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  1. I've had Jeff warn me about engine issues three times in eight races in MyTeam so far - one resulting in an actual DNF in Singapore (which was crushing, because it's my favourite and best circuit), and twice nothing actually happened. My Control Electronics was the culprit for my retirement and was relatively fresh still - certainly less than 40% wear. I definitely welcome these random failures to add a touch more realism and potential for heatbreak into the game. Not only does it even things up with the AI who were the only ones at risk of DNFing previously, it also means you c
  2. Bottas has dominated the first season of my My Team save so far, about to claim the title in the penultimate race from Perez. I'm fine with it as I actually like the guy a lot - but I can't pretend it's particularly realistic considering his performance the last couple of seasons!
  3. I use Formula1color.com for things like this. It converted it to: H: 38 S: 240 L: 120
  4. Maybe that's the problem. I drive like I literally pay the repair bills myself whereas I should embrace my inner Maldonado.
  5. Thank you for sharing! 'Crazy' really is the right word for what a lot of those races look like. It's good to know that other players are having exciting races that can get eventful. I just want to have the same thing too, you know? See some of the leaders trip over each other and snipe a lucky point every now and then thanks to the Safety Car, that kind of thing. It's not that I want every race to be like that. But it's just that when you set the SC rate to 'Increased', you'd expect to get one more than twice in eight races...
  6. I wanted to ask about other people's experiences before I reported this as a bug in case everything is working as intended. I was one of the players who had barely any Safety Car appearances in career mode in F1 2019 and then again in F1 2020. I really enjoy racing in this game, but having the SC never make an appearance for two games straight was a little disappointing because it meant there was never a risk of races suddenly transforming due to a opportunistic Safety Car deployment. And reading reports of hundreds of players having no such issues was pretty frustrating, because there wa
  7. Blent

    SC Rules

    People need to be careful what they wish for when it comes to unlapping under the Safety Car. It would be guaranteed to open a whole new area of possibilities for bugs that would lead to twice the amount of players complaining they got screwed over than there are people asking for it to be coded in.
  8. I have the same issue. I have it showing 2/3, even though I've taken multiple poles in GP mode since then using one-shot qualifying and short qualifying.
  9. Honestly, I don't pay attention to the programme in terms of it being a prediction of qualifying performance. I simply see it as a challenge to earn development points by making a 'game' of the qualifying simulation runs real times do at the end of FP3. I just do as quick a lap I can at the end of FP3 and if I pass, I pass. If not, oh well.
  10. Once you get used to it and build up a muscle memory, you'll find that you'll can brake pretty effectively. You'll naturally lock up every now and then, but that feels fairly realistic to me. It's definitely more immersive and rewarding racing without ABS on.
  11. There definitely is for braking - especially set to 'strong'. I love how you can 'feel' the limit of the brakes this year due to the resistance of L2 alone. It's the one big benefit of the next-gen version for me.
  12. Don't forget, the track gets quicker as you go from free practice into qualifying, so setting a 'realistic' target time in qualifying isn't actually fair, because you'll naturally go quicker in qualifying itself. I tested this out last week.
  13. Blent

    F1 2021

    My brother works at Codemasters. He confirmed to me that the terms of their license with FOM demand that every time someone posts a thread asking when the new tracks are coming, they must be delayed by another week.
  14. I would suggest turning the trigger resistance on the DualSense up to 'strong' and then only braking as hard as the resistance allows. If you pull beyond the resistance point, you'll find yourself locking up. Also, be mindful the brakes aren't going to feel the same into every corner. Braking in a straight line is going to feel different to braking while cornering or moving laterally.
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