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  1. The points only enter at the end of all free practice, together with that of the teammate.
  2. My disqualification in Bahrain was exactly like that, Soft - Medium - Medium.
  3. caiocrq

    Tyre compount bug

    Jogo em 50% e aconteceu comigo também no Barein. Fiz 2 paradas, Macio - Médio - Médio
  4. caiocrq


    Don't care what that guy says. He looks like a Codemasters lawyer who goes against any kind of new game implementation. For him, everything is laborious and not worth it, as if he were the head of development. You're right, the availability of the option is everything, everyone chooses how to play and everyone is satisfied. But for him, only what matters is what pleases him.
  5. caiocrq

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    I'm pretty sure there will be, at least in the new My Team mode. If you pay attention to the last trailer, there is a part that shows the development history of the teams in the first season. And there is an evolution of the teams before Australia. This usually happens from one season to another, but as the trailer shows that they are in the first season, I concluded that there will be a pre-season.
  6. caiocrq

    Mechanical failure

    I apologize if I got it wrong. But try to summarize what you said in this excerpt ... "And yes a switch would be nice but is it worth the amount of hours spend on the feature? I'm no coder so I don't k now how easy it is to implement randomness, but if rain is already hard to get right I guess mechanical failures is harder to simulate. So is it worth the time implementing it when maybe only 3% leaves the with on?"
  7. caiocrq

    Mechanical failure

    I even understand that you don't want to or don't get so excited for Codemasters to implement random breaks in the game. Especially if it was a complete change that there was no option. But everyone is talking about putting options for each one to play the way they see fit. And it is really past time to be implemented in the game. Your argument that it is not worth the time worked on this resource sounds like an unconditional defender of the producer and can even hinder the evolution of the game. There is no such thing as time, we pay dearly every year to play and we have to demand improvements every year, they are the ones who have to worry about the time, not us. Don't get me wrong, but I'm saying this because comments like yours can influence the conformism of some people, thinking that it is not worth asking for improvements. And as I said, it can hinder the game's evolution. And even if only 3% benefit from it, remember that the game can please everyone, accessibility is very important!
  8. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    I think you got to the right point. Perhaps I have interpreted this new way in the wrong way. But that does not mean that it cannot be improved. Who here thinks that this OPTION (I like to highlight the option because some think that what I want is to change teams at any cost, I want to have the option to decide during the game) would it be bad for the mode? Anyone would like to be able to manage an official team as well, things that happen in most sports games. But maybe the ideal mode, at least for me, was a middle ground between career mode and My Team. Or that all the news from My Team were also applied to career mode. Because I'm sure My Team the way it is done, it will be interesting until you win the first championship, after that it will become sickening, while in career mode you can change teams and renew your motivation for the game. As for the impossibility of negotiating with sponsors with the official teams, it is not something that we have to accommodate and believe that it will never happen. 2 years ago, we thought the driver market was impossible, today it is an incredible reality for the game. But rest assured, I will not question it anymore. I just hope you understand that I want the best for the game, and the more options we have, the better for everyone! A hug!
  9. With which engine would Lamborghini make the most sense? Help me...
  10. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    Friend, be polite. This is a forum and is open to everyone's suggestions. You can't make anyone leave here, let alone think like you. If for you, my suggestions do not make sense, ok, it does not need to manifest in this way. I could say the same for you, for accepting that things are simpler and criticizing you. But in addition to being polite, I understand that you are satisfied, as it is already a big step forward for the game and for you it must be the best. About the ways to manage, I'm not talking about changing the color of an official team. Nor to change sponsors. But to manage the new facilities of the game and negotiate values with the existing sponsors of the official teams. And I'm sure that in the future, in about 2 or 3 years, all that I said will be implemented in the game and you will find it sensational. Regarding the comparison with football, in PES it is possible to negotiate with sponsors with the official teams. The environment of this forum is very hostile, people do not support different suggestions and act as lawyers for Codemasters. That must be why some things do not evolve, such as the car's damage system, where only the front wing breaks, and the engine that never breaks, unless it reaches 100% damage.
  11. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    Preferably, yes, the ideal was that we could manage any team. If you cannot manage completely as the team created, that is in a limited way, not being able to choose the sponsors, for example. But if even that is not possible, I would like at some point to at least be able to change to an official team, even if it is to manage normally as in the traditional career mode, without having to change the game mode and start from scratch. The only idea I can't stand, is to make 10 seasons in the same place, it doesn't make sense. Did any pilot perform this feat? The important thing here is the freedom for everyone to play as they see fit. As I said, the problem is in the name. Some interpret it literally and nothing can change, even for the better. Too bad the community doesn't accept suggestions that can improve the game experience.
  12. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    I think the big problem is in the name they gave to this new mode, "My Team". This gives the feeling that we are the owners of the team and really takes away the sense of a change. Which may have even been deliberate on the part of Codemasters so that we cannot manage an official team, and perhaps even for license reasons. But if it's not a matter of license, we could create a team and start with it without necessarily owning it. We would only be part of the team and as a video game player we manage the team, as in football games, where we are the coach and we manage the whole club without necessarily being the owner of the team.
  13. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    You don't understand. I'm finding this new mode sensational and I really want to play. But at the same time, I want to be able to pilot the official teams. Unless the traditional career mode has all the news in my team mode (which I find very difficult), it will become obsolete and incomplete. Therefore, for the game to be perfect, there must be an OPTION to change or not. whoever wants, changes, whoever does not want, does not change. It is simple and realistic. And I'm not talking about teammates, I'm talking about us players. I understand that you are satisfied, because it is an incredible novelty, in fact. But there is always room for improvement, and if we say nothing, it will not improve. Changing the name and layout of the car whenever it gets sick or feels necessary seems to make even less sense for realism.
  14. caiocrq

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    There are things that don't have to make sense, they need to be fun. Playing 10 seasons on the same team can be sickening, and it also doesn't make sense. Have any drivers in history spent 10 years on the same team? If so, there were very few. I think for the sake of the game, it would be interesting if we could change at some point, even if it is from the fifth season.