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  1. Cool, thank you :) I also posted on the tool's racedepartment page for features. Having access to split times and be able to record / display them would be awesome, but unfortunately I don't see such a thing in the UDP packet format 😞 Therefore it would require to "hardcode" which kilometer corresponds to which split and this for every stage, which is not very convenient i reckon :s
  2. @bn880 Your really nice tool seems to have stopped working recently and I can't pinpoint the root cause of the problem. When beginning a stage, the Read/write counters starts but then stall at around 300 Read / 12 Write. I can see also that the telemetry is correctly output on the configured UDP port by using Wireshark. Perhaps a windows update caused this, can you confirm? Since telemetry is correctly sent to the configured UDP port and the tool starts to operate when beginning a stage, something tells me that somewhere the buffer stalls or the write fails somewhere... Tried also with a fresh install of your tool with the same results 😞 EDIT: the tool stopped recording telemetry on 2019-12-31, so it does not record anymore since 2020. That got me triggered. For fun I decided to change back the date back in 2019, and it worked. So it seems it does not like year 2020 somewhere for some reason. Can you do something about it please?
  3. You have said it all. As a racing game, it is a must-have feature that does not exists in DR2.0. The only other way I see to do this is by logging telemetry and use other software like MoTeC, but 1) it's not every user that want to go through all of this and 2) it is a hassle to switch between the game and other programs since you must either leave fullscreen mode or run the game in windowed mode. Thank you for this extensive and detailed post. I really hope it will be highly considered by CM.
  4. Thanks @bn880 for this great tool! I hope you are planning to release a new version that will support Finland! I have one question though, I am having a hard time in syncing MoTeC telemetry replay & saved video/audio replay. In one of the youtube videos you posted, you seem to achieve just that without any problem. Any tips?
  5. Thanks a lot @Percilator for this neat and good looking time sheet! Something that would be useful to add: the possibility to keep track of times per car/stage/condition. You could do this by creating two other tables (one per track condition) with a Car / Track matrix. When you select a car via the dropdown on the specific stage / condition, it fetches the time in the car / track matrix. Same thing when you update a time per car and stage/condition, but it updates the value in the matrix instead. Good job!
  6. Hi all, Today i've been experiencing recurring error codes while attending the following community events: - Group B RWD Germany (Weekly) - Group B 4WD IA Argentina (Monthly) - H3 Australia (Monthly) Upon entering the stage, I got this error message code: 358e9c567b4e121-cd3417a4-40-58 (see screenshot attached). Same error message for the three same events. I can get to the event, tune the car and shakedowns, but once ready to begin the stage, then this error comes up. The error message seems to be specific to these events. I've been able to attend other community events in the meanwhile without any problem. Any clue?