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  1. What is the problem with the game having its facilities? As long as there are options to remove assists, this does not affect the gameplay of those who do not need anything. Understand, the more facilities, the more people will be able to play. That selfishness or ego above you is revolting! Remember, if in this game you have enough skills to not need assists, in other games you may need more assists than other people. And would you like these people to say "The game is already easy, nothing needs to change"? And that goes for other things in life. Accessibility is everything, think about it!
  2. caiocrq

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Do you play with full traction control?
  3. So now I'm the boy asking his dad to ride well in the rain and let go with full traction control. That the father has not answered yet.
  4. Friend, there's nothing you don't understand at your point, and if you happen to be, feel free to make it clear. I'm here looking for an improvement for inexperienced players like me, not for experienced players like you. Any change in what I mean would be optional and would not affect experienced players like you. I will repeat, my question is about career mode only, and of course you can do something to get around it, just want to. The situation is as follows, the game as it stands is very frustrating for us in 2 moments. In the start and in the rain. The assistance that was created to help the less experienced is no longer an assistance to be a headache for us. The game was made to please everyone, and as it stands, only pleases the experienced. About your answer "This is how it should be" I fully agree for online mode, but for career mode something needs to be done for the less skilled. And contesting this sounds like selfishness or an action to massage one's ego for being able to walk without assistance.
  5. caiocrq

    Career Mode Interviews

    The interviews are very poorly done. In all of them I am asked about Weber. It makes no sense. In addition, they are repeated, and only serve to earn bonuses with the sectors. Which also makes no sense, because we will usually look for bonuses in the bad sectors, and for that we need to compliment the bad sector.
  6. caiocrq

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Has anyone tested the AI pace in the rain after this update? I, who play with full traction control, played here and absolutely nothing has changed. AI continues to fly straight and I have no way to reach them, much as it does in starts. And the funny thing is that in update 1.10 and now they said the pace was even. Very frustrating!
  7. There is a bizarre problem when we can't get past Q1. The game simulates Q3 while ignoring all team development in career mode and the result is based on their original performance in the game, as in real life. This is horrible for immersion in the game. I've seen people complain about it here in the forum and Codemasters besides not correcting an amateur error like this, do not give a satisfaction. The feeling is that we will have to swallow this bizarre mistake. I stopped playing and only come back if this is ever corrected. And if not, I will never buy a Codemasters game again.
  8. caiocrq

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    Have you ever stopped to think that you might not be fast enough in the dry or be playing at a lower level than ideal for your skills? This will no doubt make AI in the rain look normal to you.
  9. caiocrq

    Small Suggestions

    Great! I fully agree. And as many may not like, I would put as an option in the menus whether or not to enable this engine simulation mode.
  10. caiocrq

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    It also happens to me. I had a feeling it happened on exactly the same tracks within the 2 seasons I did. In case. Germany and Hungary. Do you remember which clues this occurred to you?
  11. caiocrq

    Small Suggestions

    I created this topic to give some small suggestions to improve the experience or realism of the game. And here are some: 1 - The new track sector marker panel does not work exactly as it did in real life. In real life this panel has marked since the first round of each section of the classification. If the rider does not have a scheduled time, he already appears green and if at first he already has a better sector, it appears purple. I think it would be interesting if this were replicated in the game. Since for those who usually make only one lap in each section of classification, it becomes useless. It would also be nice if it worked within the training programs, showing along with the goals. 2 - In F1 2017, when we arrived in Q3, there was a tire marking that we marked the best lap in Q2. It was good to prevent us from making the first lap of Q3 with him and wearing him even further for the start of the race. And that was taken out in 2018 and 2019. It would be interesting if you returned. 3 - I think it would be more realistic if requesting new engine components cost resource points. I believe in real life, each extra component comes at an extra cost to the team. This would make the decision to request an additional component more difficult, since when we are on a small team it doesn't make much difference whether or not to punish. In this case, as it is more controversial and would affect the gameplay of some who enjoy the game as it stands, there should be an option to enable or not. 4 - Mechanical failures should happen to the player as well. I am not sure how to apply this, as the randomness would be quite frustrating. But one idea I have as an example is as follows. If we let the ERS bar zero, there could be a 10 or 20 second time to recover up to 10%, otherwise the component would fail. That is, a mechanical failure generated by our mistake. It would be quite interesting. Another suggestion would be a maximum time to use the rich or economical mix, and which could be improved in the development tree. Whether or not to enable this feature. 5 - Since in real life, apparently, only Mercedes and Ferrari engines have a more efficient mode for rating, the maximum fuel mix should not exist for Renault and Honda engines. And it was an option to be developed in the development tree of these teams. These are some suggestions that I have to miss in the game. Most for career mode because it's the mode I play the most.
  12. It's impressive! Don't you stop to think how selfish you are? I would understand you perfectly if I was speaking online, where there must be advantages for those who play without assistance, after all it is more difficult. But I'm talking about a specific mode that is offline, and that would not affect anyone who was satisfied with the current form of the game. It would be simple, if you are satisfied, keep playing the same way. But those who are not, like me, are giving ideals to improve and please everyone. And do not say that what I ask is impossible because you do not know and you should not tell me that. If anyone has to say it's not possible it's Codemasters, but I still don't see anything impossible about it. Even because I always played with the same assists and until 2016 did not suffer from it.
  13. The ideal RPM is around 11,000. If it's on the joystick, it vibrates a lot when it's at optimal RPM. Staying at optimal RPM is pretty complicated on the pad, but the problem here is not that. With full traction control, no matter how well you perform starting precedence, you will not start well at all. That is my question. My trigger is working fine.
  14. But you see, I'm just talking about starting, and for a game mode. This would not work for online mode. It would be something like an assistance until the first corner.
  15. Guys, my goal with this topic is to get CM to create alternatives to please all players. I don't have and don't want to learn to play without traction control. The option of traction control is right for us less experienced players. So creating an option so we can have a good start with this assistance would be most welcome in career mode. And that would not affect anyone who plays differently, it would just be one more option. I know the intention of the majority here is to help, but it sounds even a little selfish to say "train to play without assistance". Remember, the game should please everyone and I know this is the intention of CM. That's why she created the complete Traction Control. But the feature may not be a problem for the player in career mode starts.