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  1. Ialyrn

    Dirt Rally 2 graphic card issue

  2. When they released the last update regarding force feedback in May, they stated that it was a work in progress. http://blog.codemasters.com/community/05/dirt-rally-2-0-road-book-16-05-19/ This is actually the problem. Simulating how the steering feels based on real life in a video game, removes a lot of the information that Sim racers need. This information can now only be felt if you happen to have a motion rig of some kind. Sure, its possible to play the game without the feeling in the wheel we got in DR1; but we shouldnt have too. The options should be there for us all to tailor the FFB to own own individual liking. If people prefer it how it is, then a system should be in place to allow that. If someone wants feel in other places, there should be options to allow that. Previously these changes should be made in the files directly. A lot of that stuff has also been removed, so we are no at the mercy of Codemasters for any FFB improvements. For some of us, it is lack lustre. To me, dirt, snow and gravel feels fine; actually more than fine. I prefer it. Its when driving on tarmac or ice that the lack of feeling really comes into it. Tarmac only really has weight and self alinging feel to the steering, but cant feel anything the tires at all. Ice on the other hand, you cant feel anything but very light self aligning forces. This is a big problem, as you have to rely only on visual cues in the game to drive well on Monte Carlo. Not everyone can adapt to that lack of feeling, and it makes that rally feel very numb. Especially when compared to DR1's Monte Carlo. And lets face it, even DR1 lacked any proper tire feel; but its still better than what we have now. The argument is purely around the forced lack of options to tailor the FFB to the individuals taste. Dont get me wrong though, it can also be taken to far the other way. Just look at Project Cars 1, its a perfect example that you can have too many options.
  3. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Oculus has a mirror app within its folder, this shows the view from one eye only. Look in Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics. Here is some footage from that mirror app.
  4. Ialyrn

