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  1. I realize Kinect is all the rage...I have an FBone too...but I race on my PC!  PLEASE tell me this great addition to the F1 feature set will be useable on the PC via headphones and mic?
  2. FFOman

    I OWN Spa!

    Tonight I ran the third race in my carreer in Codemasrer's F1 2014 as Vettal's teammate for Red Bull.  The ONLY help I had was minimal ABS.  I started 11th after a rather poor qualifier but passed Hamilton by the 2nd lap!  My best lap was the 3rd at 2.016+ which put me almost 5 sec in front of everyone else, but I decided to slow down a bit by the 2nd half of the 4th lap so I wouldn't make any tragic mistakes and blow the race.  I came in about 4 sec in front as I passed the checkered flag.  It was mucho fun, but I gotta admit the best part was when Hamilton came over and shook my hand after I got out of the car!  It made me wish I had champaign in my frig!  Still though...Ricciardo will remain my hero!  BTW...I've got three questions maybe someone could answer?  First, is there anyway to save a copy of the Race replay?  Second, what exactly are the rules regarding DRS?  And last, I'd really like to do some on-line racing in a league or whatever.  What's the best way to get started and with what league or on-line matchmakers?  Thanx in advance! 
  3. Yesterday the time for pole position in the last race of the season came in at 1.4+ so I was wondering what kind of times other players might be getting themselves.  I made it at 1.57 after 2 laps and never having driven the track before in any version of F1 or any other game/sim for that matter.  That would put me around 6 or 7 off the pole I believe, and I'm sure with a little more practice I could get it lower still.  Of course I was running with ABS on, as without it I was losing the rear end a bit on 2 of the tighter turns.  Just curious to see what others are bringing in and what help if any they are using in what cars.  BTW I'm running Ricciardo's Red Bull.
  4. As I've literally spent hours checking out various league web sites, announcements, rules, etc., along with Forum entries from old and new members alike without yet finding one that sounds as if I might enjoy a membership myself, I have decided to try a slightly different approach by asking those leagues which offer what I want to contact me! I'm an "old Hippie", age 59, an artist and programmer  with a disability that prevents me from handling the perferred Wheel/pedal arraingement, opting instead, at least until I find a Wheel that I can afford and customize it in much the same way I've customized my real life vans and trucks over the years, for a Thrustmaster Joystick on my PC.  I have many years of gaming experiance in the driving venues with the F1 series, ( currently 2014 ), rFactor1 and 2, Grid Auto sport 2, and Dirt 3, but have never run with or for a league.  Any races I've been involved with have been part of the first-person experiance against AI opponents. In any event I finally feel as if I'm running well enough to start with MP racing and see where it takes me, and I certainly have no qualms about helping out any league willing to give me a shot and are willing to allow the Joystick, auto clutch and tranny, and ABS.  So if anyone out there is interested in a new player of my type and needs who is willing to work as hard as night be required to start a virtual Formula One career, I hope you will get back to me and do a "Show & Tell" as to why I might choose your league over any other.  I can be contacted at my gaming e-mail address    FFOlonghair@comcast.net    Thanx in advance for your consideration.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  5. I didn't recieve an answer when I asked this before.  Is there a way to save a race replay file?  I'm not talking about a video file that can be played on YouTube but one that can be saved in F1's proprietary data format so that it can be loaded and run later within the game itself?
  6. While awaiting the start of the last Formula One race of the season this morning, which is unfortunately NOT going to be as exciting as I was hoping since both Red Bull cars have been pulled back to start from the pit due to an illegal wing setup, I ran a couple comparison time trials between rFactor2 and F1 2014 on Silverstone, running the same 2014 Red Bull Renaults on a dry track and med/hard tires, setup as nearly equal as I could, with ABS on, and auto clutch and transmissions necessary due to a disability as usual.  My system runs well above both application's requirements, and steering is handled by a Thrustmaster M16000 Joystick which when pushed foreward provides variable throttle.  Braking is controlled by a homemade pressure thumb button providing more direct and variable braking than you can get with anything but a full pedal. I've run this track and car combination on both venues a number of times in the past, although not since the release of F1 2014.  I have done much better in the past but I wanted to see the average differences I would experiance after such a long track hiatus.  After 3 laps on both I ran a terrible 2.15 on rFactor2 and a relatively bad 1.58 in F1.  I had two other racers standing by to watch and then allowed them to both take the same tests, each of them showing the same relative differences in time as I did, though not to the exact seconds of course.  But after watching and analyising everything on playbacks as best we amatuers can do, ( and BTW, we all drove sets from both the default camera view just above and behind the driver's head as well as from the cockpit view. ), we all came to the same conclusions. It didn't appear as if any real difference in car speeds/acceleration was at fault for the time differences between the two venues.  A fact we verified with a series of straight-line and full sector drag races.  There was a difference in curve handling, especially in right-hand 45 to 90 degree turns, with rFactor2 requiring more brake and more precision going into the turns which resulted in up to a .50+ time differential.  But the biggest negative variations seemed without a doubt to be caused by the perceptual differences of the two venues and how it effected eye-hand coordination.  A problem in rFactor2 I mentioned before that is more and more prominent as your viewpoint is set further away from the cockpit view!  But even in cockpit view all of us experianced more over and under steering in rFactor2 than in F1 2014 simply because of how the front of the car reacted in what seems to be a completely different way then what your eyes and hands are telling you!  All of us seem to base our steering on sighting straight down the middle of the car's nose out to about halfway down the visible distance of the track in front of us, and how well one is able to aim the car into the turns correctly is where the problem seems to be because the front of the rFactor2 cars float from side to side in unexpected ways and by different amounts.  This may indeed be closer to the physical truth in a real car...I have no idea...but on a 2D screen it makes one's judgement and repeatable turning abilities very hard to control! We're not experts and don't even know of this kind of testing actually offers valid and repeatable data from which such conclusions can be trusted, but they seem to bear out.  I'd really like to hear more about this from others who can make comparisons themselves as well.  
  7. FFOman

