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  1. i discovered this game (i mean the F1-2018) by coincidence. One day i got a discount at the game pass on the XBox One (for only 1 EUR!!), i saw the F1-2018, and just tried it, why not? I was SO surprised... SUCH A GREAT GAME! I spent over 250 EUR for a wheel and its hold-system and was excited to buy the F1-2019. But.... after playing the online mode in F1-2018 against so many kamikaze-drivers and realizing, that there is just no administrator system that punish this behaviour, and that F1-2019 is still the same way...... what??? NO! No, no, no, no..... I'm selling the wheel in Ebay and I'm not spending money in this game. First, because i don't want to pay to get frustrated, and second because (although i'm not 99 years old) i'm old enough to know, that the only language that companies unsderstand is MONEY. So, i'm not buying your new game, although i know is great. Great, but frustrating because of your unexisting system of punishment for kamikaze killer drivers. Formula One, i mean the motor sport, is NOT soccer, is not wrestling, is FORMULA ONE, there are rules and you can NOT just drive as you want. Goodbye, maybe in 2025 you have a newer version where kamikaze drivers get bannished. Until then, i will spend my time (and money) in other hobbies. Best regards, "Roman lives" in XBox.