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  1. AyrtonForever70

    contents payed twice

    if you read more carefully you may understand that I am not complaining and I did not say that I did not like what I purchased but I am asking for explanations on the official Codemasters forum to know why their policy provides for the double payment of products. they did not answer me, but the most curious thing is that users seem to have no problems with this, indeed they take contemptuous attitudes towards those who notice the problem.
  2. AyrtonForever70

    contents payed twice

    in rf2 you don't pay twice items....
  3. AyrtonForever70

    contents payed twice

    certainly, in fact, I was notified before the purchase. I was warned that the 4 items I already owned would not have been downloaded twice .... a very useful warning indeed 😏
  4. AyrtonForever70

    contents payed twice

    today I bought the Season 3+4 pass for € 11,99 but since I already owned two cars and two tracks of these seasons I would have had to pay less than this amount. instead i paid twice for these 4 items, why?