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    Development Ideas

    Hi, Just wanted to share some of my ideas to develop this game further. It has already taken some nice steps forward with with U5-7 updates, but what I'd like to see improved in the next release are the things that's been bugging me recently: Duel mode: - Please add MORE challenges. More variety in selection of challenges would be a welcome feature. I'm tired winning a qualifying with 295kmh top speed over and over again...would it be possible to make some new challenges out of the old ones, like win a qualifying with 300, 310, 320 etc. top speeds? Win a duel with 1sec, 2sec, 3sec etc. gaps? The rewards would be adjusted accordingly, of course. Then maybe some new challenges such as win 2-4 duels in a row, race 20 duels, drive 70-120km's and so on.. - Fix the bugs (sorry Chris 🙂 ) in some challenges not registering your win / driven km's. - Add 1, 2 and 3 lap duels? Maybe even a 5 lap race with one mandatory pit stop? That would make races more interesting, since ruining your lap in the first corner would not define the result of the race. For 1 lap race the experience and resource point rewards would be less than for 3-5 lap races, maybe? Single mode: - Again, maybe some different challenges to single mode, such as qualifying under a specified time, winning with predefined gap? Also, I'd like to see more difficulty levels in single mode, since I always win the hard races with +20 seconds gap (depending on the track of course). Maybe new difficulties like very hard, extreme, impossible? The challenge rewards would be adjusted accordingly. Maybe, if it's within feasibility, you could add a "chooseable" challenge, where the player could be making a selection on the whether he/she would like to try the challenge on hard, very hard or impossible difficulty? - MORE exp. from single challenges would encourage me to try them more often. Now I'm just skipping them and looking at the same advertisements several times a day... BTW, with the VIP membership, could I skip the advertisements altogether? General: - Please invent some use for the resource points except upgrading parts. Right now I have 50k+ resource points and I can't use them for s**t, since it's going to take forever to gather the needed 60-900 parts for upgrading anything. I fear that the resource points are gapped to 99999 and soon I'm at maximum. Even if they're not gapped, what's the point gathering them if you can't use them consistently? If you have any other ideas, please post them here freely :). Thanks.