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  1. WhiteStormSK

    Wheel x controller

    Personally I am using pad too and with exception of ABS I have every other assist off, and don't have any problem controlling car, but using wheel will always be much better when trying to control car. With racing wheel you can be much smoother on turning, accelarating and braking. With that it is of course easier to play with no assist on wheel. My experience I still can't play without ABS on gamepad, but when I tried game at my fiends house who has wheel I was much more confident and after couple of laps I was able to brake better without ABS on wheel than after many hours on pad. On top of that with wheel you can really feel the car much better, which give you better control and it is realistic experience. From first it is not gonna be easy with wheel it is really different compared to gamepad but with more practice you will see big improvements.
  2. WhiteStormSK

    In game chat

    Well if it is not gonna be in the game in the future, I can live with it, well I played every game since 2010 and here I am even without chat. But it is shame because so many different games, even racing ones have chat and I think it is important part of any online game.
  3. WhiteStormSK

    In game chat

    I would like if there will be implemented some kind of in game chat in online sessions. Right now you can only interact with other people through microphone, which I dont have and many people too. I believe it would be really good feature, I had good battles with strangers in online lobbys and abbility to talk with them after race would be nice, or if I would like to talk about some crashes that happened in the race, quali... I don't know if it is planned or not but communication in game right now with other people is nearly non existent, plus it can't be very hard to put it into the game.
  4. WhiteStormSK

    Rejoining league races (and online)

    This is really big problem so far. Just yesterday I done some races with my friends, and I was disconnected during race. Why is there no option that when I rejoin session I can take control of my car back. Plus I hope servers will be much better in F1 2020, because now it is joke, I lost count of how many times I was disconnected.
  5. WhiteStormSK

    Suggestions for the future of this game

    I hope in F1 2020 there is already implemented in career mode that I can have mechanical problems during races, like with engine, electronics, etc. And please can you delete DRS failure, it is so unrealistic, or if you want to keep in the game, please lower the frequency of happening this situation. Personally I get it nearly every race weekend and it is so frustrating. I have no problem with having engine issues, it would actually be really good addition as it adds more realism.
  6. WhiteStormSK

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    F1 2019 Asseto Corsa Competizione Forza Horizon 4 Euro Truck Simulator 2 BeamNG
  7. WhiteStormSK

    Online services login error [ZX]

    Getting same error. I am on PC, using newest version of game 1.08. Error is showing on both DirectX 11 and 12.