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  1. Performance is MUCH better, thanks for this update! As mentioned above, a few things- -Blacks are weird in dark stages -Text prompts in-game are small again- this was fixed previously, now they are back to being small and stretched vertically for some reason -Question: How do we go back to windowed mode? I don't see where to change the xml file and it's not an in-game option that I can see.
  2. I'm aware of the audio bug where everything goes quiet except for the gravel, have had it happen a few times now and super annoying as reported elsewhere. I'm getting another audio bug where the sound quality goes bad, everything is still present but sounds distorted/choppy like a bad headphone jack. It doesn't affect sound in other apps, just DR2.0. It appears to be triggered sometimes by going slightly off track and hitting a fence or post. Problem continues until the race ends, then sometimes fixes itself but sometimes the game needs to be restarted. What platform you'
  3. As a Rift owner who waited for VR (my wheel setup is on the other side of the room from my monitor) it's still pretty disappointing. The Steam version sounds like a bad buy due to the lack of Oculus SDK support, and the lack of transparency for Rift owners who bought the Steam version is disheartening. On the other side, the Oculus store version is currently twice as expensive, has DLC coming 'in the future' (which hopefully means on 8/27 they will drop the 'Super Deluxe' version) and will have a fraction of the player base for rallycross multiplayer (which constitutes most of Season 4 content
  4. Thanks- appreciate the answers and good to know that DLC is coming to Oculus... any idea when? 🙂 ... and this is why I haven't bought it yet! The Steam Deluxe version is much cheaper (about $38 through Steam resellers) and has all the DLC, but it sounds like I will get bad performance on a Rift CV1. Meanwhile, the Oculus version is $60 for the base game, no DLC yet and possibly has no audio? I want to spend money on this game, make it easy for me 🙂
  5. Thanks for testing- when you do receive the Oculus Store refund, any chance you could post the file list? (here or on the Dirt reddit) Thanks for patience and responding to the issues! As an Oculus owner who has been waiting for VR support to buy DR 2.0, it's a bit of a frustrating position to be in. -Will the Deluxe version (or any DLC content) be available on the Oculus Store? -Can Oculus owners use the .dll files from the Oculus Store version on a Steam install to work around the performance issues people are getting with OpenVR?
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