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  1. Excellent information! Have you tried with Red Bull more than once?
  2. Unfortunately that's not it, the system is ridiculous. In 2020 I started a career at Haas and in the second season I went to Mercedes and got in Hamilton's place. Unfortunately they can't put a logic to the market and in this case I think the best they can do is give us control over what happens. I was very frustrated with this in 2020 and this information was critical to knowing whether I would buy the 2021 or not for now. I'll wait for a good promotion to make it worth dealing with this ridiculous system. They copy and paste even the problems from the previous game.
  3. Are you talking about Career Mode or My Team? Because in last year's Career Mode there was one more big problem on top of that. If you changed teams, regardless of the team or time you chose, you would always go to the rank of 1st driver. Which is completely surreal in some situations. For example, if you did the first season with Alpha Tauri and the second season with Red Bull, you would always go to Verstappen's place, and you would make Verstappen go to another team, and it could even be Alpha Tauri itself. This was very frustrating for me because I don't like starting my career on the
  4. Alguém experimentou isso?
  5. I don't know if anyone has played long enough to switch teams in the traditional career mode, but if so, I would like to know if they fixed the F1 2020 problem of always going to the first driver's seat on the new team. This was ridiculous in the previous game and if I persist in this game I will stay away from that game. For example, if you started a career at Alpha Tauri and wanted to move to Red Bull, you would always go to Verstappen's place, which always spoiled the experience, as it should be at least random.
  6. I would like to know if the new Patch 1.2 fixed the problem of the disappearance of the Safety Car. Or is this forgotten by Codemasters and will we have to accept? I would also like to know if there has been any change in the pilot transfer system, since in the 8 seasons I made, the only changes that occurred were caused by me or by retirements. And lastly, if there was a change in our team changes in career mode, where we always replace the 1st driver of the team we are going to, which is ridiculous.
  7. I didn't understand the apology. The problem is still there, it doesn't matter if it's the smaller packages that make us better. We could not start better than the manufacturer under any circumstances. I already think it's strange in the course of the game that we become better than them with the developments, imagine starting better than those who provide us. Codemasters' completely stupid decision. Also, why hasn't the Ferrari engine become the worst? Renault and Honda are clearly better this year, without a doubt. As for prices, I can even accept it, but not performance, it's even co
  8. So the problem of the Safety Car has not yet been fixed? If not, it will certainly be my last F1.
  9. Another patch and nothing to correct the disappearance of the Safety Car? Very disappointed!
  10. Unfortunately you will know who your partner will be because F1 2020 has a bizarre system in which you always replace the 1st driver. That is, you will not be able to be a Verstappen companion. I don't know what goes on in Codemasters' mind to do this with the game, completely frustrating!
  11. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    Your comment sounded as much as it does the correction of the Safety Car, which for me, is the number 1 priority at the moment. I apologize if I got it wrong.
  12. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    The Safety Car fix seems to me to be more important than most of the fixes in the list for this patch. Don't be conniving with a serious game error, please!
  13. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    Seriously that the disappearance of the Safety Car was not treated? It is proof of Codemasters' disregard for its consumers. Unfortunate!
  14. I'm another one who had a Safety Car in every race on my first save in MyTeam mode. Then I left the mode and started a traditional career mode and I'm already in the 5th race of the second season and no Safety Car or VSC until now. Coincidentally or not, I started this career after patch 1.07.
  15. What platform are you playing on and with what settings?
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