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  1. BSDShoes

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    Epic exclusive = no purchase.
  2. BSDShoes

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Runs good for me, at least in VR it seems smooth but when monitoring frametime it tells me that it's dropping to roughly 70fps (still acceptable) when driving through shadows. So shadows seems to be the culprit, really don't want to turn off shadows and low shaders looks disgusting. As you can see around 0:55 in this video that frametime floats around +14ms when driving through a bunch of trees.
  3. BSDShoes

    We should NOT buy any new DLC until the game is FIXED!

    big fat LOL, ISI did jack squat. I've been an rf1/rf2 user for a long time and I'm so thankful Studio 397 picked up rf2 as well as the modding community being an existence.
  4. I use a Lenovo and yes the menu is difficult to read, I guess the workaround is to disable fullscreen via the hardware.config xml file for now but I haven't tried it myeslf yet.
  5. BSDShoes

    VR FAQ & Performance

    For me with SteamVR (WMR Lenovo), I turned preset to medium then turned ambient occlusion, godrays and bloom off and turned crowd and reflections down and most of the others left at medium and the game runs pretty smooth. I can't bear the thought of running with ground cover off and shaders low, that makes the game look outdated but if it's going to help performance.
  6. BSDShoes

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    I'm hoping so too, WRC7 was fun and a good step up from WRC5 & 6 which were pretty much garbage. I look forward to it.
  7. BSDShoes

    How to start in Non VR mode

    That's the least painful way to do it, that way you can still use VR for other games.