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    VR FAQ & Performance

    Codemasters, suggesting that lowering graphical solutions to PS2 level fidelity to deal with performance issues is not an acceptable solution. Especially given that: Other games where VR was added after release didn't have these type of issues (including the original Dirt Rally). You have a better performing version for Rift owners, but you've not released it on Steam (where ALL you previous PC sales have occurred to date), instead you've made it exclusive to the Oculus store. Given that your support roadmap is not being perceived as being honest and transparent, your actions to date have given birth to the following perception in the community: Customers feel lied to and abandoned on the Steam platform. The promise that VR would be released to existing STEAM customers didn't come with a caveat that the experience would be sub-par, and that a better performing version of the game for Rift owners would only be available for those wishing to repurchase the game on the Oculus Store. You are still selling Dirt Rally 2.0 on steam touting VR support without explaining to Rift owners that it's technically inferior to the Oculus version. At best, it's a form of mis-selling. Although refunds can be processed by Steam, they can only do that if the keys were purchased directly from them, rather than via an authorised e-tailer (e.g. GreenManGaming). And many I suspect purchased the game ages ago trusting what you had promised, only to find their trust misplaced and are now outside of the refund window. Worse than all of this, you have used up a lot of the goodwill you had built up in the community. People will remember that Dirt Rally was launched and supported without the need to pay for additional DLC, and VR support was a great experience. The same can't be said for Dirt Rally 2.0. Additional content has to be paid for, Rift owners have to either make do with a sub-standard VR version of the game on Steam or have to re-purchase the Oculus Store version. Will the community trust you in any future titles that you release? (I couldn't help myself and complain about DLC, sorry) Will this impact the community trust in any future Codemaster games? As a die-hard Codemasters fan I want you to succeed so you can keep making games I want to buy, but are there enough of us out there to sustain your sales expectations? So I do hope you rethink your strategy on how to resolve these issues. Mistakes do happen, it's what you do (or not do) after the mistakes have been made that people will remember.