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  1. Slim, the point is: Even if these tweaks add a lot to performance, it would mean that without OpenVR and instead Oculus native it would be even more. MUCH more. Edit: I apologize!! Of course any performance tips are always great, but I am sure you know what I meant.
  2. All these recent suggestions, I am sorry, are bunk. The main issue is that the Steam version hasn't an option to run Oculus native, like the Oculus version. Please do not post relatively worthless suggestions eg. how turning down AA etc. gives a few more FPS. Oculus users want a Oculus native version, not random performance tips. That being said, people need to be aware that it is the weekend. Furthermore, just pointing out something in case people don't know: Oculus actually funded (?) codemasters to release this VR version, from what I heard. So the fact that the Oculus version runs better and that there is not an Oculus native version for Steam may well be intentional. Personally, I am surprised that according to the forum guy here there are indeed two *versions*, an Oculus native version and of course the Steam version. Common sense would say there is only one actual code of the game, which can be "switched" with options and/or config files. But as it looks, there seem indeed be two different versions. Anyway, I would wait for after the weekend until we hear something re updates etc.