    Community Rally School

    Softs in time trials, because i want every ounce of time i can find. Mediums in career or freeplay championships, softs in a single stage daily, mediums in a multi stage/rally daily/weekly. Basically anything that needs longevity and a little extra durability, mediums. Anything that is flat out single stage runs for fastest times I can possibly muster, softs.
  5. Forza doesnt have a "physics helper", just so you are aware. What they do have however, is a number of hidden control pad assists that cant be fully turned off. These assists help in regards to things such as countersteering, as well as speed sensitivity while driving. The latter is specific to reducing the amount of steering you can put on at a faster speed, and the slower you go the more the wheels will turn. This is done in order to counteract the reduction in fidelity that a thumb stick provides. Simulation steering on Forza reduces/turns off some, but not all, of those control pad assists. When using a racing wheel in Forza, however, and directly according to the developers themselves. Those same hidden control pad assists are turned off entirely. There is some debate if thats actually 100% accurate or not, as they also state there shouldnt be a difference between normal and sim steering on a racing wheel; when there clearly is. But without inside knowledge, no one will ever be able to say for sure. But I digress, it isnt a physics helper, and the physics dont change based on what device you use to play the game. Just that the control pad has assistence layers in place in order to make the game actually playable on a control pad. Codemasters most likely use a similar setup of hidden assists for control pad users, and I would assume most racing game developers do. But I can only speculate on that. A dev would have to clarify that, if they are willing and/or allowed to discuss those matters, in regards to Dirt Rally specifiaclly. Perhaps @PJTierney can ask if some information in this regard can be shared, in order to limit the speculative conjecture and potential misinformation that can often happen when discussions run onto these particular types of subjects?
  6. RBR released on the Platstation 2 and Xbox consoles as well. It actually wasnt a well recieved title, but now it has a cult following. A lot of people do look on it with rose tinted glasses now, as is always evident in dicussions about what makes a rally game more "realistic", "hardcore" or "arcade". Fact of the matter is though, the simpliest of arcade racers to the most hardcore and realistic simulation title available on the market; all require practice to be good at. The people who practice will have a higher skill floor than those that dont or cant practice. Though some people do have a natural aptitude and adaptability for racing games. A lot of people just put far too much emphasis on arbitrary things like how hardcore, arcade or real a game is, and at the end of the day; they are all still video games. How do you mean "physics helpers"? I have to assume you mean the driver aids, such as ABS, TCS, and STM? If so, I have never seen what the issue is with them. Codemasters, just like any racing game developer, need to add in accesibility. Total full on 1:1 simulation would only be for a very nich market of players, so from a buisness standpoint; would make zero sense to leave out options that invite other players into the game. Im not so sure its so cut and dry at this point. I grabbed WRC8, based on feedback from other people. And I have to be honest, it does a lot of things very well. I honestly think its up there with DR2.0 in terms of physics, the wheel force feedback is definetly on par. I think for the first time in a while, Codemasters actually have some competition on their hands. Debatable. This one is all going to come down to if its a normal person in a normal road car with zero IRL rally driving experience. To an actual rally driver in a spec rally car. Its a known fact that rally drivers tend to use techniques that unstick the rear of the car, to a point, on loose surfaces. In order to avoid understeer. And no matter which way you cut it, you have to do similar in Dirt Rally in order to avoid said understeer. I am not saying the physics simulation in Dirt Rally is perfect, because no racing game is. But the fact remains, you have to use real world rally driving techniques in order to do well. I dont get it, this all happens in Dirt Rally also. Take the water ditch on Bindo Moorland at the bridge for example. You hit that wrong, you are off into the fences on the opposite side. Or at the very least, facing the wrong direction. Sometimes with some form of vehicle damage. Same goes for the water splash when you first enter the sweet lamb complex. That can throw you all over the place if you hit it wrong or with too much speed, from either side. Catch the snow banks on Sweden wrong, and you are going to damage the front of your car and have a potentially bad run. So again, it all depends on how you attack it. If I am doing a time trial run, I go flat out. I drive as hard as I can, and push for anytime extra time I can manage to scrape together. Often resulting in mutiple ruined runs. Hitting a jump wrong, catching the edge of the track in an undisirable place, even braking too late. All often cause some form of loss of control. If I am running a Dirt Daily/weekly event, I tone my driving down so not to risk incurring damage or losing time from spinning out. Since I cant just reset and try again. Same goes for career. So I drive much more conservativly. So it is still all a matter of how far you are willing to push in a given situation. On a control pad, all you get is tactile feedback from the rumble motors. It is still feedback, but FFB usually equtes to the sensations sent to a force feedback racing wheel. Either way, that tactile feedback still helps; and is quite good in Dirt Rally. I am not sure what you two equte as casual or hardcore, and I certainly wont be in the world series. As I only entered the qualifiers just to get the BMW. The allowance of corner cutting just put me off, but thats for the other topic on these forums. But in terms of time spent in game, bewteen Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt Rally 2.0. I only have about 224 hours (total) combined between both Dirt Rally titles. I got DR1 on the day the early access was dropped, and I barely put any time in with Dirt 1 through 4 (actually, I outright hate Dirt 1). So I would assume I fit the catagory as a "casual" in regards to Dirt Rally? based on such a low time in game and with the Dirt franchise in general. Most of my racing game focus over the years, has been in regards to tarmac circuit racing. Why I have quoted these posts, is just to say that been a "casual" or a "hardcore" player of this (or any game); doesnt equate to the skill level a particular player has available to them. It doesnt mean they are fast or slow. It just means they play at their level in the time they have available to play. My skill level, as a casual, has me very often able to get into the top 200 on the LB in Dirt Rally; with some form of consistency. Often hitting times around the top 50, after just a few practice runs. As examples - VR- Pre VR- My point in this, is that casuals can and do have the required skill levels to compete at the very top levels. The issues comes down to how much desire an individual has to actually compete, and if they have the time to dedicate to it if they enter a competion. By the same token, there will be some very hardcore Dirt Rally fans out there that cant even break into the top 500. Because as said above, been casual or hardcore at a game; does not equte to skill level. Never has, never will. ------------------------------------- I think what everyone in this thread has to remember, is that its just a game. Its meant to be played, its supposed to be fun. The handling isnt perfect in Dirt Rally, it also isnt perfect in RBR. It also isnt perfect in WRC8. Outside of that though, they all have things they simulate well, and things they dont. But honestly, its best to try and enjoy them all; and just have fun. Doesnt mean debate isnt important or needed though. But most of this stuff is based entirely on opinions when it comes down to the physics and handling mechanics, and usually from people who have never sat in a real race car. Myself included. So all most of us can really say is, "I prefer X title, because of Y reason".
  7. Ialyrn

