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  1. AoiAsahina

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Any news on a performance patch? Hoping perhaps this week or day 1 patch. Think the performance should be similar to this: Mercedes Red Bull Racing Point McLaren Ferrari Renault Alpha Tauri Alfa Romeo Haas Williams
  2. AoiAsahina

    No assists guidance

    I assume this is the correct one for this wheel: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/bundles/csl-elite-f1-set-officially-licensed-for-ps4 CSL Elite Wheel Base Tuning Menu Settings: SEN 360 FF 100 SHO 100 ABS User Preference DRI 005 FOR 100 SPR 100* DPR 100* BRF User Preference FEI 100 *SPR has no effect, DPR is directly associated with the Wheel Damper in-game setting. In-Game Settings: Vibration & Force Feedback: On Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 75 On Track Effects: 10 Rumblestrip Effects: 15 Off Track Effects: 20 Wheel Damper: 0 Understeer Enhance: Off
  3. AoiAsahina

    No assists guidance

    Thanks everyone. Also what should I put the wheel settings on, as in calibration, force feedback etc. to maximize performance and make learning no assists easier.
  4. AoiAsahina

    No assists guidance

    Hello. I've recently got the CSL F1 Elite wheel and I'm trying to learn no assists. At the moment, I'm locking up into almost every corner and losing the backend at most as well. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated or suggestions on how to improve. Thanks.
  5. AoiAsahina

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    And will the games multiplayer work properly?
  6. Let's play a game. I take down every forum post giving beneficial criticism, hide every video showing glitches from eSports races, delete or ignore to the best of my ability reports or exposure of problems with the game that have been present for 10 years and that need fixing and ignore the majority of the community who bring fantastic and innovative ideas to the table completely. Who am I?
  7. AoiAsahina

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    They take more time as holiday than making a working game.
  8. AoiAsahina

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    Any updates @BarryBL??
  9. Don't forget Esteban Gutierrez got kicked out as well. He brings a lot of Mexican and American followers. Ruining their reputation in North America as well.
  10. AoiAsahina

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    3 pages later and still haven't got a proper answer. All I've got is "we're investigating", deleted forum threads, some people desperately defending the game, and more evidence Codemasters need to buck their ideas up.
  11. Codemasters, I am writing this forum post with frustration and anger. Earlier today as we know, the virtual Grand Prix featuring multiple F1 drivers took place. Throughout this session, multiple glitches were present, one being a lap counter throughout qualifying. However, the most unforgivable glitch that raised its head as it does almost every single time I even attempt to try online is being kicked out the session / lobby. Lando Norris and Esteban Gutierrez were both kicked out the lobby for 'no longer being enough space in the lobby'. I honestly really hope today exposed to everyone what a poor game you have created. It's absolutely unacceptable this has happened and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Codemasters, why are these issues present considering they were present 9 years ago since F1 2010, and have been gradually getting worse and worse since? I would like to highlight there was no apology tweet to Lando or Esteban for this issue, or no explanation as to why this glitch occured. I am writing to ask why this glitch happened. An explanation as to why this game has not been functioning as any other game does is long overdue. I don't want to hear your standard PR rubbish, I want an honest answer. For the love of peace, please make a working game, or just admit you don't have the capability and ability and give the licensing to a company who can. This would be for the best interest of all parties. Thank you.
  12. Share your experiences in career with others and leave your opinions! Here's mine: Ignore images below. Website won't delete them. Would appreciate if @Faya could help.
  13. AoiAsahina

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    Further proof of driver transfers causing excessive R&D:
  14. AoiAsahina

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    Here ya go.