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  1. Thanks for the response Worntoathread, I will start using my dash app again if that's the case, already use SimHUB for my other sims so no big deal. I'm really enjoying F1 2019 by the way, took a while to get use to navigating around the menus with no mouse, but all good now.
  2. New to CodeMasters and F1 2019 game, so apologies for the beginner question. I own both the PS4 and PC versions of F1 2019, and on both platforms I'm baffled how I enable the full HUD / telemetry information. When I turn on the MFD menu, it only shows the Brake Bias and Differential setup menu. I don't know what other keys I need to map to show the speed, gear change, and rev meter. Cheers, Sammy.