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  1. Scottie

    Some feedback after time in F1 2019

    Hello everyone, anyone, I'd like to leave my thoughts on the game so far, in the hope it might help direct the Codies team to some improvement in the future. I have been frustrated at just a few points in the last few titles, and feel I need to post something to help me continue using the franchise. (sorry if this is in the wrong thread, MOD feel free to move if needed) For context, I am a sim racer of just over 15 years, experience in GPL, GP3, Live for Speed, Sony's F1 series, rFactor, Gran Turismo and iRacing. I use a G27 wheel in an oButto rig using triple screens. To start, I use this series as a pick-up racing title for when I have time to get back into racing. Responsibilities change, giving me less time for this passion, so picking this up for a sim F1 weekend is exactly what I want right now. The feel of the cars at speed is fantastic, and realistic enough to enjoy the car sliding beneath me to catch any spins and feel like I'm on the edge. The offline career side is great, and have loved the F2 inclusion this year. First thing I'd like to say is low speed grip, especially around Monaco, is hopeless. Sure, give the car 2-3 laps to heat up the tires and the grip improves, but it's nowhere near where it should be to give a driver confidence that the car will stick after 5-7 laps on any tires. Everything seems to run fine at medium to high speed in any car or any circuit, but low speed has work to do. The AI don't seem to have this grip issue somehow? Not sure if they have some other setting or way they go about warming up their tires or rotating the car through a Monaco corner, but the first laps have me dropping back, waiting for grip to come in before I catch up again. I also seem to be drastically faster and slower than the AI in opposite conditions of the track (slower in slow speed, faster in medium speed). This is not down to setup, as there's only one kind of setup needed at Monaco. I thought this might be related to how the AI are throttled (I'm set to 90% AI) or they navigate the track? Anyway, secondly, I'm sure there's a way to get wet weather to be more realistic. The effects are great, you can see the shine on the circuit. I struggle to understand why it is so hard to get the realistic outside line on a wet track working correctly? The shiny part of a wet track should be the racing line, with it's rubberised surface pooling the water. I find this is the only detracting issue to the wet weather, I like how it's implemented otherwise. Finally, the AI are quite clumsy when there's not much space. They're still very much follow the leader on the opening lap of a race, but despite dawdling into a corner following each other, they'll still slowly turn in on you and crunch your sidepod and damage your front wing. It'd be nice if there was a higher frequency of situational awareness updates for them to race closer and fairer with me. This might also improve how they are throttled (as mentioned in my first point) perhaps? For instance, around Baku, They lift off through the last kink on the main straight, making passes on them dead easy, but they seem to make up a bit of the lap difference through the rest of the lap? Why can they only manage their speed (as I said, playing on 90% AI) on a straight?! I would have thought it'd be a more generalised method of managing speed around the whole lap. Thanks for reading this far. I love the game for what it is, I don't get torn up over it but these areas I find have had limited attention over the last few years and as I said, they're all that bug me. Thanks for letting me get my F1 racing fix when time allows! Scott.