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  1. I'd be curious to know if having any data for Portimao available in house from Slightly Mad Studios and Project CARS may have helped with the creation of the track in the F1 game.

    I assume as they run on different engines, it would have been only limited help at best as it's not like you can just convert it 1:1, but I would be interested to know if having fundamental geographical data on it would have helped the process compared to somewhere entirely new, like Hanoi or Jeddah.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, zmd0one said:

    I mean there is no info on the whole internet about it..

    On sunday i have it saying 3 days and yesterday i have it saying 1 day.. i am currently at work so i hope to see it live goddamnit!

    '1 day' actually means '1 day plus X hours'

    When it's less than one day, it will change to 'xx hours' instead

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  3. I think it must be literally impossible to code a penalty system that is able to automatically tell when a driver is in the 'wrong' and when they aren't.

    It's not like football and, say, whether a team wins a corner or not - something that is clearly defined.

    You can be the driver ahead and be 100% responsible for a crash, even if the driver behind hits you. It's really, really difficult to write clear definitions for. And add the Safety Car into the mix and that's a whole other set of variables that must be taken into account.

    I really don't envy the programmers who have to deal with coding the penalty system.

  4. 57 minutes ago, Currriss said:

    Does one word that is not quite literal to the Oxford Dictionary police make the rest of his post invalid?


    I'm not dismissing legitimate issues with the game, because I have plenty of my own, thanks.

    But there is a genuine issue with people blowing their problems with their game completely out of proportion by throwing words around like 'unplayable' and 'broken' when describing issues that don't actually affect their ability to play the game.

    Not only does that bring the entire quality of the discussion on here down to a pretty awful level, it also has the very real effect of drowning out those players who actually are experiencing game-breaking issues.

    There are a lot of XBOX players complaining that the game keeps shutting down their console - which is a really major problem that could effect their console's health, let alone their ability to just play the game. There are players using Thrustmaster wheels who are having consistent issues with FFB and the wheels apparently not even working which makes it impossible for them to play the game reliably with their perfectly working hardware as they should reasonably expect to be able to do. They are the players having actual 'unplayable' issues with the game.

    But instead, we have an endless flood of people stinking up this place screaming bloody murder about how CM have sold them a defective, broken game that is completely unplayable because *checks notes* 'the AI is occasionally inbalanced and they don't like how the kerbs work in this game'. Like, is that it?

    These are genuine issues that deserve to be addressed (or simply just dealt with by the player, like with the kerbs 'issue'), but when you start over-exaggerating the severity of these issues like so many people here do, you actually aren't helping. At all.

    And as someone who actually wants this series to become better and realise the full potential I think it has, I'm not going to pretend I don't find that annoying and counter-productive. So I'm going to keep calling it out, thanks.

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  5. 23 hours ago, ProvableTerror said:

    Well here’s an opinion from someone who actually knows what they’re on about. 

    1. AI are a mess. Impossible to match them in high speed corners and they crash all the time making racing them a waste of time.


    Are we playing the same game?

    I barely get a yellow flag in a race, let alone an actual AI retirement1275584583_F12021_20210731213943.thumb.png.5995da39e73141e7d0e1d74b399f6e61.png

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  6. AC7 was in development hell for years and had major internal reboot midway through development.

    It was able to do it because Bamco had a plethora of other titles to earn them money and AC isn't a yearly, major franchise for them.

    Comparing AC to F1 is a bad example. Comparing F1 to annual franchises like Madden, FIFA, NBA and WWE 2k is more accurate - and we all know about the issues with those games every year.

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  7. I think you can be appreciative to the developers for working hard on solving issues with the game and also be disappointed with the volume and severity of issues that still remain.

    I do sympathise with those having critical issues, like their console shutting down. As much as I am honestly bored of my driver avatar being Carlos Sainz and having to wait for the next patch likely in two weeks' time for a chance of it being rectified, I'd much rather CM work on solving those more serious issues for players who are experiencing them first.

    And while I understand people being upset that they are paying full price for a game with a plethora of issues... well, welcome to modern gaming.

    Almost every single major sports game has a raft of similar issues when they are first released. Is that OK? No, it's not. But it's a reflection of the impossible clash between the practicalities of modern game development that is more complex than ever before and the financial realities of publishers and upper management having to answer to investors and stockholders by delivering products.

