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  1. This has to be down to something specific to your setup, as I do not get this at all on my system when using both of my monitors. Even when using a web browser or discord on my main PC. I have been known to watch the occasionally livestream while practicing, which I run from my main monitor. As I have it on a gas arm mount. So its very easy to reposistion when I am sat in my sim rig. All I can suggest, is you try removing the LG monitor completely and see if you still have the same issue. Just in case it is the monitor that is the problem. Outside of that, I am completely out of suggestions.
  2. Yes, it will do. As the game doesnt have a built in menu frame limitor. No Ego game engine game does. That is normal behavior for this game engine. Should it have one? Yes, it totally should. As there is no reason for the menus to really need to run above 60fps. But it shouldnt be maxing out your GPU
  3. Turn off Gsync on the Nvidia driver and disable freesync on your monitor, make sure you are running below 144fps in game; an try again. Sometimes Freesync monitors can exibit weird issues that are not present on monitors that have a physical nvidia gsync modual in them. So it is the last thing I can think for you to try. The fact that it is happening even with the other 2 monitors completly unplugged from your computer. Means it is either the monitor itself causing the issue, gsync/freesync, or the game as bugging out on your system for some reason. Edit: One way to see if it is
  4. "Rubber Banding" is a game AI mechanic that stops the player from been able to get too far ahead of the AI in a racing title. If you are talking about the AI apperently being too fast in certain corners, that isnt rubber banding. Since it happens no matter where the player is in relation to the AI. As for driving in the rain, you need to slow down and relearn the track. Ideally you need to practice in grand prix mode, so that you can learn to drive on both inters and full wets. Since they will both have slightly different handling characteristics.
  5. The original battlefront games where just awful. I soon went back to battlefield and got rid of battlefront. I played all the original battlefield games as they released on PC, they was really good. My fave was Vietnam. Really like 2142 as well. Battlefield 2 was by far the techincal highlight of that particular generation of battlefield games.
  6. We reached a point of diminishing returns with games graphics back in the late 360/ps3 days. This is because player models and textures were at a very high level by that point. This is why there wasnt really a massive change in graphics during the Xone and PS4 generation of consoles. The thing that will improve graphics the most these days, is lighting, shadows and reflections/refractions. This is why both Nvidia and AMD are working on real time ray tracing effects. Ray tracing has been used for a quite a many years for rendering scenes withing 3d rendering applications for years, mainly due t
  7. A few quick things that come to mind. Are you using 2 8gb sticks of ram, or single stick of 16gb ram? If using 2 sticks, do you have them in the correct dimm slots (usually number 2 and number 4 for duel channel mode with only 2 sticks of ram). You have multiple monitors. Are they all the same refresh rate, or are they different refresh rates? There has been a known issue that some people suffer with, where running the game on a high refresh rate monitor can cause other windows on a different monitor to act like you show in your video. This is a system/driver issue between the OS a
  8. An aspect that I see people missing with all this. Is that codemasters (and now EA), are only licensed to add the tracks in for the "offical" F1 calander as it originally stands when annouced. Codemasters (EA), wont be licensed to add in any replacements circuits, even due to the unprecedented effects of the Covid pandemic. Even if they was granted licensing to add in the short notice replacement circuits, it would still take them 6+ months to build them. And that is assuming they could travel in order to collect the relevent data needed to create the tracks. Or if could hire a "local" group t
  9. @ThePhil121 what system are you playing on? Xbox allows anyone on the system to play an owned game (digial version or disk version), from their own account. I would assume it would be the same on PlayStation as well. Steam allows the same with a lot of titles, but you have to enable family game sharing manually, and link the steam accounts that will be used on the same computer and "sharing" your games library. This would mean your other half could have their own save game on their own profile. p.s if you are on xbox and each have your own console. You can take things a ste
  10. As long as its got an rj12 connection on the end of the cable, and is made by Thrustmaster. It "should" work.
  11. The AI at lower levels will be slower than the optimal line would have the player traveling, so it makes sense you would be more prone to hit the AI with it turned on. The whole idea with the dynamic racing line assist, is to act as a referance guide more than anything. A little help to remind you where you need to be slowing down and controlling the grip more. Outside of that, it can and should be largely ignored. Ideally, if you can learn without the racing line on at all. That would be the best change you can make. To learn the tracks without the line on, drive them slowely in Time Tri
  12. The information i looked up was muddled up with a c7 review and tech specs. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Much appreciated
  13. For the people that are having this issue and are using a TV specifically. Have you made sure that its software is fully updated, and have you made sure that any "game mode" it has, is actually turned on? Historically, TV's have not been the greatest of screens to play games on. With higher latency, usually upwards of 20+ms in a lot of cases. Even higher without the "game mode" turned on. It is highly noticable in racing games and first person shooters. Due to the nature and fast pace of the games. If you are using a wheel specifically, it will be highly noticable. As the force feedback w
  14. Ialyrn

