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  1. Ialyrn

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    🙄 Has nothing to do with the physics giving an advantage to fast players, they are just fast. Everyone is playing the same game. Both games play well on a controller, in my experiance. Cant really say which is better though. I think WRC8 might edge it for me. I normally play on a Thrustmaster T300RS. But if I am away from home, I use a gamepad with my laptop so I can still play them both.
  2. Ialyrn

    Setup Template limit

    One thing i can suggest as a work around, is to buy a small notebook and write some of the setups down. Not ideal, but is an old school way of saving setup information. Shouldnt really need to be done at this point, but needs must sometimes.
  3. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Just in the video recording im afraid. You can only see it while playing the game, if you have a second monitor in view or play in windowed mode and have it on the same monitor. You wont be able to see it at all in vr. I have it setup to show in the recordings, so that people can see how i use the accelerator and brakes. As well as how fast i am going.
  4. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Stability control does not give advatages, it slows you down. It bogs down the car while sliding on loose surfaces. Only thing it will do, is give you more consistency. But if you are competing for the top spots on the leaderboard, its going to be a hindrence. As I found during my testing the other day. Stability control turned on produced the slowest of the runs I did, running auto gears is faster than stabilty control in DR2.0; according to my testing. See the below quoted post and watch the included video - As for TCS on tarmac, the moment you need to do a handbrake turn on a tarmac stage, especially in an AWD car. It will bog down and not power through as required. Stability control will get in the way any moment there is a slide detected also. If you are driving on the limit for the top LB spots, again, it will be a hindrence.
  5. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Im just more practiced is all, thats really is all it is. 30 years of racing games will do that. You will get there if you keep at it. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap that a more expensive wheel means faster laptimes. I started off with a Microsoft Sidewinder racing wheel, plus I have a G27 and a G920 from logitech. The times I can post, I can do with any of them. The only reason I have a T300 now, is because I wanted 1080° of rotation. A more expansive wheel can give you better feeling FFB from the added torque provided in more expensive equipment, which can make it "easier" to read whats going on. But there are world champs in sim racing out there using nothing but a logitech DFGT, and using that wheel to beat other people using direct drive wheels. It really isnt about the device you use, but just how much practice you put in, and how effective that practice is. Thats why @PJTierney, when he really goes for it, can post some properly fast times on a control pad. His 250 place time during his tests in this thread is nothing compared to what he can do after a warm up to get back into the groove of things. Especially on a tarmac stage or in a circuit racing game.
  6. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Only tested so many of them, as I was testing stabiltity control and figured I may as well do them all. Thanks for the compliment. But I have to be honest, I only have 113 hours in DR2.0, and 117 hours in DR1. The reason I am compatant at driving in racing games, is because ive been playing them for 3 decades, and been using a wheel on and off for 2 decades. Its just a lot of general practice over multiple years and a vast library of racing games. (on my laptop atm and not my desktop, which is why DR2 isnt installed.) It depends on the track/stage and the car. Most of the time though, I drive with the default settings. You give me a run for my money on Forza PJ. Would be interested to see what damage you can do to the leaderboards while using a wheel. I saw your post in the Rally school thread.
  7. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Spent the night doing runs with different configurations of assists. Hopefully it helps shed some light on things. I was slowest while using Stability control. My second fastest run was with ABS and TCS only, with ABS/TCS/Auto gears at 3rd. The fastest was without ABS/TCS/Stability and with manual gears. ABS/TCS/Stability and just Stability control on its own, are very close. So pretty safe to say it was stability control slowing me down the most; with Auto gears also very close to them. No assists/Manual gears - 03:04.692 ABS/TCS/Manual gear - 03:07.992 ABS/TCS/Auto gears - 03:09.559 Stability/Manual gears - 03:10.025 ABS/TCS/Stability/Manual gears - 03:10.625 Video containtaining all the runs listed above - Also, my current leaderboard posistion on the stage used for testing. @koog2003
  8. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Link for what? Spinning out means coming to a dead stop in some fashion. Either from a straight up spin, or from spinning and hitting a trackside object. If you use assists and dont spin, your obviously going to be faster than on a run where you previously came to a complete stop. No testing even needs to he done on that one, its just common sense. If you mean in regards to koog finding out that using assists is slower than not using them, he tested it and posted his findings in this very thread. He found they are slower. There is literally no links needed in this case, all relevant information is in this very thread.
  9. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Spinning out would definetly be slower than not spinning out while using assists. But using assists in this game is slower than not using them and not spinning out. As @koog2003 proved yesterday when they finally tested it. The only issue I have with you Koog, is that you make these posts and threads without actually thinking properly first; and without clear testing beforehand. As well as your attitude towards others when someone disagrees with you. But that isnt going to stop me from replying to you, and it wont even stop me from trying to help you where I can. You just need to think more before you post is all, and try not to get so angry over the little things that bug you. I do agree that it should be shown in the LB what people are using, I just didnt agree with the rest of the stuff you was posting. All you have to remember is, the fast people are fast because they drive well. Assists or no assists, it always takes practice first and formost.
  10. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    You keep saying that using assists makes people faster, and you want to prove the point they are faster. I have given you an area where you can prove it, if you can. But as you have just stated, you cant. All you have proven to yourself, is that you can driver faster with the assists on; at your current skill level in game. Nothing more. Im not talking about IRL driving assists, they work on a far more sophisticated level than they do in a video game. I am talking about the assists as they partain to Dirt Rally 2.0. No, you came here to accuse and label people who use assists as cheaters; and talked yourself up as a "pro player" in the process. See below - Taken my comments entirely out of context. You know exactly what I mean when I say "do not speak for others". Example below - This is talking for others, putting words in the mouths of others. Which you dont do, ever. You post your thoughts up, and you allow people to agree or disagree as they please. You dont resort to trying to invalidate opinions that dont agree with you by calling them nazi's, hitler, or some whatever insulting nonsense you can come up with; like below Typical comment I would expect from you. And a posting choice that @PJTierney told you previously not to do anymore.
  11. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Exactly this, TCS would only really benifit on tarmac stages where keeping traction at all times is key to fast times.
  12. Ialyrn

