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  1. Yogan

    DR2.0 DWS RX Time Removed ?

    No my game did not crash at any point. I went through the "uploading result"-process as normal and went back to the main meny without any problems. I did not run any mods at all. I didn't experience any other connections either, only a very fast green light at start, but I don't believe that has anything to do with the connection. Anyway, I manually calculated my times from week 1 + 2 and added my run as I captioned on the screenshot. And I got beaten by DNC Skuzza by 0,002 seconds in the overall time. Yes, 0,002 sec... So I will have to keep fighting anyway for a qualification spot.
  2. I just set my time this morning for the last week of Round 2 in RX. I really had a chance to qualify as the top overall time this round. So after my run I head over to the leaderboard on the website, and my time isn't there yet. After taking the screenshot of the result ingame I went back to the leaderboard ingame and realized that my time is blank. Why and how ?? I haven't experienced this in the earlier runs, so I´m having a hard time believing it's just slow processing of the time. See attached files
  3. Yogan

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Trying out the new track, Estering. I love these flames 😍 Platform: Steam