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    @koog2003 When you quote posts, there is a little + symbol to the left of the "quote" link. If you press that, it allows you to add multiple quotes into one single post. You can also highlight sections of peoples posts with the left mouse button and add them into quotes also. It really helps to keep things in a single posting, even when replying to multiple people.
  8. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Here you go PJ, the video recorded from the Oculus Mirror did manage to capture it. I also recorded SteamVR too, just for comparison. On the Oculus SDK (steam or Oculus Store), the effect happens with really dark areas. Its most noticable on the cars dashboard and on the second half of the stage. For whatever reasons, it blows the dark areas out with purples and a really dark blues. What is visible in the video, actually looks a lot worse in the Oculus Rift itself. Anyway, hope this helps.
  9. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Aye, its like I said in my post. Its almost like putting a photo in Photoshop and using the posterize filter on it. What I can do, is load up sweden at night and turn off the cars lights. I smashed them last night on a run, and the problem was very visible due to the contrast between white and black. I just dont know if that will show outside of the HMD in the Oculus Mirror window.
  10. Ialyrn

    Upcoming dash cam?

    The game does have that, at least on the PC version. Not sure about the console versions, as I have yet to play them. Though not opposed to installing the game on my Xbox through games pass and taking a look.
  11. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Testing the "Dirt Telemetry Tool" by Cortextual. Steering rotation in the telemetry app is set wrong, but will be sorted in furture videos. EDIT: More testing, this time on Wales. I still messed up the steering settings in the telemetry, but will figure it out, lol.
  12. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    I used the oculus mirror app, its in the oculus folder. I then used OBS to capture the window using the "game capture" option, and used oculus tray tool to turn off asw (only way to see the full fps range) and turn on the built on oculus performance monitor. Because the oculus mirror app captures what is shown in the hmd, it shows everything. Including performance overlays and the guardian area. Oculus mirror is also the only way to capture footage from the oculus versions of dr2, as the game output on the monitor is split. Unlike the steamvr version.
  13. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Ive done more testing since my last post between each VR version of the game. Quoting my last post, as what I said is still relevent to the steam version running with the Oculus SDK. To start off, a little amendment. The steam version with the OculusSDK still drops frames on spain, but like with the Oculus Store version. It just isnt anywhere near as noticable. Especially when ASW is turned on. Running with out ASW however, shows the FPS still drops a significant amount. Though not anywhere much as the SteamVR version does. I will be monitoring other rallys as well, just incase I spot any other FPS drops. The Steam version running with the Oculus SDK and the Oculus Store version seem to be running identically, far as I can tell. The performance figures are pretty much identical as well. The Oculus Store version STILL doesnt run with audio unless loaded up through steam. This needs fixing asap, and it also need passing around to others who own the game through the Oculus Store that there is a work around in the mean time. The steamVR version still runs really bad though. Hopefully now the OculusSDK is out on the steam version, there can be some effort on optimisation in order to improve the performance. There are clear issues somewhere in regards to the enviroments, especially on spain. There are frame drops that happen in some really odd places, and they happen regardless of graphical settings. As you can see in my new video, SteamVR performance headroom is much lower than the OculusSDK and Oculus Store versions. CPU and GPU ultilisation is still ridiculously low, and might be adding to the issues. (monitored through MSI Afterburner). On top of this, there is still that annoying USB polling issue. This is another issues that needs resolving, as it also adds to the decreases in performance. The drops to 87.2fps in each version are because of the USB issue. If I remove my TH8A shifters, as mentioned last time; the issue goes away fully. You have a user on the forums that knows how to solve this issue, you really need to check out their fix, and implement it on the Steam and Oculus store versions as an update as standard. The SteamVR version, again, is the worst effected by this issue. I did my video on Spain again, same stage as last time. The FPS drops around the buildings, happen on any stage on Spain were buildings are present.
  14. Ialyrn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Non issue in Dirt Rally 1 on my system, I run everything but "Crowds" on that version at the highest settings in VR; and it doesnt skip a beat. This is about DR2.0 VR performance feedback though. With regards to "ground cover", it cripples the performance in this version of the game, on any setting but "off". While using VR. As pointed out in my previous post, with shaders set to high and ground cover turned on (even on low); its an issue. Turn shaders to "low", issue is gone; but the game looks dull and not very pleasent to look at. Leave shaders on "high" but turn off ground cover, issue is also gone. Whatever is happening, is happening between those two options. And as this is a feedback thread, I am pointing it out as feedback.