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  1. Share your experiences in career with others and leave your opinions! Here's mine: Ignore images below. Website won't delete them. Would appreciate if @Faya could help.
  2. AoiAsahina

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    Further proof of driver transfers causing excessive R&D:
  3. AoiAsahina

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    Here ya go.
  4. AoiAsahina

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    For reference: I am with Williams but you can see the huge strides Alfa Romeo has made within 5 races of season 2.
  5. I do believe several posts have been made about this, but not specifically or directly. Although I do love the fact the AI are utilising R&D a lot faster than in previous games, I feel the rate of change is too much for the AI compared to the player. For example, I have seen many images of the R&D progress where Williams or Alfa Romeo have just shot up like a rocket in about 6 or 7 weekends. Obviously, given you can probably earn about 1200 resource points a weekend, it becomes very difficult with failures in development, as well as this monumental increase to keep up, and I fear I'm going to fall miles behind in terms of pace and sit alone at the back of the grid with my teammate about 2 seconds off the pace. It would be great if others could share their thoughts and experiences on this, and perhaps get this pushed forward a bit.
  6. AoiAsahina

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I am experiencing this as well. In career, 50% race at USA, heavy rain conditions, the AI were roughly 6-8 tenths faster than me per lap. I play 105 difficulty and can keep up well in the dry, but since the patch, struggle tremendously now.