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  1. Most thing i dont like, if him can be cheater, so can be more. Developers need find out how him doing it. This week events.
  2. oh, feel stupid. i was looking in that page and dont find "community challenges"... Thanks
  3. Nice Mike Dee 😍 Yes, i am 90% sure it was nick ANGELOMONTEIRO10 Also interisted why not go for all event, only 3 stanges, maybe bug for him? did him finished event? Where you find that stage info? it would be fun to analyze.
  4. I understand some guys just fly the stage, this mind was first - "that driver just crazy fast". Friend said possible was just BUG. Need check my self on time trial stages, maybe i am slower than i think
  5. i want compare time trial times, but i was to late, i dont know where find "logs". Also possible that driver knows some shortcuts
  6. Hi short history: i starter monthly event H2 FWD -Australia (using vw golf). i am not fast, on sector losing ~-5sec if i have good pace. 1 stage, 1 sector +7sec faster, second +14 sec faster; third -14 sec slower; four -28sec - no big mistakes... 2 stage. every sector ~ -30 sec - crazy stage time 3 stage. every sector ~ -30 sec- crazy stage time over 3 stages first guy (ANGELOMONTEIRO10) 2+min faster than second place, it is possible over 2000 players? 4 or 5 stage ANGELOMONTEIRO10 disappears Maybe someone notice also? bug? cheat?
  7. Fregis

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 VR Feedback

    Hi Third time lost 99% sound in stage, only left some stones hiting car body. after stage sound came back. 2/3 lost sound in same stage (firts time i dont remember stage). Stage: Taylor Farm sprint car: all 3 times was different cars Platform: STEAM headset: oculus CV1 - audio from hdmi -oculus PC: ecu 7700; gtx 1070ti, steam deluxe G27 wheel
  8. nice 1 for the steam VR tip mate, made a huge difference, i wasnt even having isues, but its even better now hahahahahaaha 😉

  9. Helped for me reduce "lag". Open SteamVR -> open settings -> go to Developer> unmark "Starts SteamVR when a VR application starts -> close SteamVR. It still launch SteamVR in start, but different way. I guess it same like command "-vrmode oculus", but that didnt work for me
  10. Fregis

    45 FPS in VR

    i guess you using steam version DR2? steam version not work well... waiting for fix..