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  1. Sockswithjandal

    VR FAQ & Performance

    exactly. there should be next to no difference in performance between oculus api and open vr. headsets are not that different from one another. just two screens and come accelerometers etc. they are essentially identical. they should have not reason to perform different. especially if there is native support. but I suspect even if I were to test open vr version on wmr device vs oculus version going through revive on wmr device the oculus would perform twice as well. which means either something is very wrong and codemasters could fix it. technically it shouldn't even take them long. OR they have deliberately crippled the steam version to make you buy the oculus version. VERY shady business practice. I cant believe this company. at every single turn they take shortcuts and make shady business decisions to shoot themselves in the foot. I loved original dirt rally and I want to support the company that made/ makes these games. but this company just doesn't seem honest lately. and I hate dishonesty. they could have had it all... if it had released with good ffb. not out of this world or anything. im not asking much. just AS good as the original dirt rally or any other sim racing game you care to name. so in other words. just the average, standard quality of ffb was all I ask... and if they had released with functioning vr. all they would have had was positive reviews on steam. stellar reviews. the game would be raking in the money. they had a second chance with the vr release. most if not all of the negative reviews would have been changed to positive. instead. they release a broken vr version and play dumb pretending they don't know why its not working right and that its just a limitation of steam vr/ the oculus versoin is better. ignoring all the oculus users that paid for this game on the promise specifically of oculus support. only to find they don't get it. very shady. instead of all the reviews turning to positive I would not be at all surprised if they all turned to negative. should have bug tested vr more and released when it is actually working. I could have waited a couple more weeks. or even months if I had to.
  2. Sockswithjandal

    VR FAQ & Performance

    it is false advertising and borderline illegal for them to do this.
  3. Sockswithjandal

    VR FAQ & Performance

    they may not have played. they may have been like me and bought it on sale or to encourage/ fund its development under the promise that vr support will be added. and they were DEFINITLY promised proper vr support. oculus users above all else had no reason to believe they would not be getting reliable full vr support. this is a very cheeky and underhanded thing for oculus and codemasters to do. borderline illegal if you were to ask me.
  4. Sockswithjandal

    VR FAQ & Performance

    there is no reason why the oculus version and steam version should have such vastly different performance. if you do not acknoweledge it as a bug then you are making it clear to us you and oculus are working together to scam us out of our money. we paid for the vr version and we expect to get it. native steam vr/ open vr support should work better than the oculus sdk going through revive, but this is not the case here.... so even if you do not fix the steam version which you have either intentionally gimped or you are just half assing it and don't know what you are doing... but even if you leave the steam version (open vr) broken. then at least allow steam users to access the oculus api version of the game. in my case I have wmr but I could then use revive to get it working. which is what I expected to have to do. at first the inclusion of native open vr support seemed like a nice surprise to me. but now that its clear this is a very very flawed version I would much prefer to be running the oculus sdk through revive. I bought this game just for vr. I have waited almost a year for it to be implemented. I have sat through your shady business practices with all the dlc instead of finishing/ fixing the actual game. I have accepted the silly always online stuff. but now as well as giving us a game you label as a sim racer but with such poorly implemented force feedback and vr support that it might as well be a forza horizon game... I am not happy. fix the vr versoin. I don't care how long it takes. I can wait. I just need you to know you are going to. otherwise someone in trigger happy America that loves to sue should bloody well sue you.