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  1. Ah, you have a lazy eye? My left eye used to be lazy when I was younger, so I had prisms in my lenses as well; as well as having to do constant eye exercises.
  2. I own a Rift CV1, a Rift S, and recently purchased a Quest 2. So I have seen the screens go from reletivly low resolution in the CV1 and increase over time to what the Quest 2 is using. And the difference is actually night and day. The PSVR is even lower res than the Rift CV1 at a resolution of 960 × 1080 per eye. The Rift CV1 is actually at 1080x1200 per eye., the rift S is 1280 × 1440, and the Quest 2 is at 1,832 × 1,920. That makes a big difference visual quality. In my Quest 2 I am seeing a comparable image in the display (if not better) than my Acer Predator X34p 34in 3440x1440p ultrawide
  3. Thats so much better, I can look at the forum again and not be blind after.
  4. Thank you very much, yes, that is how I had the forums set prior to the maintainance. The red was replaced with that nice grey. @BarryBL This is what is now missing after the forum maintainance. Its a much better colour profile to the eye searing bright red.
  5. Really what I need to show you is what I was seeing prior to the update, lol. Right now all there is available to use is the default forum skin, which is what I am now seeing (the same as what @Pawel567 has a screen shot of). Prior to the forum maintainance, there as a different forum skin option that was less vibrant; that option is now missing. Its the bright red on the default forum skin that is the problem for me, as the red is far to bright and I cant stay on the forums for long or it gives me eye strain. Hence why I used the now gone alternative forum skin option that you origi
  6. There was an alternate forum overlay prior to todays maintainance which is now gone, and it was far easier on the eyes.
  7. What happened to the other less eye searing forum display option? It has been left with only the eye destroying bright red that seriously makes it hard to look at the forums. I cant find an option to revert the forum overlay back to what I had it set has previously.
  8. Believe what you want to believe, but your dead wrong. All a game dev does is link to a specific vr platform, using coding to link to those platforms. The platform is what adds the individual headset support. The 2 main and supported vr platforms are Oculus and Steamvr. Steam is literally the only reason you can use your windows mixed reality headset in any of the vr titles you play via steam. This is because steam runs an open vr system. this is why oculus headsets can also be used in vr titles that dont support Oculus, because steam allows oculus to work via steamvr in exactly the
  9. Ive told you before Guus, games amd game devs dont support individual vr headsets, they support vr platforms. Dirt rally 1 supports oculus as a platform only, and dirt rally 2.0 supports oculus as a platform and steamvr as a platform. The vr platforms are what support the individual headsets, not the games themselves. At the time dirt rally 2 released, windows mixed reality was all but a dead platform; so there was no real need to build in direct windows mixed reality support. The hp reverb g1 released after dirt rally 2.0 did, and that vr headset gave WMR much needed kiss of life. D
  10. The point is though, is that it all boils down to course knowledge and learnt skill. If people are a minute off from the top times, thats not down to the view they are using; its down to other factors in how they play the game. The biggest mistake I see a lot of people make no matter the racing game played, especally people newer to racing titles in general. Is that they will try to drive as fast as possible, every time. Which usually results in going off track, spinning out, and/or crashing. The real key to improving, is to actually drive slower and give yourself thinking time. Then, after a
  11. Did you watch any of the videos, because they all feature top 10 times on the leaderboard.
  12. The view a person uses makes literally zero difference to how fast they will be around a stage, it all boils down to general course knowledge and practice and time spent in racing titles overall. Its fine to want to force cockpit view for you own immersion and likes, but dont mistake that added immersion as putting you at a disadvantage; because it really isnt. And I say this as a cockpit user and immersion seeker. I will link a couple of videos to show my point. Most are VR, but the first one is footage taken while playing on a monitor using the interior dashboard view. It is included to
  13. Check this thread out - https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/45708-how-to-fix-error-code-e4669c75-58-58/
  14. In the games force feedback settings, set "wheel friction" to 0%. This force feedback option makes the wheel feel as you describe.
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