    How to question

    Morning all!  It's getting unseasonably cold here in the US Northeast due to the gigantic storm hammering us from the Artic regions far North of us!  It's really getting me down, being a former California hippie who would otherwise be watching all the wonderful girls down in Malibu and just ablout everywhere else.  Thank the Wheel Gods for F1 2014, else I'd most likely be trying to sleep through all this weather! With that in mind, a question:  How the heck do I save a copy of a race event film?  After each event I can of course F1 to see a replay filmographic, but one I close it I lose it!  Is there a way to save and playback these videos in-game or must I use a 3rd party app?
  8. ...including those which were posted before the game's release by those who are simply Codemaster haters and detractors...I'm finding it completely enjoyable...a breath of fresh air after a year behind the 2013 models I've been racing!  Almost everything looks sharper and feels tighter.  No road sloppiness even before I began making adjustments and tweaking.  And were I to pick out just one problematic area, it would have to be the sound design and production.      Although good enough to help the thrill of a 222+ mph blurry ride through the streets of Monico leave a lasting impression on one's mind, it really doesn't sound at all like the new turno engines do every other Sunday on real-lifesize tracks!  And I've noticed moments where the sound of the gears changing can sometimes be rather ubrupt and grinding as if they were still so new that they hadn't yet properly seated themselves!  Luckily I run the sound thru my Onkyo amplifier and equalizer!  That helps even things out perfectly!      Some  drivers are also going on about Joysticks giving some people advantages that are difficult to make available to everyone, but this too is really nothing more than an excuse by those who just can't master these other types of control.  Hell, I can't use a wheel myself!      The point is, that F1 2014 is indeed better than it's earlier version.  And as such it deserves our attention.  I know as well as anyone that it is sometimes hard to rationalize spending money when what gains you will make are not as obvious as usual, but most of the time it really is worth the effort!                      
  9.      Tomorrow is a big check day, and though F1 2014 isn't out yet I've already made plans to purchase it just as soon as it is on the market.  But I also want to get into an alternative racing sim, and my top choices are: Grid 2 rFactor 2 iRacing      Although my first love in F1 Grand Prix racing, I also want to try a few of the others like GP, Nascar, CanAm ( or whatever its called these days, and whatever else looks like fun.  I'd like to start racing competitively, with accurate physics, customizing setups, and great looking visuals are most important to me.  So I guess just physics alone would make rFactor 2 the top choice, but I raced rFactor 1 for awhile some years ago and found great disparity between track and car visuals.  Their new demo looks good but doesn't hint on what is actually available out of the box, ( not that it comes with one ), and as for iRacing, they talk a good talk but I've not seen it!      I'd really like to hear from others how they feel and why they would choose any of these, or even one not mentioned as their second racing sim.  I won't hold anyone's opinions against them, I just want to be as informed as possible!  Thanx in advance!
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    Today's Grand Prix!

