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  1. Something happened at the start of the race. During the first turn, a message saying "Connecting to Servers" appeared on my computer screen. this message remained on the computer screen for a few seconds. I don't know if this makes me look like a trickster. I play the game on the computer. I'm playing with xbox one controller. and open almost all assists. I played this game for 100 hours please don't take my game away.
  2. Somehow I finished it on a map of Austria in 56,948 seconds. I was surprised to finish in 56,948 seconds. Completing in 56,948 seconds is currently in violation of the rules of physics. I even thought I broke the world record for a moment. I didn't really cheat. please help me. I gave this game a lot of money. What should I do to prove I'm not cheating?I didn't do anything to be banned.