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    You are speaking for others again, putting words in the mouths of others; you need to stop doing that. YOU have a problem with people using assists and showing on the same leaderboard, if others agree with you; they need to speak for themselves. You DO NOT speak for others, ever. Not using assists doesnt make you a "pro player" at all, it doesnt even make you good. I have no issues with someone using TCS or ABS; because not everyone can drive at the same level I can. It does not detract from my enjoyment of the game at all, and it shouldnt do yours eithers. Its just a game, and you are taking it WAY to seriously. On top of that, to drive fast with the driving assists turned on; a person still needs to be able to drive fast in the first place. Been slow and using an assist wont make you suddenly go from 1000 on the LB to the number 1 spot. It still takes practice, still takes effort, and still takes skill. People who do use the assists which are built into the game by Codemasters themselves, are also not cheaters. So stop calling them such. You also clearly dont understand how the assists even work. TCS reduces the power sent to the driven wheels when they slip, allowing the user to keep better control. But this means you dont have access to all the available power. ABS stops the wheels locking up under braking, which increases the braking distence over someone who isnt using ABS. And again, for the assists to be useful; a person sill needs to be able to drive properly in the first place. No, it really isnt. And again, the people who use assists are not cheaters. Spare some thought in that head of yours, that some of those people might be less able bodied than you; or young kids. There can be any number of reasons the assists are been used. You really need to get off that high horse you are on, and you need a hefty dose of humble pie! You want to prove it, then beat my current time on "Hamelahti" at Finland on the steam version of the game. I dont use assists at all, and use 1080° of steering rotation with soft locking enabled. So have at it - P.S can you please stop posting multiple messages in tandem. Its not hard to multi quote in a single post, the forum does it for you. You just need to press the + symbal below the post you want to quote to add multiple quotes in one go, or you can presse the "quote" button on each individal post instead.
  13. Ialyrn

    RAIN in UK

    Real life road driving, yeh, I decided it was safer to pull over. As is recomended and common sense to do, if you can find a safe location to pull over. Since it was impossible to see other road users or pedestrians properly, and since we are all legally obligated to drive with due care and attention as a public road user. I decided that was the safest option. Its very obvious that in my gameplay videos, which are from VR gameplay from my Oculus Rift CV1. That I never had a single issue driving in those condidtions. If you actually watched the videos fully, especially the wales one. You would see I was 19th on the LB on that particular run. And that was slow for me. Has nothing to do with pushing my "thing" up when I show videos, if I was bothered about views and youtube money; if that is what you are hinting at. Then I would put in more effort than just showing the odd stage run or lap replay. I linked my videos to show you it is very possible to drive cleanly and quickly in VR with bad weather conditions. If you have a "whiteout" on your end in bad weather on DR2.0 in VR, then you clearly have an issue somewhere with your grapical settings or hardware. Or you are experiancing a glitch in the game. Because on my end, in those weather condidtions. I can see perfectly fine. Again, using my Oculus Rift CV1. Again, I showed two gameplay videos I recorded from my VR runs; which very much contradict that statement. Unless you have a bug causing the known about white rain glitch, or some other issues somewhere. Then its driver error, and entirely a you problem. By white rain, I mean this glitch - If you have that issue or something similar to that, then you need to show it video video or screenshots; not just complain about it. You need to give every ounce of evidence you can to the devs in order for them to look into it and fix it. They cant fix anything if you dont give them that information. Codemasters, in this instence. Dont need to take any action. Unless, as mentioned above; you have the white rain glitch. Again, if you dont have any glitch like that. Then it is entirely an issue with your driving/skill level. More fool you than anything really. I bought it twice before the steam version had the Oculus SDK, once OculusVR was added to Steam; I spoke to Oculus and they refunded the game on the Oculus store with zero issues. You had that option at the time too, and I even suggested you "wait and see" instead of buying the game yet again, when Codemasters added the OculusSDK to steam. But you decided agaisnt that advice. That is again, entirely a you problem. Turn shaders off, you will not get anything at all show on the windscreen then. Just be prepared for a level of graphics that look at home on the PS2 if you do that. Try to remember, you are not everyone. You dont speak for everyone, you certainly dont speak for me. I personally find the rain and snow to be fine, and as said in my last post. If anything, I think their effects are tame compared to IRL; and would personally prefer more rain/snow showing on the windscreen. Even in VR.
  14. Ialyrn

    RAIN in UK

    Its not 1 to 1 realistic, no. And it will probably never be picture perfect in this sense in any game. But it isnt exactly too far off. I have driven in rain so bad I cant see a metre infront of me before, and its horrid. To the point you have to find a safe place to pull over and wait for it to pass before you can carry on driving. I have also driven in heavy snow IRL, and the game isnt too far off the mark in this regard in VR either. If anything, there isnt enough rain/snow hitting the windscreen in game in those types of condidtions. Fog is pretty well done in this game, but I will say, the weather effects in VR are far better in Project cars. So here is hoping SMS devs can help Codemasters out in this regard, since Codies just bought them. As you already are aware, im a VR user too. And I quite like driving in the rain and snow in DR2.0. just as much as I like driving in the dry condidtions. p.s dont forget you can quote multiple posts in a single post you make. It makes it really difficult to follow what you have to say, when you always post multiple posts one after another.