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    My Australian-based team, Neon Opal F1 Team.
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    Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode

    I think you're kind of missing the key part of it... To be able to do most things with this franchise, Codemasters have to get approval from FOM and the teams. I'm pretty sure that the issue is that even if they really wanted to add balance performance to Grand Prix mode, they would need the approval of the 'stakeholders' - i.e., FOM and the teams. Career Mode is one thing, but Grand Prix is supposed to be a representation of the season as it is. I'm pretty sure the likes of Red Bull wouldn't be pleased with giving players an option to have AlphaTauri be as quick as them, or Ferrari letting Alfa Romeo beat them in a race. Is it stupid? Yeah. Of course it is. But that's what happens when you have all these massive teams and corporations all wanting a say in how they're represented in a licensed product to protect their brands.
  3. Blent

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I wish it worked like that, but Project CARS runs on a totally different engine than the F1 series does. Even if they did use the Imola data they have, it'd still take a huge effort to convert it all to make it run flawlessly in F1 2021 even when compared to just starting from scratch.
  4. Blent

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I don't want it to happen, but I wouldn't blame CM for coming to an arrangement with FOM to have 2021 as a premium DLC upgrade for F1 2020. I know the contract situation may not allow for that, but given the exceptional circumstances for the last two seasons and how working together in an office is just not possible in the UK right now, it feels like too much to ask for a 'full' F1 2021 of the same quality as usual with the likes of Imola, Portimao, etc being added last minute on top of Saudi Arabia too. Let's not forget that we don't know what CM's plans are for PS5/Series X too and how that may or may not compromise things further.
  5. It's actually really considerate of CM to encourage the disturbingly obsessed to have a week off from doing an event they've already done so they can enjoy this holiday week before the New Year.
  6. Blent

    F1 Calendar Update

    I think the game was originally programmed with the idea of the original F1 calendar in mind and that calendar was reflected in the in game calendar you see. That message appears to me to be a placeholder message that was intended to be replaced by the details of the actual F1 calendar as it ended up being, but just didn't get implemented in the end. Probably due to the fact they started the season with the calendar not confirmed.
  7. This is such a minor thing that I'm kind of embarrassed to say it, but I was thinking about this while doing a 100% race yesterday and it suddenly seemed quite counter-intuitive that tyre wear on the HUD is measured counting up from 0% at brand new to 100% when the tyres are totally, completely dead. I mean, of course it makes sense. But I was thinking it might be nice to have the option to invert this scale so that it shows tyre life counting down from 100% over time. I feel this might give a better indication of how much you can expect for your tyres in terms of lap times and performance. Given that it is the exact same scale as the existing tyre wear indicator, just reversed, it could even be an option between them, like how KM/H and MPH are, for example. Although I'm not a developer, so I don't know how easy that is! Just one incredibly minor idea.
  8. Blent

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    Rather than agonising over any minor graphics boosts that could come through backwards compatibility on PS5 or XBOX Series S/X, we should just accept that F1 2020 is how it is and look forward to what we can get from a fully purpose-built next-gen entry for the series in the future that will take full advantage of the new hardware. This is a really ugly attitude I've seen from a minority of users on here and it needs calling out. Barry is CM staff, yes, but that doesn't mean he's some sort of butler who is obliged to respond to every thread about every minor gripe and suggestion. We're lucky that we have this space to express our views on the game with CM in good faith and get feedback and info from Barry and have him pass on our problems to developers for investigation. They don't have to give us this space to discuss the games. It's absolutely fine to have issues with the games and express concerns about the series or things you think could be better, but you should do it respectfully and you certainly shouldn't snap your fingers and demand that Barry come to give you an answer about everything. I hope you don't treat service staff in everyday life with that little respect too.
  9. Seems like this story is gaining traction in the media. TMZ have already picked up on it.
  10. Why is that Codemasters' fault? Surely that's an internet connection issue / Xbox Live problem? Especially as you say that only one player - someone streaming no less - was affected by it? Disconnects happen in every online game.
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    Because - and this will be a shock - a lot of players aren't getting the Safety Car. Myself included. Exactly the same as in F1 2019 for me. The worst thing for me is that I had two Safety Cars in my first two MyTeam races, but then I started additional career modes to grind our Podium Pass XP and even since then I've had zero Safety Cars in 13 more races. It's a very weird quirk in the coding, I imagine.
  12. Blent

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    That's cool. Thank you for enlightening me!
  13. Blent

    What does FOM cars mean

    Formula One Management - basically the parent organisation that 'owns' the sport. When they refer to 'FOM car', they mean the multiplayer/MyTeam car that was designed with oversight from FOM to make a generic car that would fit current F1 regulations.
  14. Blent

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    Just out of curiosity because I have no idea how it works, do you have get the patches on consoles 'approved' before they can be released? By the console manufacturers, I mean.
  15. Blent

