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  1. Any clue about Dirt Rally 3 ? Is there any even a little tiny update about the current development status ? 🙂
  2. I remember that in my case, after I went completely crazy spending hours trying to understand the reason, it turned out to be a USB problem. A defective cable.
  3. Another great news of the day, out of topic, is that I found out I can fit the RTX 3080 from EVGA in my mobo without the need to change it. This specific model is 5mm shorter than the GTX 1080ti. All I need is a new PSU and the 3080 to become finally available ..... just sharing happy news 🙂
  4. @F2CMaDMaXX after hours of going nuts I have fixed it. It was simply a faulty USB extension that I use for my wheel, which always worked fine btw. I changed the cable and changed USB sockets on the PC and voila'. All the stuttering and lag gone. Insane because in other games including Project Cars 2, I did not have this problem. All in all what matters is that now my fav game is working fine again 🙂
  5. @F2CMaDMaXX it does it even in normal game no VR !!! I just tried .... I cant believe my eyes ! What the ....
  6. No in Steam VR it was always bad. It never worked well without using the Oculus SDK. I made a test now using the Oculus tray tool. SS 0 everything to default. When the game starts the FPS are at 90 fixed. Then I start a race, any race, and they drop to 12 fps ... and do not go up again until I exit the race. Please help really !
  7. @F2CMaDMaXX it is as strange as it sounds. Before the update it was working absolutely perfect. This since the support for the Oculus SDK was released. All others game are running perfectly as usual including Project Cars 2, as I said. Something got changed within the Oculus support. I dont know what but resetting everything to default and reinstall did not help. To be able to play I have to set everything to ultra low .....
  8. @PJTierney Hi guys .. useless to say that I am quite sad. I did not play since before the last update of the 28th of September. My specs are below. I have uninstalled the game and re-install it from scratch but it did not help .... it still stutters like hell. The only way to play is Graphics to ultra low !!!! I never had a problem before running everything at Ultra. I played like that since Codemasters released the support for the Oculus SDK. Smooth as butter. Never a problem .. what happened ? This is by far my favorite game .. I am really desperate ! Please help ! Now it is unpla
  9. Hi everyone. I did not play since before the last update of the 28th of September. I never had a problem before running everything at Ultra. Smooth as butter. Now it is unplayable. All of a sudden after the update it stutters and lags totally unplayable ! Of course I play it, as I always did, choosing Oculus SDK. As I said before the last update I never had a problem. It works very fine with all other games. i7-8700k GTX 1080ti Oculus Rift CV1 32 gb DDR4 3200 mhz 2xtb SSD 600 mbs What did you do with the last update ? Please fix it ! I love this game ...
  10. I always wondered one thing. He said this is the original car, the real one with which McRae made history but what happens if a journalist like this guy destroys the car while driving it ? This car should be one of a kind if his claims are true. It is not you can buy one back and that is it.
  11. Nobody said that modern rally drivers are ___ compared to what Group B drivers were. The fact is simple here and this is the reason of the statement of Kankkunen at the time: Driving a Group B car was madness. They were extremely difficult to drive and surely not something for everybody. On top of it Group B cars were the most dangerous and the technology gap with the modern rally cars is immense. I am sure what Kankkunen wanted to say it is simply that modern rally cars are A LOT easier to handle because of the tremendous better technology they have. Basically It all transla
  12. You should tell Juha Kankkunen 4 times World Rally Champion that he says stupid things. You play video games, he raced a 500 hp rally car in the 80s and 90s. You know better for sure dude Read a bit sometimes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juha_Kankkunen
  13. WRC is for boys. Group B was for men 🙂
  14. Even Jennifer Aniston (she is still hot af btw !) is getting older like the rest of the humans. That's why I am not anymore "excited" with people like Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford 🙂
  15. Since you cannot delete a post on this forum and I have made a wrong claim the only way is to write Post deleted or anything similar. If you have a better alternative please share it with me
  16. Again so the reason why DR 2.0 does not have the official top cars of The World Rally Championship is because they do not own a license correct ? Could you please guys be so kind to link me to a document that shows and explains how classes are organized and which cars are in those classes ? I thought the R5 was the top of the top in the world rally championship .. I have been very wrong then 😞
  17. So I am definitely confused here lol. Correct me if I am wrong. What I understand from you is: Dirt Rally 2.0 does not have any of the Word Rally Cars because it does not have a license for it. While it has World Rally Championship cars because (R5) those dont require a license. So what exactly are the R5 cars or the R2 cars ? Which are the cars that are going to officially compete in the Word Rally Championship of 2020 then and what is the difference between those and the R5 version ?
  18. I know that is why I have said "I understand the license is for Rallycross and not WRC.". To me what does not make sense at all is why WRC gave the license to an horrible lame game like WRC8 instead of the amazing Dirt Rally 2.0. "And dirt rally 2 doesn’t have any current WRC cars." Do you mean the cars of WRC 2019 or WRC 2020 ? Dirt Rally 2.0 for WRC 2019 is missing the Hyundai i20 coupe WRC and the Toyota Yaris WRC. While it has the Citroen C3 WRC (R5) and the Ford Fiesta WRC (R5) For WRC 2020 DR 2.0 is missing the Hyundai i20 coupe WRC and the Toyota Yaris WRC.
  19. The cars for the WRC 2019 are Citroën C3 WRC, Ford Fiesta WRC, Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, Toyota Yaris WRC. The game has only the Citroen and the Ford Fiesta. I understand the license is for Rallycross and not WRC. Why the hell did they give the license of the WRC 2019 to WRC8 ? That game sucks badly. Gameplay is awful. Physiscs are ridiculous and the cars seem glued to the track .. totally unrealistic. On top of that those losers do not even have VR and you all know how it works in 2020 .. NO VR NO BUY. If you make a game that does not support VR you are not in business you
  20. So what is the exact issue ? Licensing of the cars with the cars manufacturers ?
  21. Done. Sorry to have been too direct. You are totally right kids read that.
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