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  1. I should also point out, as it may be related, that after the last Xbox F1 2019 update, my screen has this insane flashing (looks like full screen constant lightning) when I am racing in either online or career mode. It appears to ONLY happen when I have a car in front - if I am winning the race it doesn't happen. It honestly is epileptic fit inducing.
  2. Hi guys, Anyone else having an issue with connecting to the online ranked sessions on Xbox One? I have played nearly every day for over a month, then on Sunday I tried to log in I couldn't connect, with the error (my best recollection of what it says) "Cannot connect due to multiplayer ranking statistics being unavailable. Please try again later". Every day since I have received the same error when trying to connect and I haven't been able to play since. I should state that I was kicked out of one session just prior to this, which I thought was unfair - I was coming last because I got taken out, but I was lapping as fast as the front runners. I got blue flagged even though I was an entire 2 turns in front of the leading pack. Please help!