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  1. Cool, thank you :) I also posted on the tool's racedepartment page for features. Having access to split times and be able to record / display them would be awesome, but unfortunately I don't see such a thing in the UDP packet format 😞 Therefore it would require to "hardcode" which kilometer corresponds to which split and this for every stage, which is not very convenient i reckon :s
  2. @bn880 Your really nice tool seems to have stopped working recently and I can't pinpoint the root cause of the problem. When beginning a stage, the Read/write counters starts but then stall at around 300 Read / 12 Write. I can see also that the telemetry is correctly output on the configured UDP port by using Wireshark. Perhaps a windows update caused this, can you confirm? Since telemetry is correctly sent to the configured UDP port and the tool starts to operate when beginning a stage, something tells me that somewhere the buffer stalls or the write fails somewhere... Tried also with a
  3. Thanks @bn880 for this great tool! I hope you are planning to release a new version that will support Finland! I have one question though, I am having a hard time in syncing MoTeC telemetry replay & saved video/audio replay. In one of the youtube videos you posted, you seem to achieve just that without any problem. Any tips?
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