         I was wondering why I hadn't seen the Austrian track in any of the games I bought.  I didn't realize it was even missing from the F1 series I had until during the actual race this morning they talked about it coming back thanx to Red Bull from an 11 year hiatus!  I remember watching Schumacher's win there but never realized it had gone off the schedule!      In any case, and although I would have preferred seeing one of the Williams's drivers wining the race after capturing both poles by Q3, ( not an easy thing against the Mercedes ), I found the venue particularly interesting and fun to watch because out of all the tracks on the official circuit, this one makes the cars stack up in dense groups more than any other, calling for extreme driving ability!  That and the toll this track takes on one's brakes because of the short straights turning into what in the majority are downhill curves, made this one of the more exciting races so far!
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    PC controllers help

         I've been switching back and forth between my Thrustmaster T-Hotas X, which has good self-centering but no good/comfortable braking control unless you like the brake and reverse setup to engage by pulling back on the stick, and my old Microsoft Precision 2, which has well placed buttons on it's base that can be used for the brake/reverse, is lightweight and smooth, but has NO centering as the Force Feedback is broken!      I really didn't want to spend money on a new controller to be used specifically for driving until I was able to get a good wheel with hand-controls for the throttle and brake as I cannot use pedals.  But neither of my two controllers are providing me with exactly what I want and need!  Which amounts to this:  A heavy and abuseable stick with a short height profile so I can use it right on top my desk without having to hold my steering arm up higher than is nominal for handling and comfort, and that won't work loose or get the jigglies after a couple of weeks hard use.  It must be self-centering, preferably without Force Feedback but having a way to adjust it's tightness like with the Thrustmaster.  A hat switch, two buttons my thumb can access even with the stick pushed fully forward so I can easily hit ERS and my wing, and base buttons just left and slightly ahead of the stick that I can setup for the brake/reverse and 2 to 3 other commands.      Honestly, the Thrustmaster with it's flight throttle section disconnected is perfect except for the fact I have no button available for the brake where I want it.  And of course, like the Precision 2, what buttons it has are digital, and I would much prefer analog braking!  And yes, I've also tried setting one of my keyboard keys up for braking, but even with the space bar setup for this use, I just cannot get both the keyboard and the Thrustmaster positioned together in such a way to make braking comfortable!      So I'm open to any ideas or suggestions!  Thanx in advance!
  12.      Yesterday's Canadian Grand Prix was one of the most awesome to be seen in a long time!  Things really started getting fun once the 60th lap was run, and Riccardo, ( sorry about the spelling ), managed to take home one of the best wins he'll ever see!  This guy is phenomenal, and Vettal is going to have to really start bitching to his engineers if he wants to start winning again!  If that is indeed where his trouble really lies!  Riccardo kept the pressure on his team mate throughout the entire race and Red Bull knows it.  Did I per chance see Vettal showing just the smallest amount of fear after the race was over?  I can't be sure, but what I can be sure of is that Vettal could have parked his car within the young upstarts wide smile!  I've never seen a racer more jubilant yet calm standing where he was yesterday afternoon, and no wonder...He seems always to be right where he needs to be so that he can capitalize on the mistakes ahead of him, and overall I'd have to vote him the best driver in the pack right now with a consistency that no one can touch!  I LOVE this sport! 
  13. FFOman

    All I can say is WOW!

