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    VR in multiplayer rallycross?

    Try join, not to create room
  2. oh they react sometimes, yesteday In crash i lost co driver for all stage . I gues him lost consciousness or was angry and dont want to talk 😁 p.s. also agree, need better co drive in english
  3. 1 / game gear ratio = understandable gear ratio etc 1/0.206=4.85 1/0.35=2.86 1/0.45=2.22 but for me- codemaster gear ratio easier to set up Spring ratio metric or nonmetric are nonsens, because is only half information about how they work in car. If want setup car springs you need know CPM or Hz p.s. most stock setups are quite ok, also alot of video how do setups
  4. Fregis

    We need triple screens mode

    What difference vs surround option etc in nvidia graphic card?
  5. Fregis

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    EDITED - but cant deleto post BMW E30 M3 gear shifter pattern and only 5 gears. DR2 have 6 gear and pattern wrong? EDITED, i found i was wrong, homolagion fia 6 gears
  6. Fregis

    Handbrake options G920 Xbox one

    Need open the whell and do some mods, and wiring. A. step1 - disamble pedals, use clutch potentiometer (or all pedal) for handbrake lever. A.step2 put in clutch on/off switch connected to wheel - if you using clutch. B - use button connected to wheel for handbrake - on/off D - ruber mode shifter on/off
  7. Fregis

    RAIN in UK

    i dont knink so third-person-drivers are faster, yes they see more, but vr gives car fealing how it moves, distances. My opinion different, drive and have fun. If they are faster, will be always someone faster, not because see more. but because have skill. Skills is not magic, drive more take lessons, study and you will beat them. Less stress and have more fun 😉
  8. Fregis

    VR in multiplayer rallycross?

    I always connecting to random guys, i didnt creat lobby, maybe will be same as yours. Connected random guy at midle event, it works for event (one location), After ceremony going back to menu for change location, load to game> pre start> DISCONNECTED on first start, Restarting DR2, Connecting back to lobby and drive event until next location, and it is again... Maybe i need try after ceremony leave lobby, wait race to start, and go back to skip first start. i geting this always (only one time didnt get, dont remember track) Location maybe, car maybe, but i dont think so.
  9. Fregis

    VR in multiplayer rallycross?

    no, have problem, i reported similar bug. But i not always get disconected do you have good connection? ping?
  10. sometimes random on, but sometimes they don't work then you push on or stops working (in some sectors, restart stage and do same thing same place) - they have own mind 😄 maybe scared from my driving... but still their mind little annoying..
  11. Fregis

    RAIN in UK

    CM can still add fog 😄 maybe it comming 😮 p.s. i use VR, but dont have problem rain/ snow, it still visible... but also dont compare to monitors - if they have better view - i dont like that
  12. Fregis

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    simhub can do similar thing
  13. I did video, sorry for quality Internet test: Germany New York China
  14. Found bug, it happens several times for me (every time), i can repeat it, and i know how. i wrote steps what i doing. Go to online racing -> connect to random rallycross champioship (other player ping not important) > wait to another guys finish races > automaticly connects> start, race, fininsh races (everything ok)> automaticly go to menu > automaticly go to another event (Track)> presss START for race, wait another players> will show grid> car from inside > and get DISCONNECTED "Please make sure you are signed in your network is OK". After, if i go to carreer will show in corner "connecting racenet"> connects> show everything (progress, and etc), so i can go career or daily event (or time trial - not important) > choose > load track> press START for racing> and get stuck in pre start screen for infinity, but nothing happens (waiting for something in system). So when i get disconnected from online event i need restart DR2 aplication every time- annoying. I don know why is happenening, i gues ping? Steam. intel cpu 7700, nvidia gtx 1070ti deluxe version G27 wheel, cv1 headset p.s. sorry for long post, hope i wrote clearly
  15. Fregis

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Hi, found setup works for me 1070ti, asw rarely (argentina) : Everything low or off, cloth on. 2x MSAA, Shader Detail set to Low, -trees dont see so strange , if you go 4x MSAA then trees strange. Steam VR: Supersampling 110% Open SteamVR -> open settings -> go to Developer> unmark "Starts SteamVR when a VR application starts -> close SteamVR. It still launch SteamVR in start, but different way. steam vr use less graphic resources. DR2 custom settings, changes only in monitor: documents>my game> dr2> hardwaresettings> open hardware_settings_config _VR > change resulutions to lowest etc 640 x 480- use less graphic resources it is not look good, most like ****, but performance good.
  16. Helped for me reduce "lag". Open SteamVR -> open settings -> go to Developer> unmark "Starts SteamVR when a VR application starts -> close SteamVR. It still launch SteamVR in start, but different way. I guess it same like command "-vrmode oculus", but that didnt work for me