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  1. Again, not talking about Thrustmaster, talking about Sony and Microsoft blocking usb peripherals in order to get a license fee in the first place. There is no benifit to Thrustmaster, but equally, they shouldn't be forced into a situation where they have to pay a license fee at all anyway. Neither should logitech, fanatec, or any other company that makes game control devices. They all function identically. No matter if you are using them on a windows pc, linux pc, mac, or games console. But as i keep saying, sony and Microsoft both force the issue in order to collect their mone
  2. The only really compelling reason to do it, would be to appease the community. Which would garner more good feeling towards their company and potentially boost sales. But they would equally lose money from not charging a license fee. So it really becomes a catch 22 situation.
  3. Steve, ive not once said codemasters should support the wheel, this isnt their fault and i didnt remotely say it was. Nor did i say that Thrustmaster should pay a license fee for the t500. What i did say and allude to, is that both Microsoft and Sony practice built in obsolescence and corporate greed by locking out not only usb racing wheels, but any and all usb game control peripherals. Which includes gamepads, wheels and flight sticks. The fundamentals of these devices have not changed in over 2 decades. There is no reason or limitation for them to be held behind a paywall on conso
  4. Im not saying there are not differences in the operating software. What i am saying, is that both microsoft and sony have the ability to add functionality for any usb peripheral they want. The reason they dont however, is all down to wanting to charge a license fee to peripheral manufacturers. It does make a massive difference to the consumer though, as the consumer with each new console generation, have to go out and buy all new game controllers and peripherals to work on the new consoles. The xbox series s and x is a very strange situation, as it is the first time Microsoft have al
  5. It is purely a limitation on the console OS side of things, both Microsoft and Sony create this same issue time and time again. Its even worse in Sony's case, as they still use Direct input. Which is what EVERYTHING used prior to the Xbox and Xinput. PC games often have the abilty to use both, which is why older wheels and controllers tend to still work on the PC side of things. As long as the devs enable support for them in the game directly. On the console side however, its all OS side, and both Sony and Microsoft dictate what can and can not be used. Often only relenting if a licensing fee
  6. In game wheel rotation settings are not included in the PC version of the game. This is likely a design choice they made, as people with wheels who play the game on PC, will change their wheels rotation setting in the software that controls their wheel specifically. Some wheels also allow the rotation to be changed on the wheel hardware itself. Such as Fanatec wheels, and Thrustmaster wheels. If you are playing on a control pad and wishing to use control pad settings others use on the cnsole versions of the game, you are a bit out of luck. I am fairly certain it was brought up in the
  7. This is why I think they should use what they have with the Madness engine. Its already made and proven to be robust, mostly well optimized, and with a strong feature set already baked in. With regards to CodeMasters specifically. They have mutliple devs teams in the midlands UK. As well as offices in India and other countries. People underestimate just how large a developer Codemasters really is. On top of what they originally had, they also brought onboard the entire evolution studios staff when Sony canned the studio. And they also bought out Slightly mad Studios prior to merging with
  8. Project cars 3 was a giant mistake on slightly mad studios part, but that is overall game design and not the game engine itself that is the issue in that title. And yes, sms was the studio behind need for speed shift. From what i understand, there was a lot of publisher interference from EA which hampered the development of those titles. Project cars 2 was their best title. Since you also mentioned automobilista 2, you should probably swap to using some more recent media if you are going to use it as a strike against the madness engine. The reason i say this, is because ams2 has had mass
  9. They own slightly mad studios, which means they own the Madness Engine that Project cars uses. If they make future F1 games with a new game engine, they should use that one. Its already a proven engine, and fairly well optimized already for PC and consoles. All new racing titles from Codemasters should swap to using it, since it has proper triple screen support and VR support baked into it (both Oculus and Open VR support). Two of the most highly requested items in any recent codemasters titles.
  10. I know what they said in the video, that usually almost always happens when using a chair that is too high. I am speaking from experience here, ive been using wheels and various sim hardware for 2 decades. Not trying to be a douch, just conveying that experience. The review is mostly good, but with a seat that is low enough; you never have to have the wheel set to such a high position. A lot of people when using a wheel stand, dont take into account chair height. The higher the chair, the higher the wheel needs to be. The more awkward it will feel. As said, the whole point is to replicate
  11. The person doing the review made a few problems for themself. First, they didnt initially hard mount the shifter with bolts, and it didnt look like they hard mounted the wheel either. 2 things that should ALWAYS be done on a wheel stand or full sim rig. The logitech g wheels and the logitech shifter all have hard mounting points. They stated they do sim drifting, and that requires very quick wheel movements and gear shifts. So hard mounting is essential when a stand or full cockpit is in the equation. Given the height they had the wheel stand extended to (looked like it was almost at maxi
  12. Avoid it, get a gtomega classic wheel stand instead. Or a gtomega apex wheel stand. Both can be upgraded to a full cockpit at a later date with the addition of a rear seat fram addon. The gtomega classic wheel stand is what i own, it has a full pedal plate, pre drilled for many different pedal sets. Wheel plate which is also predrilled for many different wheel bases. And can have a shifter mount added to it. And it can still fold away for easier storage. It should currently be £99, as it is in a similar price bracket to the wheel stand pro. https://www.gtomega.co.uk/products/classic-
  13. You all do realise that Codemasters is (mostly) based in the UK, and for the most part; they have been working from home since Covid hit. With heavy international travel resctrictions in place, limiting how easily they can access other countrys to scan and gather resources materials at the race tracks in question, for recreating and changing tracks. Not to mention the F1 calander has been a total mess since last year, also due to covid. The fact they have managed to create Jeddah in game. Which I assume was mostely from blueprints and concept art, since the track was been built IRL as this yea
  14. You are failing to take into account the human factor. What I mean by this, is driving style would most certainly play a role in how fast you are driving on any given section of track in identical cars with identical tuning. The way you exit the last corner before that straight can certainly cause a 20km/h speed difference on said straight. All it takes is having a far higher exit speed, and been able to be on the throttle for a longer time than the other person. And you will have a higher top speed on that straight than they will.
  15. approximately You should take a screenshot on the PS5 itself, on the same track in exactly the same posistion; and compare it to what you see on your TV. Sometimes the screen itself can cause those jaggy issues, and to rule it out, you have to look at proper screenshot. Preferably on a completely different high resolution display or device. This is a problem on all displays, but TV's tend to look worse for it due to the larger screen sizes. TV's also rely heavily on post processing effects applied on the TV itself, which is why you tend to have to use a TV's "game mode" when gamin
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