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  1. Does anyone else choose to run under the Other flag while playing the game? I kind of feel weird that I'm considered to be representing a nation when I actually couldn't care less about nationality lol
  2. That's not really the same logic though. People want to have flashbacks because this is a challenging racing game and having the option to undo mistakes makes it more accessible and enjoyable for a lot of players. Taking away flashbacks would actively hurt the ability for hundreds of thousands of players to enjoy the game, so would be ridiculous to contemplate. Not using flashbacks or not restarting races is not only a perfectly valid choice that many players may choose to do, it's also something that is already possible within the game as it is currently programmed - you just have t
  3. I feel like there's an important life lesson here in exercising self-control and discipline. It's like a muscle - you have to train it if you want it to get stronger. Just try forcing yourself to avoid clicking 'restart' if something goes wrong and eventually you'll find it's not even an issue for you anymore!
  4. What a weird thread. Having restarts available means that the player has some kind of failsafe against having races ruined by bugs or ridiculous nonsense that befalls them. Forcing them off when you can always choose to not restart if you don't want to would just be bad game design.
  5. My Australian-based team, Neon Opal F1 Team.
  6. I think you're kind of missing the key part of it... To be able to do most things with this franchise, Codemasters have to get approval from FOM and the teams. I'm pretty sure that the issue is that even if they really wanted to add balance performance to Grand Prix mode, they would need the approval of the 'stakeholders' - i.e., FOM and the teams. Career Mode is one thing, but Grand Prix is supposed to be a representation of the season as it is. I'm pretty sure the likes of Red Bull wouldn't be pleased with giving players an option to have AlphaTauri be as quick as them, or
  7. I wish it worked like that, but Project CARS runs on a totally different engine than the F1 series does. Even if they did use the Imola data they have, it'd still take a huge effort to convert it all to make it run flawlessly in F1 2021 even when compared to just starting from scratch.
  8. I don't want it to happen, but I wouldn't blame CM for coming to an arrangement with FOM to have 2021 as a premium DLC upgrade for F1 2020. I know the contract situation may not allow for that, but given the exceptional circumstances for the last two seasons and how working together in an office is just not possible in the UK right now, it feels like too much to ask for a 'full' F1 2021 of the same quality as usual with the likes of Imola, Portimao, etc being added last minute on top of Saudi Arabia too. Let's not forget that we don't know what CM's plans are for PS5/Series X too and
  9. It's actually really considerate of CM to encourage the disturbingly obsessed to have a week off from doing an event they've already done so they can enjoy this holiday week before the New Year.
  10. I think the game was originally programmed with the idea of the original F1 calendar in mind and that calendar was reflected in the in game calendar you see. That message appears to me to be a placeholder message that was intended to be replaced by the details of the actual F1 calendar as it ended up being, but just didn't get implemented in the end. Probably due to the fact they started the season with the calendar not confirmed.
  11. Rather than agonising over any minor graphics boosts that could come through backwards compatibility on PS5 or XBOX Series S/X, we should just accept that F1 2020 is how it is and look forward to what we can get from a fully purpose-built next-gen entry for the series in the future that will take full advantage of the new hardware. This is a really ugly attitude I've seen from a minority of users on here and it needs calling out. Barry is CM staff, yes, but that doesn't mean he's some sort of butler who is obliged to respond to every thread about every minor gripe and suggestion.
  12. Seems like this story is gaining traction in the media. TMZ have already picked up on it.
  13. Because - and this will be a shock - a lot of players aren't getting the Safety Car. Myself included. Exactly the same as in F1 2019 for me. The worst thing for me is that I had two Safety Cars in my first two MyTeam races, but then I started additional career modes to grind our Podium Pass XP and even since then I've had zero Safety Cars in 13 more races. It's a very weird quirk in the coding, I imagine.
  14. New phone wallpaper for the Singapore GP
  15. My current phone background from my last MyTeam race around Spa. I am absolutely stealing this idea for a photo in the future!
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