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  1. EhsanMomeni

    Dirty online racers in F1 2019!

    Guess I'm be racing 25% from now on. It's real shame that Codemasters can't fix it, because 5 lap races are faster and you get to drive on so many circuits, which makes it more fun. I've joined two leagues, hopefully, it's clean races there.
  2. EhsanMomeni

    Dirty online racers in F1 2019!

    Mostly in 5 laps race, yes. But also in the 25% races, although I haven't driven to many 25% races.
  3. I'm getting sick and tired of dirty drivers in ranked games in F12019! Every other race, some **** crashes into me, either they drive into the back of my car, or into the side and push me out, and on every first lap I have to pit and change nose! It really takes the fun out of the game! How is it possible that I get hit from behind and I get a warning for collision? How do I report dirty drivers? I can't see any replays and the highlights don't show names! It's really annoying! You need to fix this ASAP!