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  1. Erudain

    F1 Manager Game?

    Just read it on Reddit, hope they do full FIA series and not just F1.....like the FIA mod for motorsport manager that adds F1, F2, F3, FE, WEC, and other categories
  2. Erudain

    Pit assists

    If you enable the racing line, the line shows you more or less where you should break to get to the speed limit. Maybe a fair solution so the assist isn't an advantage would be that the assist kicks in a few meters ahead where the racing line shows the braking spot. So that way: - No racing line and no assist: you can get the best entry time. Trial and error where to brake. - Racing line and no assist: you can get a somewhat best entry if you brake where the line marks - Assist (racing line or not): the assist kicks in earlier than where the racing line shows
  3. Erudain

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    Oh man how I wish, I started a new career after 1.20 and I've had rainy races in 6 out of 8 races so far...only Bahrein (where I don't thinks there's even rain available in career mode) and Monaco (jikes luckily) were dry. Rain sometimes is fun, rain all the time is boring.
  4. Hello there. So if this is correct and no car/driver performances will be updated, is there any chance you'll release any dev tools so we can edit the game files and fix it ourselves? (at least on PC, sorry consoles)
  5. Will there be any changes in the cars performances and team orders? like how the Ferrari engine in game is slower than the Mercedes engine when is was the opposite in real life? or how in career mode the Racing Point can become the top car with all the upgrades or how McLaren is ranked below Haas and RP when it was ahead of them most of the year?
  6. Erudain


    Is this in career mode or just a normal race/tournament? If it's career mode, yes it happens to me as well. It usually happens after I have several upgrades I then get a lot more of sparking no matter what setup or height I use. For what I've seen it has no impact in your downforce or top speed (you would IRL if you were bottoming out for a whole straight) so it might be a weird bug/glitch in the game...it just makes it awful if you want to watch the highlights after a race and seeing your car sparking for the whole lap.
  7. Erudain

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Team orders. If it's impossible to program the AI to "think" on the fly if your teammate should let you pass, then they could rework teams order into the "contract" section of your career and let you activate it with the radio. Some of the current contract perks are stupid, like the pit stop speed or reduced development weeks, so what? the engineers are being slow on purpose? that makes no sense. Maybe they could replace those perks with teammate perks, one for when you are ahead of him ("no action", "slow down cars behind", "aggressively attack cars ahead") and one for when you're behind him ("no action", "let you pass if ahead in championship", "let you pass if faster/fresh tyres", "let you pass always")....then in the race you activate that perk with the radio option. Those same perks would work backwards while you're the 2nd driver. The "cheaper" perk would be "let teammate pass always" and the most expensive "no action"
  8. Lol I just noticed a minor error with the new e-mail you get with the grid penalty. The email comes from Carl but is signed by Jeff.....unless Carl got a schizophrenia attak after I crashed into Sainz
  9. Yes it has the latest drivers/firmware...there hasn't been a new driver for the G27 for like 8 years. Running the game in fullscreen
  10. PC Steam Win10 using DX12 ver. Ver. 1.18 Career mode Wheel Logitech G27 what happened? 1.18 update installed and now if I alt-tab out of the game I'm losing force feedback when I go back to the game. Never happened before. If I unplug and re plug the wheel it fixes, but if I alt-tab again the same thing happens, I lose force feedback and have to unplug again.
  11. something wierd, after the patch if I alt-tab out of the game the force feedback from my wheel stops working (g27), I need to unplug/plug for it to start working again. Never happened before and I alt-tabed all the time in long races if I need to check on something
  12. Title. Is that intended or a weird bug? I've been using some of the setups from https://www.f1carsetup.com/ for a while now. I've seen in season 1 my car is barely making a little spark from the car floor hitting the track at full speed and then season 3 my car is sparking for a whole straight using the exact same setup in the same track (only my car, no excessive spark from AI cars) So my wild guess is that because of several chasis, aero and engine upgrades the car now weights less and with a better engine and wings there's increased downforce pushing the car down and it's now hitting the track and thus a lot of sparks. Can anyone confirm that's actually a thing to look for? or just some random graphic bug making only my car spark a lot?
  13. Erudain


    well there are some very wrong kerbs in the game, I.E: Hungary chicane still has the high kerbs from 2012-13 that have been gone for years now. That chicane now has flat kerbs and cars use a lot of them IRL....if you try to do that in game you'll end up spinning out.
  14. Erudain

    Problems getting in the Weekly race?

    Most likely the free weekend in Steam. The hamsters in the servers probably had a stroke running all that people. I was kicked 4-5 times in the matchmaking moment with a "error: failed to communicate with servers"
  15. Erudain

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    No, you can change the settings in game while on the loading screen for a practice/qualy/race session