         Yesterday I ordered F1 2013 w/full game and classic cars, drivers, and tracks included from Amazon for $20.00 US, and today as I watched the Canadian F1 practice on NBCSPorts the postman delivered it!  Less then 24 hrs!  And then when I installed it, requiring a Steam Account which I already had, I found that they are still charging full price for it!  How do they manage to get away with that?      In any case I found that this newer version, ( I was running the 2011 version ), not only runs 100% better on my system with everything set as high as possible, but has much better stability and control than it's older brother as well!  In the 2011 version the same exact setup took me about four hours to get into shape...that is setting the car up, controller settings, brake and throttle settings for my Microsoft Precision 2 controller, and minimal helpers.  But in this version it took me less than 2 minutes and I was zooming around Spa better than I ever had before!  Of course I was almost 5 secs off the ghost car but at least I was driving in a straight line right out of the box!  I never enjoyed that in 2010 0r 2011!  On top of that I really thought the car and track graphics were pretty good in the two other versions I'd used, but this one looks so real on my 55 in Samsung that I could charge admission and watch my friends fall over as I made the turns!  I'm not kidding, it really does look and feel that much better!      I will say that I was at first a little dismayed by the new menu system and how at startup it takes you right into the young driver series, but then I found I could escape back out to the main menu just before my first free ride was about to start.  After that the only surprise I had was that it didn't allow me to choose my preferred car for the time trials I like to try first so as to setup things the way I like, but maybe I missed a menu selection, and if I didn't, it doesn't really matter as I plan on going thru the career mode first this time anyway.      All in all I must say that after 4 hours of playing the 2013 version, not even getting into the classics yet, I'm very pleased and haven't found anything worth degrading.  Great job CodeMasters...and if you're listening I have one suggestion for the next version that I'd been keeping to myself until I had a chance to run 2013, and that is that I think it would be a great help to have the option of showing the driving stats like rpm and mph at the bottom of the screen during full replays.  This would be a great aid when trying to determine when and where one's driving methods causes even a minimal loss of time!  I don't care much if the scenery is absolutely perfect, but tools like this could be of great help!
  14.      First let me clarify why I just don't go out and pickup a good driving wheel for my PC.  I have always driven real cars and trucks using hand-control levers which hang just below and to the left side of the steering wheel because I cannot use my legs for gas, brake, or clutch.  The lever is pushed down toward the brake pedal on the floor for braking, and toward my knew for throttle.  So far, I've not been able to find a PC wheel that allow for any alternate brake and throttle control than with included pedals except for a specialty version that costs more than my computer itself!  So of course that is not a solution.       Due to this problem I've always used a Joystick control for driving, with the very best one, ( believe it or not ), being the Microsoft Precision Pro 2!  Most others being designed for Flight sims have never been as good as the Pro 2 for any number of reasons like not having a control button or lever in the best or near best position for me which happens to be very low on the controller base and to the left and just above the platform base, and/or a lack of Force feedback!  The Precision Pro 2 has good tight auto-centering, force feedback, and four buttons in the correct position.  Of course an analog brake would be better, but that's asking a lot!  My Precision Pro 2 just happened to break a few months back, leaving me with a controller that not only has no Force Feedback now, but no centering either!  It just flops around and THAT is really tough to drive with!       Problem with the Precision Pro 2 is that it's no longer in production, and without buying a used one, the best price I've found is near $600!      There is available a Precision Pro Wheel and many others which would mount easily to my computer desk, but without using the pedals I'd have to re-map at least 2 buttons, and they must be at a position I can handle while steering at the same time, and so far I've not found this to be available either.  In the descriptions they sometimes say and show buttons I might be able to reach with my thumbs while holding the wheel, but I can't be sure, especially when in an extreme turn!  Triggers set into the wheel at the correct positions might also work, but descriptions and/or information I've found are not very precise either making it difficult to select any.      So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of a good controller like the Precision Pro 2, or knows where to find one at a more "normal" price, or a wheel that has buttons where they might actually work while driving and that can be remapped from the pedals, or at least might allow me to customize it in some way to provide for brake and throttle control where and how they might work for me.  At the very least maybe someone knows how I can use the Precision Pro 2 I already have by making it center itself again either by fixing the Force feedback or leaving it disconnected and customizing the auto-centering in some other way!      I could really use some help and/or suggestions guys, and will greatly appreaciate anything anyone can say!       
  15.      Hass just confirmed they'll be entering a car in F1 Grand prix for 2016!  It's about time American got back in!  What's even more interesting is that the rumors are high it'll have a Ferrari engine and just maybe a female driver!  That'll bring the interest of America's fans back to F1! 
  16.      I wasn't even aware of iRacing until today, but after checking them out I'd really like to check their sim out.  Does anyone have experience with it and their various programs?  Same questions in comparison to rFactor and Codemasters?
  17.      Just curious what kinds of time people are getting around Spa?  Also, I tried a classic race from 88 in Schumacher's Ferrari, and I don't know if it was me or the car, but I could barely keep it on the road!  I never got to put it up to full Throttle as every time I tried or hit the brakes going into a turn or accelerated coming out the car would simply fly off the road!  I only did a quick setup but still it surprised me. 
  18.      Should arrive by tomorrow at the latest so I thought I would ask here if any of you "pros" have suggestions on where and what to start with and/or the best path to follow in getting the best out of this sim and training for some MP races.  That's something I've always wanted to do but never had the time until now.  My favorite tracks have always been Monaco, Silverstone, and the one in Brazil, ( I forgot the name ), both in real life Grand prix racing and the Codemaster's F1 series, but of course never having any actual experience driving the real courses or handling open wheel F1 race cars, I look to those of you here that are more experienced to guide me down the correct path for learning how best to get myself ready for entering the world of on-line leagues.
  19.      I've heard that the "real" team constructors and drivers in Grand Prix racing use a variety of available sims to test out variations and new implementations for the cars they intend to put out on the tracks.  Most of the time I hear the name "rFactor", yet when I take a look at what is available from them I don't see all that much for newer F1 cars.  Unless the teams are using Mods that aren't being advertised or that I've not come across I don't see how this is possible.  So I'm wondering which sims actually employ the best physics, aerodynamic models, and mechanicals available, and if they are even available to the average sim enthusiast?  I'd be interested in any and all comments! 
  20. After watching my fav race, the Monaco Grand Prix this morning I fired up F1 2001 on my 55 inch screen, and using a Thrustmaster Hotas X that I originally bought for my flight sims, I was surprised to get a 23.2, which is only perhaps 2 seconds off the leaders in the real race with all the new drivetrain and energy recovery electronics that of course aren't figured into the 2011 version!  That's the best I ever did! Now a couple of questions.  I used to use a Microsoft Precision Pro stick for racing before I got this new stick, and one thing a really liked was the fact that I could use one of the 4 buttons laid out on its base for braking and reverse.  For some reason it almost felt as if it worked like a real brake pedal, providing graduated braking in a way I've not ever been able to match on any other stick's buttons!  On my Thrustmaster there's not even a button on the stick or the throttle side bases low and responsive enough to use for braking so I either have to use the pull-back-on-the-stick method or one of the throttle buttons which are all uncomfortably high for me!  So right now I'm using the #5 or #7 buttons on the throttle side to handle my braking! I know there's very little I can do about this situation but I was wondering if the next version of F1 set up for the 2014 season will first be setup as a sim with all the new changes brought to F1 racing this year, second, if there is anyway a braking control can be made that really provides graduated braking other than by having to use the stick to do so.  Also, what other changes do I have to look forward to, and when is it planned to be released? I'm really happy to have found this forum, and if everything goes well in the next version I hope to find an MP racing league as well!  But in the meantime I greatly appreciate any response!  
  21. FFOman

