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  1. In my ranked [Removed] nickname guy every turn hit me hard in my behind and everytime he hit me he laugh hard. Why this people playing f1 ? Why f1 dont have report system ? I think i dont gonna play online without my friends... he disqualified after he hit 4 times and ruined my game iwas 4th but he hit me 4 times and i placed 10th so then i rage quited.
  2. Okay with new patch its solved
  3. Im using windows 8.1 so i cant run the game on dx 12 (only for windows 10) im trying to verifying my files now my steam ID is : 76561198207554565 (i think u want this id) and my url https://steamcommunity.com/id/ayberkseller/
  4. Hello first of all sorry for wrong place. Second Thank you for moving the right place 😄 I'm playing on pc - steam
  5. Hello 4 days ago i bought f1 2019 finally and i played career mod in these days. I wake up and i want to try online session when i tried to join any lobby in online session its says "you have been kicked for cheating" The problem is i did not cheat.. i only played career mod and i did not cheat there too its interesting btw.. how can i solve this problem ?