    The balance is always going to favour making money over delivering a flawless product every time. That's capitalism.

    If you're upset about that, the best thing to do would be to vote with your wallet and not pay for games until you're satisfied they are of a suitable quality or standard. You should also report bugs in the requested format to help bring attention to the issues you have and give the devs the best chance of being able to solve them.

    What isn't going to help is creating childish, reactionary threads and screaming 'AHHH! CODEMASTERES!! I AM ANGYYY!!! FIX GAM PLS' every time they drop a new patch designed to help with the issues.

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  8. 1 minute ago, ScaredDuck said:

    It’s bizarre.. my previous myteam game that got corrupted. In 18 races.  No safety cars.  Yet it rained in 12 off the races and 2 races that it didn’t rain in had wet qualifying.  Yet not a single practice did it rain.. think I hadt to setup my car so many times for wet races blind that When the game tries to cheat and catch me out I’m expecting it to start raining harder and sooner than my perfect forecast Tells me.  And planned accordingly.  Default strategy is soft soft medium.  Which I accept.  But when I make my first stop I change to medium.  I think the ai always covers your pre race strategy.  And it’s only move is for the ai cars to go faster.

    and just like the matrix.  Ai is still governed by rules.  

    That said I’m probably wrong but if I’m consistently finishing higher than my teams ranking.  It feels like the game either enables cheats or scripting to slow you down..  

    I just wish there was some kind of explanation for why the SCs are so inconsistent between players for no obvious reason.

    It's like there's some kind of random seed generated when you start a career mode that affects what your experience is going to be like, or something like that.

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  9. 27 minutes ago, QuickH said:

    why do codemasters frustrate the gamers with this part on Monaco. I can't understand this. I buy a game to have fun.  

    There are many players who can compete at Monaco against the AI at their usual difficulty setting even on controller - like me.

    I don't want to be dismissive and be all 'git gud', because I know Monaco as challenging. But it is possible to get good at Monaco. You just have to work at it and develop your skills.

    Once it clicks for you, you'll never look back.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    How many XP do you get per lap in career modes? I think it's 30 in GP mode and TT (but 0 for invalidated laps), and 50 in weekly events.

    With the 250 XP for a win the 3 lap race option in GP mode I mentioned above works out at about 113 XP per lap by comparison.


    It's 100 per completed timed lap, if I'm not mistaken. So, you do seven timed laps in FP1, you get 700xp. Sometimes you get bonuses, but I have no idea what the criteria for earning bonus XP is.

    I once whacked a podcast on and just did lap after lap at Austria just to boost up to the Rainbow halo sticker as Austria is the shortest lap time on the calendar. I just really wanted the rainbow to show my virtual support for our LGBT+ race fans.

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  11. I find Career Mode / My Team earns you more XP than anything else.

    Doing lots of laps in career mode is how I've got up to Tier 27 so far.

    You can do lots of laps in practice and then just choose 'restart session' after the end of a session to redo it, or if you hate monotony, you can set up a second career mode or MyTeam and just do more casual 25% distances races or something and have more fun earning XP that way.

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  12. 2 hours ago, diderooy said:

    We are entitled to the game that was advertised to us and that we purchased, however.

    If it's their choice to not trot Lee out to address the issues/discrepancies, so be it. But of course they are the ones that decided he was the guy to share all the info. That's their precedent, not ours. I am confident he is paid to be a mouthpiece and representative of DM--surely he wasn't just flapping his gums without it being requested by his boss. Wouldn't that violate his NDA?

    Doesn't it at least seem strange that he was only the guy to communicate before release? Now that the game's out, he isn't being tasked with talking about the game anymore.

    I will commend Barry--he seems to have a tough job around here.

    He's paid to be the Game Director, so if they're going to put anyone from the dev team forward to talk to the press to help market the game, the Game Director is the most obvious person as they're the most senior.

    What I'm saying is, him having that role doesn't mean that we as consumers should expect him to address us all publicly about the game. Which is what OP seems to believe - that he should come and face us all to answer our questions and concerns about the state of the game.

    Thankfully, however, those of us who do have issues with the current state of the game have plenty of avenues to raise those issues in a proper and constructive way - especially on this very forum.

  13. We are not entitled to communication from game designers.

    Lee Mather and Codemasters choose to speak about the game in the build up to release to help with marketing. Mather is a game designer, not a marketing person. It's not fair to suggest that he should act as a mouthpiece for the game or as a public representative of CM - I highly doubt that's in his job description.