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    I picked up Project Cars for the PC yesterday and WOW!  Nothing out there even comes close!  Asetto Corso's graphics, despite all the hype, are terrible!  Looks like they used totally different contrast and shade values for their cars that are different from the track environments.  Totally screws up its immersive value. F1 will again look great I'm sure, and I will buy it.  But only because it provides all the new cars, drivers, and tracks for the entire season. As for rFactor2...it's already losing me.  It feels, looks, and plays like a game despite all it "sim" values.  Half the time it's cars look as if their rear ends aren't even on the road! Project Cars has taken longer to get out than any other game/sim has.  But it is definetly worth the wait!
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    First topic

    I'm still just an old hippie living in the emotionally bankrupte, morally corrupt, and intellectually stunted land of my late Mother's family...Schuylkill County, Pa., USA, nestled within the coal mines and landfills of the Appalachians.  They drink badly brewed beer and watch Nascar here!
  23. Vpice control on Win 7 Pro 54 isn't a problem.  I believe it can be handled natively but I use a 3rd party app myself.  I'm talking about voice interaction as is being provided in the XBox One and PS4 versions.  It might still be possible as your voiced questions and comments are still just handling events.  But Codemasters shouldn't have any trouble at all.  Maybe is some legal nonsense with Microsoft/Direct X versions, etc. 
  24. FFOman

    Some personal comparisons

    I agree wholeheartily!  We didn't make these comparisons to offer a better choice, but to verify each game's traits and validate differences we already felt subjectively.  This allows ME to make a better choice by qualifying my own reasoning with hard, repeatable facts!  And these facts tell ME and allows me to explain to others why I'd rather race in one or the other.  If all I wanted was the most realistic physics rFactor2 would be my first choice.  But I want something more than that.  I want fun, satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment, visual excitement, and race karma.  And these traits are what F1 provides well enough so that I can forgive its departure from reality.  But there is no doubt in my mind that were rFactor2 to get fully licensed and did even half as well as F1 does in these more subjective areas, it would quickly become my choice!  
  25. FFOman

    Bernie's dream came true.

    Seems to me the best all around solution is to setup a PC only league that doesn't allow console type controllers!  I myself use a Thrustmaster joystick because I'm not physically able to use a wheel/pedals controller, and can't drive worth a s__t using my thumb to steer!  But I have no idea if it provides an unfair advantage.  I wouldn't think so, but no matter cause you can't blame CM for making it possible to use a wide variety of controller types...they have no choice if they want to stay marketable.  It's up to the users and their leagues to figure out any needed handicap adjustments and rules that either deny access or make adjustments for these advantages!