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  1. Exactly the same problem, I launched F1 2020 for the first time in a couple months, did a grand prix and got the exp (from tier 1 to 2 in podium pass), purchased the VIP with some old points I had and suddenly I get no xp after ending each session in My Team or My Career and challenges don't register
  2. Started a new My Team from scratch and the engine are still the same
  3. @janbonator no idea how the AI is so fast on straights mainly, like in Monza for example, running a 1-2 wing + rich mix + overtake deployed and the AI will slingshot past me if they have DRS and I don't, I have to push them all the way inside to force them to lock before the 1st chicane. In the next lap me having DRS + rich mix + overtake I'm barely gaining on the AI which doesn't have DRS. My bet is that a 100/100 AI works like the +100 AI in previous games where their cars actually were faster since they can't make the AI "smarter". I didn't notice tyre temp problems, quite
  4. You can check in every category to see how your team compares with the others. Your car has the best aero package of all the teams, full bar to the right, just slightly above RB and McLaren who seems to be the 2nd best in aero and their bar hasn't moved for a couple seasons, so safe to say they maxed. Chassis and Durability is equal for all teams. Engine is dependant on how many upgrade packs the developer releases which is random (as you can see in the screenshot my engine is 21/23 because I'm missing 2 developer packs), if all 4 engines have all packs released they are all equ
  5. And I want to share my experience and the stuff I found out. I actually raced up until midways throught the 8th season, at that point I was spending more time trying to figure out the AI more than racing and said "screw it" and simulated the 2nd half of the 8th season and all the 9th and 10th (more on that later). Team story: Started the first season running 50% races and 98 AI, finished the 1st season 9th in WCC, 4th the 2nd season, won my first WDC and WCC the 3rd season but my car was ranked 3rd in overall performance. Maxed the car and facilities in season 4 and from there
  6. man they really need to add the "number color" option, there could be a lot of great black/dark liveries but end up looking awful because of the black numbers
  7. and another race gone....watching Charles get overtaken like a turtle on the main straigth in 5 consecutive laps by 5 different teams was painful. Even after the 2nd red fllag and the last restart the car clearly didn't have the pace to go pass Kimi or pull away from George, if it wasn't for the 5secs penalty Kimi would have ended ahead of them. Then I jump to the game and have Charles leading the WDC and making poles left and right...
  8. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it does affect the AI. Judging from all my starts where I can easily overtake 2 or even 3 cars, and I'm not a start-maestro, but those overtakes come most likely from me starting with tyres over 80°C vs the AI starting on cold ones
  9. So, have we any answer for this? so far i've tryed it on 3 different wheels, a T150, a friend's G29 and an old DFGT I had collecting dust, and is always the same, barely press the throttle and I get max revs, lift a little and they drop under 5k, barely press again and max again. So no way is a wheel or configuration problem.
  10. Do yo know the Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari tale?
  11. I was going to create something like Toyota Gazoo Racing with their classic white, black and red colours, or Audi or Porsche....but with the 4 engine options we have it doesn't make sense....I don't think Toyota would use anything other than their own engines and Audi/Porsche using a Mercedes engine is laughable, so I guess I'll go with some random name. Here's hoping some luck for us PC players and we can mod more engines or edit engine names
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