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  1. BlackCatMatt

    A Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community

    I hope one of those surprises for DR2 is adding the Hyundai i20 RX. 😬🤩
  2. I know there is speculation in the Gossip thread of the Hyundai i20 making it’s way into the game and it seems Codemasters is putting focus on a new project now BUT I wanted to bring up a suggestion for DR2 that I felt everyone would enjoy if it actually came to being: One last vehicle DLC with two cars (1 Rally/1 RX) that is voted upon by members of this forum. The two cars that get the most up votes is then added to the game and it will bring DR2 officially to a close with DLC. I know this is a stretch and it may not even get much attention but I figured I would bring up the idea before it is too late. PS: Really enjoy the game so far and I’m excited to try the S3/S4 content when I get back home. PPS: I would vote for the EKS Audi S1 for Rally car and the DS3 for RX ;)
  3. Photo 1: Semi Final Line up grid... cars in front? Photo 2: My car slanted and destroyed at start.
  4. Tried to upload a video but the file is too big. Here are two screenshots. Notice the car in front of the pack? This is a semi-final. After it goes to the in car view... the other car morphs into mine and causes critical damage. any solutions?
  5. Hey, Playing on Xbox One and it seems my RX final grids are glitching. Anytime I start a semi-final or final the cars line up like they’re in a heat and then cars pile on top of each other before I can even start the race. Please patch! I love this game for the RX events. -Matt