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  1. caiocrq

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    Put in full traction control and see for yourself if it's a matter of adapting to rain conditions. The problem is that Codmasters is failing to make the difficulties between dry and wet compatible, especially in complete traction control, where it is much more difficult. In an attempt to solve, it may have made things easier for those who play without traction control. One member opened another topic by showing that AI in the rain makes the same times between difficulties 85 and 99 with complete traction control. Therefore, those who usually play at level 85 will have difficulty, because they will play in the rain at a much higher level, and therefore the 3 seconds difference to the 19th.
  2. He is talking about artificial intelligence. More precisely those who go to Q3 and start with the soft tires. He has no control over it.
  3. caiocrq

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    Answering your question ... there is no way to change the difficulty in the middle of the race, just between one weekend to another. What can change in the middle of the race is traction control. Help when to start or stop raining change the traction.
  4. caiocrq

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    I have this same problem, friend. I have already questioned this here. Complete traction control gets in the way of both rain and start. But here there are a lot of people who are selfish or like to brag that they can play without traction control, who think it's us who has to adapt to the game, not the game to us. They look like Codemasters lawyers! What's worse is that maybe because of them, Codemasters will settle down and do nothing about it.
  5. caiocrq

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    Excellent analysis yours! But with me, playing with full traction control, I have a hard time even playing at level 82. With the best car, I'm 19 or 20, far from the first. Maybe I'm too bad in the rain and don't fit your analysis. But when I put the traction control in the middle it solves and I walk back in front. So it seems to me that the problem is in full Traction Control. How do you play Traction Control?
  6. caiocrq

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Complete traction control?
  7. caiocrq

    Reg changes and post-season upgrades

    They will fail! I've already lost a lot of points because of this. invest in another sector at the end of the season.
  8. What is the problem with the game having its facilities? As long as there are options to remove assists, this does not affect the gameplay of those who do not need anything. Understand, the more facilities, the more people will be able to play. That selfishness or ego above you is revolting! Remember, if in this game you have enough skills to not need assists, in other games you may need more assists than other people. And would you like these people to say "The game is already easy, nothing needs to change"? And that goes for other things in life. Accessibility is everything, think about it!
  9. caiocrq

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Do you play with full traction control?
  10. So now I'm the boy asking his dad to ride well in the rain and let go with full traction control. That the father has not answered yet.
  11. Friend, there's nothing you don't understand at your point, and if you happen to be, feel free to make it clear. I'm here looking for an improvement for inexperienced players like me, not for experienced players like you. Any change in what I mean would be optional and would not affect experienced players like you. I will repeat, my question is about career mode only, and of course you can do something to get around it, just want to. The situation is as follows, the game as it stands is very frustrating for us in 2 moments. In the start and in the rain. The assistance that was created to help the less experienced is no longer an assistance to be a headache for us. The game was made to please everyone, and as it stands, only pleases the experienced. About your answer "This is how it should be" I fully agree for online mode, but for career mode something needs to be done for the less skilled. And contesting this sounds like selfishness or an action to massage one's ego for being able to walk without assistance.
  12. caiocrq

    Career Mode Interviews

    The interviews are very poorly done. In all of them I am asked about Weber. It makes no sense. In addition, they are repeated, and only serve to earn bonuses with the sectors. Which also makes no sense, because we will usually look for bonuses in the bad sectors, and for that we need to compliment the bad sector.
  13. caiocrq

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Has anyone tested the AI pace in the rain after this update? I, who play with full traction control, played here and absolutely nothing has changed. AI continues to fly straight and I have no way to reach them, much as it does in starts. And the funny thing is that in update 1.10 and now they said the pace was even. Very frustrating!
  14. There is a bizarre problem when we can't get past Q1. The game simulates Q3 while ignoring all team development in career mode and the result is based on their original performance in the game, as in real life. This is horrible for immersion in the game. I've seen people complain about it here in the forum and Codemasters besides not correcting an amateur error like this, do not give a satisfaction. The feeling is that we will have to swallow this bizarre mistake. I stopped playing and only come back if this is ever corrected. And if not, I will never buy a Codemasters game again.
  15. caiocrq

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    Have you ever stopped to think that you might not be fast enough in the dry or be playing at a lower level than ideal for your skills? This will no doubt make AI in the rain look normal to you.