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  1. Good evening, I was kindly made aware that increasing the AI's driver acclaim rate should effectively increase the volatility of the driver market in the new 2021 game. However, I'm curious as to how AI's team acclaim would affect this. Would it act as an external force? What would happen with driver transfers and such if you had it increased whilst AI driver acclaim is also increased. How about the opposite, where it's decreased whilst AI driver acclaim remains increased. Best, AoiAsahina
  2. For more volatile and greater movements, should the team acclaim also be increased as well, or just the drivers? What would happen if you were to decrease team but have drivers increased? Best,
  3. Good Evening, I have seen some F1 2021 initial footage and I'm very keen on the idea if adjusting cash, resource points and acclaim rates for careers. However, should be an option perhaps for driver transfer volaitity. For example, if it's set to none, no transfers happen in entire 10 seasons. If low, barely any transfers (maybe 1 or 2 a season). Standard is standard (5 or 6) and high or advanced gives a lot of transfers (maybe up to 10 or 12). Don't understand why this can't be a possibility considering other aspects I just mentioned can be adjusted. This would hopefully please all
  4. So, we saw F1 2020 hit the top on hours watched on Twitch the other week. Fair play, I will say it's a big improvement on last year and Codemasters have made some good decisions. However, to say they reached it on merit fair and square would be lying. Many YouTubers and Streamers with a huge following have been given a free copy of the game and are apparently also being paid to play the game. Bateson, HatFilms and BlackPanthaa are included. Reaching a point where you're paying YouTubers and Streamers to play your game shows that their is a major fundamental problem
  5. Any news on a performance patch? Hoping perhaps this week or day 1 patch. Think the performance should be similar to this: Mercedes Red Bull Racing Point McLaren Ferrari Renault Alpha Tauri Alfa Romeo Haas Williams
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