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  1. This would be really great feature hope it will be added later at some point. On top of that, I would add option of using RGB and HEX colour codes, and surface material option woud be nice, like metallic, matte, or carbon fibre.
  2. I have done about 15 races in Career so far and didn't have SC or VSC, not a single one. Looks like there is problem that either you got SC every race or no SC for the whole season, it is really weird bug, hope CM will be able to patch this.
  3. People, honestly can you just stop moaning about adding tracks to F1 2020. It will not happen there is no way, Codemasters made official statement that they will not add any new tracks to this years game. All these people are just flooding this forum with same thing again, NO there will be no new tracks this time. If tracks like Mugello or Imola will be part of championship next year, these tracks will be there because CM will have time to make tracks to game. It really is not work for two people that can be done in one week. I know it is hard but I please you moderators can you try doin
  4. Normally I am always playing on DX12, and when I tried it first time in offline mode, I discovered problem. I just thought that maybe trying to run it in DX11 mode would help, and really it does. DX12 in offline mode is unplayable but as I said in my first post DX11 works just fine. I am launching game directly from Steam client, and there from pop up window, where you can choose if you want DX12 or DX11, I selected DX11 mode and suprise, it works. It is really weird that something like that even happens, I never experienced something similar in any of previous F1 games or any other
  5. This is actually problem with nearly every game developer right now. Today everybody has internet connection so it is much easier to make half complete game and then release patches afterwards. Long time ago games didn't had even 1/10 of bugs as today games, I really don't know what is problem just to push release date further. Example Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed already two times because they felt game isn't finished and they want to release game without problems, big props to CDPR. Remember, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".
  6. No problem on my side, fuel consumption is still same in career mode and online too. Notice you were driving in Baku which has many slow 90 degree corners, and you need to accelerate a lot of time from slow speeds. If you are not careful while accelerating you will consume much more fuel.
  7. So today I wanted to play some F1 2020, and didn't had internet, so i started Steam in offline mode and went to play F1 2020. Problem is immediately after game launched my FPS went extremely down at like 10 FPS most. Normally I have around 80-90 FPS. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I found out that when you want to play F1 2020 in offline mode game runs at really low FPS. This problem only occurs when you start Steam in offline mode and when you use DX12. I tried to start game using DX11 in offline mode and everything is working as
  8. I really don't know what it could be, really not an expert, but when I launched game for the first time, I used same graphics settings as in F1 2019 and immediately saw that colours really aren't as nice and colorful as in F1 2019. Brightness is just too much in this game, and in the end game really looks kind of washed. This year, instead of atleast keeping same graphics or some upgrade, game looks bit worse and still think that F1 2019 was just nicer looking game. Hope there will be some update adjusting lighting of the game, because it is shame having good game, let down by it's graphics.
  9. I like that you are adding new content with each season, but why adding stupid ingame currency? For example Forza Horizon 4 have new update every month that adds new cars you get by completing set of challenges, and it is fun, game is out for year and half, and you still have new content added which keep game alive. The thing is that if you want new content you play the game, but you dont need to spend any ingame currency, you just play the game, so even new players can get everything. This is the problem in F1 2020 if I spend all those points I have for VIP Pass and dont compl
  10. Try to stay in lobby for longer time, because from your video you always quit after 5 seconds, give it some time and somebody will surely join that lobby.
  11. They really did it? Honestly last year same problem, people were complaining about weird driver transfers and then they added option to turn off driver transfers completely or have them happen only in between seasons, and now for some unknown reason they remove that option. I would really like to know why it is not in the game from start. I always thought that game developers should add new features to their games, not remove them.
  12. So true, there is so much potential in F2 series, but instead of actually trying to make something interesting out of it, it is just some races that don't mean anything. I have done F2 for exactly same reason as you, but was really let down after I finished F2 races.
  13. In F1 2019 there was option to turn on/off driver transfers, don't tell me they removed it from game.
  14. Using ABS may be easier, but using it will definitely not make you faster. When you have ABS turned on you can't brake as late as without using ABS. The less assists you use, the faster you can go, that is why top times are occupied by drivers that don't use any assists.
  15. What was bad about track limits in Sochi in F1 2019? If you used strict, it was good, you was still able to use kerbs but if you tried cutting corner it cancelled your lap, as it should be.
  16. But that is the problem, many times even if I have half of my car on track, my lap get cancelled, I had absolutely no problem in last game, this time it is just too strict.
  17. TT setups are great and I am using them for last couple of years, but is there any chance you will do race setups for all tracks?
  18. No need for bug report just take strict corner cutting from F1 2019 and put it to F1 2020, problem solved.
  19. No it is too strict, last year it was as it should be strict but fair, this year it is like "oh you dare to touch kerb with two wheels, then **** you, your lap time was invalidated". Before you try to tell me to adjust to it, no it is not only me that see this problem, I know many other people, some of them really good, being able to be on top of time trial rankings and they say it is just too strict, I really hope this will be repaired. Why even bother to change it, last year it was good, if it is not broken don't try to fix it.
  20. Name - WhiteStormSK Platform - PC (Steam) Version of game - 1.03
  21. Same problem, I am on PC and using newest version of game 1.03
  22. I hope in F1 2020 there is already implemented in career mode that I can have mechanical problems during races, like with engine, electronics, etc. And please can you delete DRS failure, it is so unrealistic, or if you want to keep in the game, please lower the frequency of happening this situation. Personally I get it nearly every race weekend and it is so frustrating. I have no problem with having engine issues, it would actually be really good addition as it adds more realism.
  23. F1 2019 Asseto Corsa Competizione Forza Horizon 4 Euro Truck Simulator 2 BeamNG
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