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  1. Erudain

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Started a new My Team from scratch and the engine are still the same
  2. Erudain

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    @janbonator no idea how the AI is so fast on straights mainly, like in Monza for example, running a 1-2 wing + rich mix + overtake deployed and the AI will slingshot past me if they have DRS and I don't, I have to push them all the way inside to force them to lock before the 1st chicane. In the next lap me having DRS + rich mix + overtake I'm barely gaining on the AI which doesn't have DRS. My bet is that a 100/100 AI works like the +100 AI in previous games where their cars actually were faster since they can't make the AI "smarter". I didn't notice tyre temp problems, quite the opposite, as the chassis gets better a lot of tracks where M/H are the best strategy become M/S since tyre wear drops a lot when you car is lighter and chassis gets to the max. @PJTierney The main differences I watched were, I could lower my wing setups a little as your aero got better, but at least for my style I always needed to have more rear wing than front. I don't know if it was the car being lighter in the back as you have less fuel weight with the efficiency upgrades but using equal wings I always felt like having a loose rear in the last seasons. Also I noticed that I needed to raise the car height, probably as your aero and engine gets better and your chassis lighter, you're creating to much downforce and the car bottoms out. Using my S1-2 setups in S7 can make the car "spark" the whole lap bottoming.
  3. Erudain

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    You can check in every category to see how your team compares with the others. Your car has the best aero package of all the teams, full bar to the right, just slightly above RB and McLaren who seems to be the 2nd best in aero and their bar hasn't moved for a couple seasons, so safe to say they maxed. Chassis and Durability is equal for all teams. Engine is dependant on how many upgrade packs the developer releases which is random (as you can see in the screenshot my engine is 21/23 because I'm missing 2 developer packs), if all 4 engines have all packs released they are all equal 100 performance / 100 reliability. So in the end, if all the teams have max engine, max aero, max chassis, max durability, your team car is the best because of the slightly better aero.
  4. And I want to share my experience and the stuff I found out. I actually raced up until midways throught the 8th season, at that point I was spending more time trying to figure out the AI more than racing and said "screw it" and simulated the 2nd half of the 8th season and all the 9th and 10th (more on that later). Team story: Started the first season running 50% races and 98 AI, finished the 1st season 9th in WCC, 4th the 2nd season, won my first WDC and WCC the 3rd season but my car was ranked 3rd in overall performance. Maxed the car and facilities in season 4 and from there on I won 5 other WDC straight and 7 more WCC (ignore the "laps driven" and "kilometers" since the game doesn't count simulated laps as "driven") Team mate was Lando, who won the last 2 WDC. Some funny stuff, Kimi retired at my 3rd season, Grosjean, Seb and Lewis never did, so they were racing at 45 and 43 and Seb still in Ferrari. Max retired in the 7th season, Stroll in the 6th (guess daddy ran out of cash), the last 2 seasons the top 4 guys battling where Lando (my Team), Leclerc (Ferrari and then McLaren), George (Ferrari) and Gasly (Mercedes). So lets start going step by step. Resources: As you can see on the screenshot I ended up with over 1B cash, and over 200k resource points. From season 6th and onwards every "rule change from next season" was useless other than an engine rule change. Both you and the AI have so many resources that can adapt every part and completely negate the change. I've had full rules change in the 4 departments, announced as late as Brazil GP, and not make a dent in any team performances for the next season. The only exception is the engine packs that are delivered by the developer, which seems to be random on how many packs will be reset and next season upgrades delivery times. This does affect the AI more than you since you can simply change to the new best engine in the off season and have a couple of races ahead while the other engines develop. Maybe for future games the solution could be resource points expiring over a while to avoid this, and having to re adapt facilities for the new rules to spend some cash, or other expenses like ordering extra gearboxes or engine parts actually costing money, or getting cash fines for penalties, etc. By the way the Porsche livery is from Racing_Legend_420 excellent mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/porsche-99x-hybrid-full-team-package.34503/ R&D: Aero: your team has the best aero possible. The 2nd best seems to be RB and McLaren. Chassis & Durability: all teams have the same level. Engine: Other than the staring point at a new game or after a rule change all engines are equal once they are maxed out (100 performance / 100 reliability), so it's just a choice of what sound you like more. Engine is the only random spec you get in R&D since you don't know when upgrades will come. You might have changed to a Ferrari PU after a rule chnage because they had a 90/95 rate, but only to find out their upgrades wont come until next season meanwhile maybe a 80/90 Honda engine has 4 upgrades dropping in 3 months and ends up as the best engine for that season. Ai: Oh boy here comes the pain... AI seems to be extremelly impacted by upgrades and drivers pace/racecraft upgrades. I played the first 4 seasons at 98 AI, that was enought to be 9th the 1st season and win titles the 3rd and 4th season. In season 5 Lando hits the 100/100 racecraft/pace with the same car, and I start to notice he's getting 0.500-0.600s better times in qualys, I can still beat him in race because the AI stupid things like doing 2 stops when 1 will do, or me starting on mediums and he on softs. By season 6th the qualy gap can go up to 1sec in some tracks, also as the other teams also start to max out other AI start to beat me in qualys, I had to lower the AI to 94 to qualy among the top 5. By season 7th I'm barely making it to Q3 with the best car, I end up cheesing my way to qualys like blocking other cars in Q2 or lowering the AI below 90 or even 85 in some tracks. Again, you can still beat most of them in race pace because of the stupid thing the AI does but by the time you are 2nd your teammate is 25secs ahead of you. I've started to notice some wierd things, like in Monza, having the best car, the best engine and the AI goes by you in a straight like if you were using a Monaco set up. By season 8th I had enough of that, when I secured the title I simed the rest of that season 9th and 10th befor Abu will I will race next. Btw you can also check on season 10 results that "your driver" AI when simulating is around average, it never beats your teammate and has a lot of ups and downs depending the track, race 1 to 8 I had the best engine after a rule change so my car was sllightly better, once other teams catched up, I started to drop in the simulation. So in the end. TL; DR: was it worth it?...yeah to see how the game behaves, but I don't think I'll do it again. Most likely for a new Career (when the performance patch hits maybe?) I'll paly until season 5 or 6th and start over.
  5. Erudain


