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  1. sparticus19

    Career Mode Interviews

    Why as the farther I progress the less interviews I get. Or the lack of bonus questions to help with resource points. Half way through s2 and im getting NOTHING. Very upset.
  2. sparticus19

    Career Mode Interviews

    Thanks for responses everyone.
  3. sparticus19

    Career Mode Interviews

    Do the interviews with Claire become less often the further you go in career mode? It's becoming very difficult to keep my morale up on anything b.c. i might get 1 MAYBE 2 interviews during a whole weekend and only two questions pertain to the car performance.
  4. sparticus19

    TMX Pro

    I got the ferarri f1 wheel. I got the tx servo base. That way I can interchange many wheels. Got the t3pa pro pedals. I attatched a pic of what I ordered on amazon. Worth it. I love it! I think these will work with the tmx wheel too.
  5. sparticus19

    2nd Season Help.

    Please tell me Claire starts to ask more r&d questions? I hate that every part i get ALWAYS fails. I can never catch up b.c. the damn parts are failing.. why has codemasters not addressed this? I love career mode except that out of nowhere the AI unrealistically has their stuff pass quality control 1st time every time.