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  1. Ok, so for me, performance in vr is an issue it seems, everything in low except the shader quality and it still is below 90 fps. With asw off the tracking is very weird.
  2. you don't get it, the problem is not to not have the native oculus support on steam, the problem is that there apparently is a difference in framerate in both versions. This is a problem not only for oculus owners as they can feel scammed for buying the steam version while the oculus one runs much better ( apparently ), but it's also a problem for literally everyone buying the game on steam with a vr headset. There should be almost no differences in framerate in both versions, that's not acceptable and should be looked into it. Of coures, the simple solution would be to be able to run nat
  3. Now test the same setup in the oculus store version and share the results. To be clear, it's not a problem to not have the oculus api on the steam version, the problem is that there apparently is a huge difference in framerate in these 2 versions. This need to be tested and we need to know if the team is looking into it if there is a difference.
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