paint. It all takes time, it all takes practice - Whether you act on what I have said or not, it doesnt matter. But I do hope you get that sense of improvment you are wanting so that the game becomes more fun for you.
  9. Ialyrn

    Wil my PC run Grid 2019

    They did read your question, you posted your system specs; they replied with the system requirements for the game. You PC meets those requirements, your A10 CPU is pretty much comparable in performance to the AMD FX 4300. I wouldnt advise buying a GTX1070 to use on such an outdated and slow CPU (its from 2012), not to mention there are much newer (and better) GPU's on the market now. I would advise you build/buy a whole new system in all honestly, in order to take advantage of new CPU architectures and ram speeds. There is the potential that a GTX 1070 may bottleneck on your system, due to the CPU age/speed. If I was in your shoes, I would wait till the RTX 3070 is fully available. it releases this month and is supposed to have RTX 2080ti performance for about £450; but chances are you wont be able to get your hands on one till 2021. AMD have a new Ryzen generation also about to release soon, so the wait will be worth it regardless.
  10. @Jeq It is FPS related, the VR video you linked is very clearly running below 90fps (80fps if its on a Rift S), you can tell by the suttering in the clip. DR2.0 in VR requires the FPS to be rock solid at what the VR headset you are using runs out (baring Valve Index which can run at a maximum of 120hz). The following videos I recorded in heavy rain, and the FPS is rock solid at 90fps for my Oculus Rift CV1. You can see the difference. The first video is from March 2020 the second video is from Sept 2019. p.s the side window in the wet is always bad, no matter the if in VR or on monitors. I was recently playing it on triple screens as well as VR, and the side windows are just as bad.
  11. Ialyrn

    Save Replay

    I agree, there should be a save feature for replays. Having to resort to recording the replay in OBS immediately after a race, is not my ideal solution. But it is the only solution without the ability to save the replay. I mean, that very clearly is the case; otherwise there would already be a save function. The annoying thing is, and this is the real kicker. The game will automatically save a highlight reel for races.
  12. Ialyrn

    FPS & Stuttering (PC, non-VR)

    This was patched a few months back, at least in DR2.0
  13. Could potentially be something to do with your headset or a setting in game/steamVR, because I have never had that issue personally. I have brightness in game set to default, and I have not messed with the "hdr" setting in the games files. I do have an issue on the Oculus rift where their is clear colour banding, which is a known issue. But yeh, I have never had an issue with the contrast personally. Also, you may be able to bump up details if you lower steamVR's resolution. SteamVR has a bad habit of automatically increasing the per eye resolution based on system specs, instead of just running at a particular HMD's native resolution. Same settings apply as I posted about above.
  14. I run with the latest Nvidia drivers on these 2 systems with a Rift CV1 with a stable 90fps. System 1 (old rig) i7 6700k MSI Z170A Krait Gaming Motherboard 16gb 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX MSI GTX1080 Gaming X Plus System 2 (new rig as of June this year) i7 10700k Asus ROG Strix Z490 Gaming-E 16gb 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Gigabyte RTX2070 Super ------- The main 3 settings to change for VR are - "screen space reflections" - Off "Night Light" - Off "Vehicle Details" - Low I find these 3 settings to be massive drains on FPS, the latter 2 for no reason at all. Screen space reflections will do the most damage. Everything else I run at high, on both systems. Baring the lighting/camera effects at the bottom of the settings. I would also suggest removing the antialiasing (AA/Multisampling), and making sure you have no super sampling turned on. If you are playing through steam, make sure you DO NOT have steamVR open at the same time. It isnt needed when running the game in Oculus mode. I have tested these settings with a Rift S (my other half has a rift S) on both systems, and managed to get a stable 80fps. Also, keep crowds as off or set to low, any higher than that, and you get stutters. -------- System 1 footage - System 2 footage - Hope this helps.
  15. Ialyrn

    WRC 9

    Thats because the WRC franchise is fully licensed, which means all current Rally locations and all current WRC cars need to be added in the core game. This will also be the case in 2023 when Codemaster release their licensed WRC title, because thats how fully licensed titles work. Also, there is a deluxe edition that gives extra content, so not everything is included with the core game. People are entitled to hold a different opinion to you, they are entitled to state that opinion, just like you are. There is no need for you to be so abrasive towards people who do not think like you do. This is a public forum, and people will not always agree with what you have to say. As for your driving experiance in real life, is that normal road driving or actual rally driving? If its the former, then stop being so disingenuous. If its the latter and you have real world experiance driving rally cars on actual rally stages, in full competition; then I think people deserve some proof of your claims. Otherwise no one will take you seriously, especially given your attitude.