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    Well considering how many Olympic athletics champions are later retroactively disqualified for cheating... But yes I know what you mean. As someone who enjoys taking part in the Weekly Events and gets a very, very sad ego boost from what percentage I finish in, I totally get the competitiveness of them. But I suppose even with Weekly Events, you get players with massive scores. Either they're cheating, or there's been a glitch of some kind. But it's usually just a handful of players (literally less than five) so it's not really affecting the overall integrity of the competition that much. And, as I say, you can always just discard the illegitimate times and tell who is the actual leader.
  16. Blent

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    Yeah, it would be better if those times were deleted, but I suppose this is a very low-priority issue compared to a lot of other elements in the game.
  17. Blent

    Podium Pass Season 2

    This is pure speculation based on nothing, but I wonder if the delay for Season Two was in part due to getting the 'We Race as One' and the 'End Racism' stuff into the Podium Pass? I'd imagine they were not part of the original Season Two plans.
  18. Blent

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    I mean, can't you just mentally disregard their time and consider thomaswiidbret's time as the world record instead? A lot of players get extremely riled up about leaderboard cheaters when it's often incredibly obvious what's a legitimate time and what isn't.
  19. Blent

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Presumably once it hits 24 hours before the start, it will change from '1 Day' to '24 Hours'? So tomorrow. That's how it's worked with everything else. I mean, I think it's a little confusing to do it that way myself, but that's how it's worked for all the other countdowns so far.
  20. Blent

    What do the color values mean?

    To convert from HSL to F1 2020: Take the Hue value for your colour and divide by 1.5 Take the Saturation and times by 2.4 Take the Luminance and times by 2.4 That should give you the closest equivalent colour in the game
  21. Blent

    Podium Pass Season 2

    I'm pretty sure most passes in most games have a rest period in between seasons.
  22. Blent

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Quite noticeably. And, again, I say that as someone who played Grand Prix 3 and 4 to death in my younger days. Well, as much as I could given that GP4 was the buggiest and most crash-prone game I've literally ever played. If you ever go back and play GP4, the cars feel like they have no weight to them. Yes, the cars were lighter in 2001 than 2020, but if you take, say, the fast chicane in Melbourne, the best way to take that in GP4 is to crank full left lock and then immediately full right lock. Any sense of transfer of weight is entirely null. This is in complete contrast to F1 2020, where not only do the cars feel like they have inertia and momentum, but you can actually feel a significant difference in handling when the cars are fat with fuel versus them being light. Also, the way lockups work in GP4 is very clunky. Rather than having a threshold that allows brake pressure and temperature to build up and then lock the wheels once they reach that threshold, the brakes in GP4 simply lock up as soon as you hit around 95% pressure. It makes trail braking like in real life almost impossible. Unless you brake in a way that suits how the game's physics work, you'll end up having micro-lock ups in practically every corner, even with an analogue controller. It's very clunky. As far as the AI goes, they do a good job in GP4 of being aware of the player and giving space, but that means they prioritise avoiding contact over everything. The AI in GP4 are far, far too easy to scare out of the way. At the start of races, you can make up a ridiculous number of places on the run to T1 just because of how cautious the AI are in the bunch. Even on Ace difficulty, you can jump from sixth to second or even the lead because they can slow to a crawl and leave the door wide open. They also aren't that aggressive either. It's far too easy to hold off the AI in GP4 even if they're faster than you unless they get a very, very big run on you and you leave them space. GP4 races can often become Trulli-train simulators if you're racing at high difficulties in a slower car. Except, there isn't really any car performance built in for player cars in GP4. You can sit in a Minardi and be racing for points and podiums even on higher difficulties. You can't do that in a Williams in F1 2020. I think you can make an argument to suggest that a hypothetical GP5 in 2020 would naturally improve on all these areas and I'd agree. But if you're seriously suggesting that GP4's physics and AI are objectively superior to F1 2020's, then I think you need to go back and play GP4 and you'll realise that's just not true. If you can even get it to run, of course.
  23. Blent

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I was a big fan of the Grand Prix series. But when you look at areas like physics, immersion, customisation and AI, it is definitely surpassed by F1 2020 today.
  24. Blent

    Serious Question

    I'd say PS4. I know PC has the potential to run the game with better performance and graphics, etc, but as with all PC gaming, there's just too much additional scope for finding bugs and hardware compatibility issues that could make it a massive ballache just to get it to run properly. Whereas, on PS4, you know that it'll just work. Yes, there are bugs in the PS4 version, but at least you don't have fiddle around with drivers or whatever just to get it to work.
  25. Blent

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    This is a bad take. If the current state of the series was bad, I'd understand. But I've been playing F1 games since the mid-90s and the current game is the best it's ever been. There's zero guarantee that handing the license to another developer would make things any better. If anything, it's overwhelmingly likely that any new game by new developers would be objectively worse.