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  1. Are the tlcm pedals being used via the rj12 cable connected to a wheel base or via the included usb cable? If its via the usb cable, then the tlcms will have their own profile selection as they are an individual device. If they are connected to the wheel base via an rj12 cable, the pedals then should be included in the t300 settings. Thats how it was in last years game, which i noticed when i changed from t3pa pro pedals (rj12 only) to tlcm pedals. As i tested the tlcm pedals in f1 2020 to see if they felt better in 12bit rj12 mode or 16bit usb mode. If the pe
  2. Most wheels on PC have software with them that allows you to adjust the wheel rotation inside of it. Thrustmaster wheels use the Thrustmaster control panal, the wheel rotation can also be adjust by pressing the "mode" button and left/right on the dpad at the same time. The "mode" light will flash to indicate the change in rotation. The more flahses, the higher the wheel rotation will be. Logitech G920/G29/G923 use Logitech Ghub to control the wheel rotation. Logitech G25/G27 use a very old abdonware version of "Logitech Gaming Software" from like 2010. The G25/G27 can both also have the r
  3. I know its not the community staff that make the decisions, but the community staff do have the ability to push forward things for consideration to the developers. Either way, the point still stands. There is no reason for a "technical limitation" to exist. What this is right here, is purely a software issue. Either with the game, the console, or both. And clearly from the negative feedback going around over this topic, surely its better for the end user if someone on the deployment side reaches out to both xbox and PlayStation in order to find a solution. The pc verson of the game s
  4. Microsoft implemented system wide voice command support via a headset mic after the kinect 2.0 failed on the Xbox one, so seems kind of strange that the game cant use voice commands via a headset mic also on the Xbox platform. Microsoft have even gone as far as adding in Alexa and google assistant support as well for the Xbox one and Series S/X. Surely it is worth some further investigation by both Codemasters and Xbox in order to find a solution here, as it seems plenty of people wish to use the voice command features of the game that are available on other platforms. There really is no
  5. If it is the pedals, sometimes you need to add in a touch of deadzone. Which would resolve the issue. 1 percent of pedal position remaining would usually be considered as an acceptable margin of error.
  6. You can change the wheels rotation by pressing the "mode" button on the servo base and left/right on the d-pad. The mode button will then flash. 1 flash 270 2 flashes 360 3 flashes 540 4 flashes 900 This should add a much harder stop when you reach your chosen rotation limit.
  7. Task Manager in Windows 10 has a long standing history is misreporting the correct GPU useage stats, so ideally you need to check GPU usage in something else such as Rivatuner, NZXT cam, or some other monitoring software such as HWinfo.
  8. Ah, you have a lazy eye? My left eye used to be lazy when I was younger, so I had prisms in my lenses as well; as well as having to do constant eye exercises.
  9. I own a Rift CV1, a Rift S, and recently purchased a Quest 2. So I have seen the screens go from reletivly low resolution in the CV1 and increase over time to what the Quest 2 is using. And the difference is actually night and day. The PSVR is even lower res than the Rift CV1 at a resolution of 960 × 1080 per eye. The Rift CV1 is actually at 1080x1200 per eye., the rift S is 1280 × 1440, and the Quest 2 is at 1,832 × 1,920. That makes a big difference visual quality. In my Quest 2 I am seeing a comparable image in the display (if not better) than my Acer Predator X34p 34in 3440x1440p ultrawide
  10. Thats so much better, I can look at the forum again and not be blind after.
  11. Thank you very much, yes, that is how I had the forums set prior to the maintainance. The red was replaced with that nice grey. @BarryBL This is what is now missing after the forum maintainance. Its a much better colour profile to the eye searing bright red.
  12. Really what I need to show you is what I was seeing prior to the update, lol. Right now all there is available to use is the default forum skin, which is what I am now seeing (the same as what @Pawel567 has a screen shot of). Prior to the forum maintainance, there as a different forum skin option that was less vibrant; that option is now missing. Its the bright red on the default forum skin that is the problem for me, as the red is far to bright and I cant stay on the forums for long or it gives me eye strain. Hence why I used the now gone alternative forum skin option that you origi
  13. There was an alternate forum overlay prior to todays maintainance which is now gone, and it was far easier on the eyes.
  14. What happened to the other less eye searing forum display option? It has been left with only the eye destroying bright red that seriously makes it hard to look at the forums. I cant find an option to revert the forum overlay back to what I had it set has previously.
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