    man they really need to add the "number color" option, there could be a lot of great black/dark liveries but end up looking awful because of the black numbers
  6. Yeah, today I was thinking about that. How are you paying the extra parts when you order extra ICE, turbos or changing gearbox? It should cost you money besides the usual grid penalties
  7. Erudain

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    and another race gone....watching Charles get overtaken like a turtle on the main straigth in 5 consecutive laps by 5 different teams was painful. Even after the 2nd red fllag and the last restart the car clearly didn't have the pace to go pass Kimi or pull away from George, if it wasn't for the 5secs penalty Kimi would have ended ahead of them. Then I jump to the game and have Charles leading the WDC and making poles left and right...
  8. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I did 6 invitational events so far in My Career and didn't get the trophy. Haven't tryed it in My Team but the description says it should also unlock in My Career Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.08 Game-mode? My Career We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? After the 5th event I carryed on playing until I got the 6th event and again didn't unlock. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Verifying game files to check everything was OK What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) G29 wheel Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.
  9. Erudain

    Weather forecasts

    The weather forecast during practices and qualys is sometimes really bugged or wrong, sometimes in the session time screen I get a "clear and dry sunny" in the current, +5 minutes, +10 minutes, etc weather all while is pouring for a full wet tyre
  10. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it does affect the AI. Judging from all my starts where I can easily overtake 2 or even 3 cars, and I'm not a start-maestro, but those overtakes come most likely from me starting with tyres over 80°C vs the AI starting on cold ones
  11. So, have we any answer for this? so far i've tryed it on 3 different wheels, a T150, a friend's G29 and an old DFGT I had collecting dust, and is always the same, barely press the throttle and I get max revs, lift a little and they drop under 5k, barely press again and max again. So no way is a wheel or configuration problem.
  12. Erudain

    Save colour presets

    Agreed, another thing if possible....would be great if they add the RGB number scale along the palette. Lets say I want to make a Jaguar green, I suck at using the palette, so Google is my friend and tells me Jaguar green RGB is 29, 49, 40 otherwise I have to be 30 minutes moving the scale in the palette
  13. It might be or it might just be an awful aero setup, that's why it's still too early to tell....if in 3-4 races they are still a mess, sure, go for that nerf on the engine, but 3 practices and 1 qualy hardy makes for a big enough sample or data to be making adjustments, more so if you count that in winter testing the didn't seem to be any issue.
  14. Is too early to tell. If you look at the official speed trap, Giovinazzi is 4th and Kimi 6th and both are top speed in sector 1, that's the long straight before turn 3, and both are using Ferrari engines So the Ferrari debacle might not be the engine but the car being draggy as hell
  15. Erudain

    Manual gears and fuel consumption

    That was me on Reddit, and yes taking corners at higher gears means the engine will rev slower, the wheels will spin less, you'll use less fuel and the engine overall wear will be less. The same goes for qualys....do a "launch flying lap" and check your car, you'll see that your tyre wear, temps and engine temp is off the charts, that's because the AI does the warming and cooldown laps at max fuel mix going full speed.