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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    PC, Steam User i7-8700, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 I have all DLC and have a G29 Logitech wheel setup. There is this weird bug where at the start of a rally, after I let go of the handbrake and hit the accelerator, the car refuses to move forward and it slowly goes through all the gears while I'm moving backwards. I've had this happen multiple times and it doesnt' seem like there is a way to fix it This kills your time and is really killing the game for me. I've disconnected my arduino handbrake and it still happens so I think its something within the game rather than one of my peripherals. This bug only started happening after the recent update with Greece. Here is a crappy youtube video I recorded.