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  1. Does anyone know how best to reduce the wear and tear of Energy Storage? In game it says to avoid leaving the charge at 100%, but does it really work? If so, will I have to activate overdrive mode more, and does that wear out any other components? I would like to understand this better because it is very poorly explained in the game. Even when the Energy Storage is used up, they say that we will not be able to use the economical mixture, as it is not even possible to use it anymore. This makes me confused.
  2. Same for me. I only play with 16 races, I'm already in season 4 and there have only been 2 changes brought about by retirement so far. Even this issue has been going on since 2020, it suffered this same issue last year and that sadly means that this issue will never be resolved.
  3. Excellent information! Have you tried with Red Bull more than once?
  4. Unfortunately that's not it, the system is ridiculous. In 2020 I started a career at Haas and in the second season I went to Mercedes and got in Hamilton's place. Unfortunately they can't put a logic to the market and in this case I think the best they can do is give us control over what happens. I was very frustrated with this in 2020 and this information was critical to knowing whether I would buy the 2021 or not for now. I'll wait for a good promotion to make it worth dealing with this ridiculous system. They copy and paste even the problems from the previous game.
  5. Are you talking about Career Mode or My Team? Because in last year's Career Mode there was one more big problem on top of that. If you changed teams, regardless of the team or time you chose, you would always go to the rank of 1st driver. Which is completely surreal in some situations. For example, if you did the first season with Alpha Tauri and the second season with Red Bull, you would always go to Verstappen's place, and you would make Verstappen go to another team, and it could even be Alpha Tauri itself. This was very frustrating for me because I don't like starting my career on the
  6. Alguém experimentou isso?
  7. I don't know if anyone has played long enough to switch teams in the traditional career mode, but if so, I would like to know if they fixed the F1 2020 problem of always going to the first driver's seat on the new team. This was ridiculous in the previous game and if I persist in this game I will stay away from that game. For example, if you started a career at Alpha Tauri and wanted to move to Red Bull, you would always go to Verstappen's place, which always spoiled the experience, as it should be at least random.
  8. This is real? Did anyone here have a different experience, going to a team instead of the 2nd driver? This game is really broken. One disappointment after another. First it was the error in the sound of the MyTeam engine that made me quit the mode and go to the traditional career. Then I start the traditional career mode and I already see the disappearance of the Safety Car, and now that. I am close to finishing my first season and I was hoping to go to Red Bull to fight Verstappen, but apparently, I will be a partner of Albon. This is so frustrating! What is the logic of always going
  9. The strategy modification suggestions are broken in my game. Every time they suggest for no stop, regardless of the tire in use being able to go to the end, either by wear or by regulation. And even when it starts to rain, they do not give the option of the middleman, just to not stop.
  10. My disqualification in Bahrain was exactly like that, Soft - Medium - Medium.
  11. With which engine would Lamborghini make the most sense? Help me...
  12. I would like to create the Lamborghini, but with the engines that are available in the game, it doesn't make much sense, does it?
  13. That was what I feared. I really enjoyed this new way and I really want to play, but at the same time, I also want to be able to play with an official team. And for that, unfortunately, I will have to play the 2 different modes. What would be a problem if I had time for this, imagine without having time. In addition, the traditional career mode will not have the same details as the new My team mode, making it incomplete and boring.
  14. I was left with a doubt. I know it doesn't make much sense for you to leave your own team to go to another one, but will we ever be able to change teams? Because it can be a little boring to play 10 seasons on the same team. Besides, it would be interesting to manage, even if in a limited way, an official team like Ferrari, for example. This limited way could be to not even be able to choose sponsors for example.
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