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  1. I would suggest turning the trigger resistance on the DualSense up to 'strong' and then only braking as hard as the resistance allows. If you pull beyond the resistance point, you'll find yourself locking up. Also, be mindful the brakes aren't going to feel the same into every corner. Braking in a straight line is going to feel different to braking while cornering or moving laterally.
  2. Blent


    Unfortunately for Ticktum, I don't care if he's rated 99 in everything, I'm never going to hire someone as obnoxious as him!
  3. Blent


    I would actually like to see the fictional drivers available to hire in My Team, like Sophie Levasseur and Harry Barnes or whatever his name is. Yes, I know they exist as emergency pay drivers if you somehow sabotage your finances, but what I mean if that I wish they could be viable options to hire too. I know I'd much rather see Levasseur racing in F1 in my career mode than Dan Ticktum...
  4. I'm not trying to dismiss your view, because I honestly do get the appeal of trophy hunting and even I have grinded to unlock trophies before myself, but I do honestly think you should consider taking this approach of simply racing and unlocking what you unlock along the way. Even if you don't get the platinum, which I never have in any F1 game, you'll probably find you'll just enjoy playing the game that much more to be playing for fun, rather than playing for any virtual achievement for your profile that isn't tangible and you can't do anything with. If it starts to feel like work
  5. I too would love a 'dark' mode option for the menus. I have issues with light sensitivity and solid white like that can get uncomfortable at times. Which is why I have 'dark mode' enabled on pretty much everything I can!
  6. I would be totally up for it being increased if there was a option to turn the 'dirty air' effect off altogether too. The best of both worlds would be to offer a more realistic dirty air effect but also allow us to choose how badly it affects cars so we can customise our experience.
  7. I kind of wish games would take advantage of not being afflicted with the same restrictions that the real world is. Dirty air harms racing. Getting rid of it (or at least the option to) in the virtual world means the racing in the game can be better than reality. So why wouldn't we want the choice to do that? Same with circuits. Everyone seems to want absolute realism and a perfect 1:1 reflection of real life, but real circuits are affected by safety concerns and need big run offs and have awful chicanes like the Rettifilo in Monza. In a game, there's no risk of actual injury fr
  8. Oh, great. Now I have to go and test out whether the second hotlap is faster than the first... At this rate I'm going to become the official forum test driver.
  9. I mean, I just wanted an excuse to do something nerdy, but I will consider this a public service to all the parents out there and those who don't have the time to play around and learn all the details at play behind the scenes in this game... 😉
  10. So I've been under the impression that the track rubbers in over the race weekend in these games, but I struggle to ever 'feel' it. Does the track genuinely get quicker as the sessions progress through the weekend? Does it speed up from Friday to Saturday, or do you just get faster as you do more laps and get more comfortable with the track? I decided to run a test yesterday. Method To test this out, I set up a a race weekend at Melbourne in Grand Prix mode using Daniel Ricciardo. I did a flying lap at the beginning and end of every practice session and a single lap in all three
  11. You need to adjust the 'recovery mode' to 'flashbacks'. I think it's just above the flashback amount option. If you've started a session, you won't be able to adjust it until you've completed that session though.
  12. If you're ever lucky enough to play GT Sport or any other racing game in VR using a headset, you'll see that having the halo column doesn't actually hinder your view as a driver because stereoscopic vision means your view looks past it. Obviously that's the same for real life too, but it's impossible to replicate that on a 'flat' screen. Just another reason why I hold onto a hope that we will see this series take the VR plunge at some point in this generation!
  13. This is genuinely a better Williams than the actual real Williams.
  14. Deja vu here for the third year in a row... I had one Safety Car in my first MyTeam race and none in the three after - including Monaco. I've had multiple cars breakdown but they've been covered under local yellows. And I haven't had any random AI driver errors spinning out too. And this is with SC frequency on 'Increased'. It's a little worrying when I race 50% races and simulation damage and I'm not getting any SCs to shake things up. And it's especially worrying when I was one of the unlucky users who never seemed to get them at all in 2019 and 2020... I sincerely h
  15. No offence, but I felt far more need to adjust AI level per track on F1 2020 than I have in my career so far in F1 2021. The AI was always slightly OP in Silverstone and way, way underpowered in Singapore. Whereas now, I haven't felt the need to adjust it because, as I say, I feels pretty balanced to me.
  16. I did some research. Here's my telemetry (using @Ender0042's excellent free telemetry app) of my best Q1 lap at Spa vs my AI team mate Armstrong's best FP3 lap at 97 difficulty, both on Softs. While my lap was much quicker because it was qualifying and I could use full ERS and fresh Softs and was pushing as hard as I could (you'll see how much more speed I have on the two main straights), Armstrong is much quicker through Pouhon, which is T12. Personally, I can live with this because the AI are pretty well balanced the rest of the lap, but it does suggest to me people aren't wro
  17. This is pure speculation on my part. I have a feeling it's to do with how Career mode and My Team are programmed with the calendar and team activities and and all of that stuff. Each race has a set 'date' that it takes place on in the game and Career mode and My Team are built around that calendar. Even if you change to a 16 or 10 race calendar, you still race specific rounds on specific dates - which is why you set those 'season break' moments if you use a shortened calendar. That way you can change the races in that calendar you choose to run each season, but you can't change
  18. You have to be careful about using laptimes to compare performance when Austria and Zandvoort are much shorter laptimes than Paul Ricard and Bahrain. Using a percentage comparison would be more accurate.
  19. This is great advice. However, you can also take the Hex code and put it into Formula1color.com (not my site) and it will covert it for you too. 🙂
  20. Blent

    VIP Podium Pass ?

    Don't forget the medals too! I hear Bernie Ecclestone was consulted about including that one...
  21. Blent

    VIP Podium Pass ?

    To clarify, you don't get Pit Coin for competing in the Weekly Events - only XP to progress your Podium Pass.
  22. How much of it is affected by your My Team car's aero performance relative to the rest of the field? I've often wondered how much of an impact your car's aerodynamic performance has on your ability to take mid-to-high speed corners vs the AI and how much your mechanical grip performance has on low-to-mid speed corners. I assume that if you're poor on aero vs the other teams, you'll naturally find yourself losing time to them through sequences like Maggots-Becketts-Chapel and Pouhon, etc. But I don't know how much that really is the case and if it is, how well that's communicated to p
  23. You're aware you can edit the colours, right?
  24. I still think it's better to have that safety net of having restart available in case you glitch through the track, get smacked by a warping Safety Car or some other video gamey nonsense that would punish you permanently for something you had zero control over.
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