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    Yeh, getting used to a wheel and pedals is a fun one. I had the advantage of growing up with multiple large arcades with racing games with wheels set up, as well as getting a wheel for home use many years ago. My first wheel was a microsoft sidewinder force feedback wheel in 2000, was a lot of fun. Now I use a T300, and soon, hopefully, a Fanatec DD wheel (or the upcoming Thrustmaster DD wheel, which ever fits my price range more 😅) Ive been playing racing games for as long as I can remember, which is from about 4 years old on an old Amstrad CPC 464 with Chase HQ. Ive been hooked on racing g
  15. Exactly this. The ops experience with the AI isnt my experiance at all in this game. I find them rather fun to race and overtake. And for the most part, its usually really clean. Even when it gets 3 wide.
  16. Ialyrn

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    The best place to start is your driving, if you are struggling specifically in the wet. It requires a lot of finesse to drive fast in the rain. I spend a lot of my time practicing in the wet so it becomes less of an issue when I am faced with a wet race. I dont even bother with a wet specific setup right now as I learn the game, I just use the default tuning. Something I do in the majority of racing titles while learning and practicing. If you can drive fast in a less than optimal setup, you will feel more benifit when you do put on a good tuning for the car you are driving. Setups can he
  17. Ialyrn

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    This is 100% correct. With regards to ABS specifically, if you brake as though you are not using the assist, trying not to activate ABS at all. You will find you will lose barely any time with it. This isnt because the assist is "overpowered", its because you, as a driver, are braking correctly. Braking distences are reletively the same, they only really increase if you are braking so hard that ABS is activating. When all you should be doing with ABS, is using it as a safty net. The same thing happens with traction control also, the harder you are on the throttle, the more it will ac
  18. As Barry pointed out above I have a Thrustmaster T300RSGT on PC using the Rally Sparco rim, with fully updated firmware. No fan mods or anything else. Running on a fully updated version of Windows 10, with all device drivers up to date. I have not personally had any force feedback issues in F1 2021. I do 100% races, and spend a lot of time practicing for my next race in time trial mode. The force feedback has been rock solid for me. This is what Barry is referencing when he says the have had challanges replicating this, because everyones setups have different quirks. Even on consol
  19. It sounds like the wheel itself is out of alignment if you are showing some activation while the wheel itself is perfectly centred. This can happen in cheaper wheels like the T80, since they are the most basic type of wheel that only offers bungie cord resistence. If its still in warrenty, I would contact Thrustmaster support. Or contact the store you purchased it from for a refund/replacement. A temp solution in the mean time, would be to add "deadzone" to the steering input inside the game. But this is not an ideal solution, as it will make the centre of the wheels imput dead for a fe
  20. What camera settings do you use for cockpit? There might be some adjustments you can make for a better overall view.
  21. Which is why i keep stressing that this year, for obvious reasons. Codemasters should have a semi pass. As its very evident that the covid pandemic is the biggest reason as to why F1 2021 has released in its current state. It is far from a normal circumstance for the F1 games to release with missing circuits. And why i have made it very clear that although i would have preferred to wait on a personal stand point, i understand why things are the way they are. You appear to have ignored the second half of that post, where i make it very clear that Codemasters will have specific contractual
  22. Actually, if you trace back my posting history. I made it very clear well before the game released that I would personally have prefered Codemaster release the game in November or December, once all the tracks and feaures were completed. This is because I have a background in 3d modeling asset creation, and I understand from that past experiance how long it takes to recreate certion IRL things in the virtual world. Infact, I will screengrab and link you the post in question to save time. As you can see, I am far from an "appologist". I am however a realist, and what we see
  23. I play in cockpit view and the drs beep is quite audible on my end. It could potentially be down to your audio device/setup. Some soundbars, speakers and tvs can have really bad audio leveling and eq, which will push some sounds and not others. And since the audio focus shifts depending on what view is used, thay could explain why the beep is quiet in cockpit and not in tv cam for you. If your on pc, the cases front 3.5m audio can sometimes be underpowered, which can make some sounds get lost. Windows does have built in audio leveling for each individual audio output. Which can balan
  24. Do you happen to trail brake? I only ask, as trail braking can cause over rotation in the mid corner in some instancs.
  25. Are you able to record a lap and upload it so we can see whats happening?
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