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  1. Samuele1998db

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I Made a test too Test 1 -China -Inters and full wet -95% A.I -assist: full assist - joystick =outpaced by A.I 2-3 sec per lap Test 2 China -inters and full wet -95% A.I -assist: full assist (except TRACTION CONTROL) -joystick =outpaced hamilton by 1 thenths per lap so simply turning off TC and i immidiatly solve the problem of the faster AI Different problem for me Now: the car still miss every braking point in inters and full wet when i have full assist set on. I usually play f1 game with pad and with full assist on since 2016, yeah im handicap i know this but i find myslef confortable with it, and i dont want change it, anyway i try with "brake assist off" and brake manually using the line but the car still completly miss the Breking point...any suggestion?
  2. Samuele1998db

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum, i repost what i was posted in a topic open by me because i had no found an answer. I have notice too that in F1 2019 A.I is become really hard to beat (i was 4 SECOND PER LAP SLOWER then my team mate: vettel) but i have also another problem, the car didn't brake anymore corectly and i TOTALLY miss the corner EVERY SINGLE TIME IN EVERY SINGLE LAP, (ONLY IN WET OR INTER) and ALL the other car have 50% more traction then me. It is 4 years that i play f1 game with joystick, i usually drive my carrer mode with A.I set to : 95 and all assist set on. Since F1 2016. Has always work correctly until now so i dont understand why it is become unplayaple.. I mean for the A.I i can reduce the power from setting, but i dont understand why the car miss the Braking point in every corner when it's wet or full wet, and work 100% correctly in dry condition...