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    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    So the question is: Where are the other Oculus players in the Oculus version ? Why when you do FIND A GAME there are NEVER any results ? @PJTierney could you please explain me that ? I dont believe that the thousands of people that bought the Oculus version dont want to play multiplayer ....
  2. koog2003

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    Thank you for your answer. I understood lobbies are not cross play but there is never anyone when you browse. Where are the Oculus players that are supposed to show up on the Oculus version ? There is nobody to play with and I doubt with all the amount of sales done that nobody is willing to play multiplayer with the Oculus. So once again where are the Oculus players ?
  3. koog2003

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    16 days passed since your answer and still no date, no DLCs and no Multiplayer. Do you really thing this is a correct way to treat your customers that spent the money of the same (or even more) money of others for a version of the game that is crippled and does not allow any multiplayer whatsoever ? I am really shocked by the lack of correctness of Codemasters. Yes the game is great but what the hell ?
  4. koog2003

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    This is very sad ruthless marketing policy by Codemasters. Really really sad.
  5. koog2003

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    Any update on this ? When the **** are we going to get these DLCs available on the Oculus version ? Later date does not mean anything. When are we going to get the same content of the Steam Version ? This is really taking way too long considering the money we have spent to purchase the game
  6. koog2003

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Yeah cool but when are we going to get all of this on the Oculus Home version ? Later date does not mean anything. How long do we have to wait ? One week ? One month ? More ? Please let us know we have spent the same amount of money of the people buying the Steam version I guess we should have the right to be informed about an exact release date. Thanks.