    Now, if he wants to say anything publicly about the game or chooses to address any fan comments or do interviews with the media - that's his call. But he's under no obligation to do so.

    You don't have to like that, but that's how it is across all games and even the wider entertainment industry too.

    Here, we have Codemasters community people like Barry and PJ Tierney who act as the go-between for players and the company. I appreciate their efforts to keep us informed about the game and listening to our feedback and working with us to help solve problems with the game.

    Honestly, compared to a lot of other game franchises and studios, we are lucky we have that level of communication and even have this official platform to talk about the game on.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Camza2011 said:

    The AI do make mistakes, not every race but they do make some you just might not realise them happening.



    I know that they 'can', but they just do not on my MyTeam. I go multiple races without a yellow flag - let alone a retirement.

    I'm not asking for every race to be a crashfest, but two SC in eight races with SC set to Increased is not me or other players not realising - it's just an actual lack of incidents.




  15. 11 minutes ago, Crispinsen said:

    Hey there. Does someone else has the bug that the SC doesn't get deployed. I've played over half a my team season and have every setting on high but it has never deployed the SC. I can't here Jeff anymore saying: "There has been an incident on track resulting in loose debry, but the Marshalls aren't pushing for a SC for now." Like two times in a race. 

    Furthermore: The AI doesn't make any mistakes as i've heard they should and do at others. 

    This is the exact same situation for me.

    I'm getting incredibly rare SCs at 50% race length on 95-97 AI, with no more than one DNF in a race the vast majority of the time in MyTeam, even with it set to 'Increased' SC rate.

    I have had a race-ending mechanical issue myself though, so that's good.

    But incredibly race SC deployments and no AI mistakes or spins that I can remember.

    It really doesn't make any sense.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Jon9119 said:

    Last night was mid-race through the USA race. Safety car comes out, and then just as we were about to resume racing the Top 3 all passed the safety car before they were supposed to and all got disqualified. I was in 4th but have a feeling all the others would have done so if I wasn't in 4th. It was quite funny to be fair but a few drivers behind all had a pile up on the straight as the DSQ drivers just stopped on the grid. I'm on xbox series s.


    Has this happened to anyone before?

    Many many people have had this same issue at COTA. I believe CM are aware of it.

    Annoyingly, that was only the second time I'd had a Safety Car appear in my first season of MyTeam!

  17. 5 hours ago, DRTApophis said:

    May be, I personally think the difficulty setting plays a larger part on them making mistakes. You'll be surprised by how bad they are at handling hairy situations, and the faster the pace, the more likely things are gonna happen in a sudden manner with very little room for both you & AI to correct and avoid, which likely contributed to causing more SC. 

    Though, of course, nothing is guaranteed, SC happening is still all by chance.

    That doesn't really square with my experience, as I was running 100AI on F1 2019 and 2020 and having the exact same issues as I am in 2021, even though I'm only in 95-97 AI.

    That's not enough of a difference to dramatically change the AI speed and, even so, would mean that the vast majority of players would be having few AI incidents and SCs, which just isn't the case.


  18. 6 minutes ago, DRTApophis said:

    May be the AI difficulty?

    I'm not sure if the higher average speed made them more prone to having accidents, not the scripted ones, like actually went too fast and kisses the wall of champion or I'm stupid corner in Baku for example. I mean, sometimes they even lost control when overtaking someone and even caused huge pile-up in my game, usually these incidents will caused a full course SC unless I keep using rewind to intentionally try to cancel it (sometimes it worked). 

    At some point I even got annoyed of having too many safety car in last year's game.  

    What AI setting do you use?

  19. 16 minutes ago, DRTApophis said:

    It's all by chance, if the AI stayed off the wall or not crash into each other then of course there won't really be any safety car just like in real life. In my case I've had at least one safety car almost every race, it happens more often on city tracks, and longer race. 

    But why would some of us be having this same issue year after year?

    For me, it's three consecutive years now. There must be something in the coding, but it's impossible to fathom why.

    Why am I not getting AI mistakes and so few retirements compared to so many other players?

    I am a pretty smart guy - I'd know if there was an obvious explanation for it.

    But for three years now?

    I'd just love someone to explain to me what possible reason there could be for it.

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