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  1. caiocrq

    Patch 1.2 fixes

    I would like to know if the new Patch 1.2 fixed the problem of the disappearance of the Safety Car. Or is this forgotten by Codemasters and will we have to accept? I would also like to know if there has been any change in the pilot transfer system, since in the 8 seasons I made, the only changes that occurred were caused by me or by retirements. And lastly, if there was a change in our team changes in career mode, where we always replace the 1st driver of the team we are going to, which is ridiculous.
  2. caiocrq

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I didn't understand the apology. The problem is still there, it doesn't matter if it's the smaller packages that make us better. We could not start better than the manufacturer under any circumstances. I already think it's strange in the course of the game that we become better than them with the developments, imagine starting better than those who provide us. Codemasters' completely stupid decision. Also, why hasn't the Ferrari engine become the worst? Renault and Honda are clearly better this year, without a doubt. As for prices, I can even accept it, but not performance, it's even comical. It is as if they launched a 2020 game with the attributes of 2019. And to top it off, they did not fix the Safety Car problem and no change in the ridiculous driver market, things that made me stop playing. Really very frustrating!
  3. caiocrq

    Patch 1.12 online now

    So the problem of the Safety Car has not yet been fixed? If not, it will certainly be my last F1.
  4. caiocrq

    1.09 is out [PC]

    Another patch and nothing to correct the disappearance of the Safety Car? Very disappointed!
  5. caiocrq

    Teammate when transferring teams F1 2020 career mode

    Unfortunately you will know who your partner will be because F1 2020 has a bizarre system in which you always replace the 1st driver. That is, you will not be able to be a Verstappen companion. I don't know what goes on in Codemasters' mind to do this with the game, completely frustrating!
  6. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    Your comment sounded as much as it does the correction of the Safety Car, which for me, is the number 1 priority at the moment. I apologize if I got it wrong.
  7. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    The Safety Car fix seems to me to be more important than most of the fixes in the list for this patch. Don't be conniving with a serious game error, please!
  8. caiocrq

    1.08 patch

    Seriously that the disappearance of the Safety Car was not treated? It is proof of Codemasters' disregard for its consumers. Unfortunate!
  9. caiocrq

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    I'm another one who had a Safety Car in every race on my first save in MyTeam mode. Then I left the mode and started a traditional career mode and I'm already in the 5th race of the second season and no Safety Car or VSC until now. Coincidentally or not, I started this career after patch 1.07.
  10. caiocrq

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    What platform are you playing on and with what settings?
  11. caiocrq

    Bad AI in Singapore?

    I don't know if it is exactly the same way because I haven't played in Singapore yet, but from your description, something similar happens in an Abu Dhabi curve. AI always comes crazy and hits the back.
  12. caiocrq

    Drivers transfers Career mode

    This is real? Did anyone here have a different experience, going to a team instead of the 2nd driver? This game is really broken. One disappointment after another. First it was the error in the sound of the MyTeam engine that made me quit the mode and go to the traditional career. Then I start the traditional career mode and I already see the disappearance of the Safety Car, and now that. I am close to finishing my first season and I was hoping to go to Red Bull to fight Verstappen, but apparently, I will be a partner of Albon. This is so frustrating! What is the logic of always going to the place of the 1st pilot, and not the 2nd?
  13. caiocrq

    Safety Car

    It is unbelievable and unacceptable that the same problems are repeated or worsened every year. It is not possible that I am suffering from this again. With me it was after the last update (1.7) that the Safety Car disappeared! Before, the amount of Safety Car was acceptable and I had fun, although the VSC never happened. That is, there was already an error in not happening VSC, and now they get worse by having nothing else. It is a shame, the game is all broken, I was already very disappointed with the error of the sound of the engine that they corrected in half, if they even corrected. I don't know why I left MyTeam when they said that to correct the sound I would have to end the current season to choose the engine again.
  14. What I notice in my game is that on some tracks, the wear of the Soft tire is so fast that there is no time to be faster than the medium. Mainly because we use Macio in the classification, so we have already started the race with it worn out, and with a few laps it has no performance. Perhaps this is what is happening.
  15. caiocrq

    Slow Driver Market

    I started the third season in MyTeam mode, and there have only been 2 changes in the driver market so far. One being caused by Raikkonen's retirement, and the other caused by me, when I signed Verstappen. In both cases, the teams hired an F2 driver and nothing else. Is this normal or is there a problem with my save?